Chelsea Handler Got A Breast Lift For Her Birthday, And There It Is

Chelsea Handler has been topless on social media a lot lately, and while she’d have you believe it’s to fight Instagram’s policy on nipples, which is horseshit by the way, it turns out she gave herself a breast lift for her 40th birthday and can’t stop showing them off. Us Weekly reports:

The former E! host, who recently turned the big 4-0, had the surgery done because she was “stressed about looking saggy,” an insider tells Us.
Handler, who is known for oversharing on social media when it comes to her upper half, took the time to research doctors who could lessen scarring and she couldn’t be happier with the results.
She is obsessed, so she keeps posting,” the source explains of all those topless snaps.

So basically Chelsea Handler’s like me when I get a new action figure except people want to have sex with her afterward and don’t call the police. Is it so hard to just look at the articulation? Just look at it. I already said I’d replace the window.

UPDATE: Here’s Chelsea’s denial.

Photos: Instagram, Twitter