Chloe Sevigny is Dating Pauly D

For those of you who enjoyed the Chloe Sevigny bikini photos, you’re going to want to stop reading and go grab a coffee. For those of you who saw them and demanded unholy vengeance, you’re going to want to scoot up for this. Here’s Chloe and Jersey Shore star Pauly D at a Knicks game Wednesday night making them the most random couple I’ve ever seen in my life, and I once saw Lou Ferrigno bang a dolphin. I just assumed Chloe only dates weird, artsy heroin addicts who trick her into blowing them on camera, while Pauly swims around The Situation’s balls catching whoever sloughs off. Then again, they could both just be whores and MTV paid them to be seen together to promote last night’s episode. Regardless, I’ve put way too much thought into something I already know the ending to: Antibiotics.

Moving on…

Photos: Splash News