Chris Brown Allegedly Beat His Manager

In 2012, Chris Brown hired Mike G to “clean up his image” – It didn’t work. – and get him out of debt after beating the shit out of Rihanna rightfully should’ve sunk his career. And for his troubles, Mike G got to take Rihanna’s place in exactly the way you’re thinking about. TMZ reports:

Things allegedly turned bad last month, but Mike G claims without provocation, Brown took him in a room, brutally attacked him with repeated punches to the face and neck, which landed him in the ER.
The lawsuit claims Brown, rather than being remorseful, began mocking Mike G on social media and bragging to friends about the beating. Mike G says Brown had the audacity to tell people working on his tour, if they got out of line he’d beat them just like he beat Mike G.

Of course, there’s one significant hole in this story, and it’s that Mike G is a man. Or are we talking about a different Chris Brown? Because I told you guys he’d multiply if he gets wet. I don’t just make this shit up.

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Photo: Getty