Letting Chaz Bono Dance With The Stars ‘Harasses’ Christians

September 1st, 2011 // 274 Comments

He’s giving the thumbs up! ‘Tis devilry!

For those of you with jobs that don’t require you to stare into the empty, depressing abyss that is network television, Chaz Bono, the transgender daughter turned son of Cher and Sonny Bono, has been cast on this season’s Dancing With The Stars prompting all kinds of awesome comments on ABC’s message boards. Via Associated Press:

One called the casting choice “disgusting” and said “ABC should be ashamed of theirselves for harassing mainstream Americans and Christains.” (sic)

While Cher has already come to her son’s defense despite the fact 99.9% of all Internet commenters are assholes – The .1% that aren’t? (Or okay, are, but are hilarious about it.) The Most Important People On The Internet! Every Saturday on The Superficial. Bring the kids. – I thought it’d be fun to take a look at some of the previous casting choices that apparently weren’t a vast conspiracy to piss in the face of Christians, but we’re an acceptable part of a wholesome family evening watching Hollywood celebrities wear lavish gowns in pursuit of wealth, as Christ would’ve wanted it:

Shannon Elizabeth – Naked Person
Shanna Moakler – Exposed Carrie Prejean As A Massive Hypocrite
Kim Kardashian – Porn Star/Urinal
Lance Bass – Gay Person
Holly Madison – Porn Star/Former Live-In Prostitute
Pamela Anderson – Porn Star
Kelly Osbourne – Likes Drugs, British
The Situation – Typhoid Mary
Kendra Wilkinson – Porn Star/Former Live-In Prostitute

While we’re on the subject, people often wonder why I make fun of Christians instead of Muslims, and there’s really a simple answer for that: Muslims aren’t the majority religion/political power in America who perpetually get their labia twisted because they’ve yet to realize their two thousand year old book of fairy tales is horseshit and leaves them ill-equipped to deal with the real world. So maybe this will help. Here are things that happen in reality and the sooner you accept them and recognize science wasn’t the writers/editors of the Bible’s strong suit, we’ll be a richer nation for it, and you can stop getting your delicate fee-fees hurt:

1. Evolution is a fact.
2. People are born gay and/or transgender. And hopefully this doesn’t come out wrong, but sometimes people are born with the wrong parts and require a little fix. Like babies with tails. Whoops! Sorry, but fortunately advances in science are here to help.
3. Man-made climate change is a fact. We’re beating the shit out of the Earth, and Jesus isn’t coming back to scoop us up, so it’s a big fucking deal.

Now that’s harassing Christians. Because they’re wieners.

Photo: INFdaily, Splash News


  1. Duke

    Chaz is more manly than many guys I know, leave him the fuck alone.

    • Pete

      Chaz does look like a dude here, no denying that.

    • Artofwar

      ….This one here must really, really, really, hate her mother….Artofwar

    • welldoneson

      If he/she/it wants to be left alone then he/she/it should stay the hell away from showbiz.

    • Bitch can afford surgery, but not a GD gym membership? Pathetic.

      If they are going to put an LGBT personality on stage, why not make it someone who actually has some style, and became a celebrity on their own, and not simply born into it like this freak. RuPaul would be awesome on DWtS, frankly.

  2. Satan's bitch

    He needs to shave that .. whatever that is growing on his chin(s). Nasty. However, DWTS could provide an opportunity to drop a couple hundred pounds!

  3. cuppy

    Give ‘em Hell, Fish.

    • He left out the part about the first song it would dance to is called “Koran in Flames”

      • James O'donnell

        Fuck all you dumb ass moron liberal fucks. Now all the sudden you realize you got a set of nuts and you think you can hide behind your fucking email address:) You stupid fucks could not wipe your ass if the insructions were on the role of shit paper! All your jaw jacking and gum running is not fixing anything. Keep getting more fucking weird…..it keeps alot of your liberal leaders/shrinks I mean university professors employed. One less piece of shit collecting a welfare check or food stamps…Blow Job/BJ or Fartforwhores!!

    • Artofwar

      …Fish, if live-in prostitutes were disallowed from appearing on the show, this would mean all wives in general would be disallowed from appearing on the show. What gives???….Artofwar

      • Kikidee

        I deduce from those words that women so far were smart enough to give you a wide berth and that you will have no offspring onto which to pass your shitty denigrating words of wisdom. So there is a God after all!

  4. nick

    In the words of Bill Hicks towards Christians…”we don’t like what you said about us Christians…..ok, then forgive me.”

    • nick


      • Joshwahhh

        Queen4hart … My goodness, aren’t you the little hypocrite. I suppose Good Christian Values involve having an absolutely filthy mind – after all, you’re the one obsessed with penis+anus and “cum sucking”.

    • About as dumb as libtards believing a penis belongs in a man’s anus.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        queen4heart – brilliant!!!!

      • Richard McBeef

        that’s right penises clearly belong inside that hole I drilled through my King James version.

      • Or the fucking hole in your head. Cum suckers.

      • Richard McBeef

        now that’s now way for a good christian to talk.

        repent sinner.

      • Who said I was a Christian? Not me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hypocrite is someone who pretends to be nice & tolerant and then rips them to shred on the Superficial. I claim no religious affiliation!!!!

      • bj

        For fuck’s sake, why are you even ON this site? Do you not recognize the fact that Fish is a crazy liberal, just like pretty much EVERYONE here? You don’t see me commenting on foxnews.com message boards like an instigating asshole. I would guess 98% of everyone here believes that people can be gay, or transgender, and it’s no one’s damn business where anyone puts his cock. Why do you give a fuck where a man puts his dick? Is it in your ass? Is it in any of your orifices? Most likely not, unless you’re one of those stupid closeted conservatives who likes to be a total cocksucking hypocrite. So please, for pretty much everyone here, take your stupid conservative ass somewhere else, because we have no interest in anything you have to say. Take Doc Schweinstrudel with you. Oh, and one more thing: most liberals believe in not discriminating based on appearances or sexual preference. But if you’re an asshole, we have every right to rip you to shreds.

    • cleandraft

      bj – I fucking love you!

  5. Hangonaminute… Are you telling me that “Christ-stains” (lol) are hypocrites AND network TV panders to the loudest crybaby like a wet-nurse with a hangover? This is news to me.

  6. guy

    at least doctor dipshit with his degree in nothing has the authority to tell us what is true and what is false

    • Uncle Phil

      Do it need to watch DWTS to understand who Dr. Dipshit is? Because othewise this makes no sense to me.

  7. jumpin_j

    Can we just have the Mel Gibson network and get it over with?

  8. I am a Christian that believes in evolution, science (fuckin’ magnets…), and that sexual orientation is hardwired.

    Everyone hates me, so I’m going to start my own religion that worships Tori Spelling’s Chest Sinkhole. Every Sunday we will play Dungeons and Dragons inside the Tori Cave, followed by placing phone calls to TMZ telling them that Lindsay Lohan is drunkenly snorting coke from Kim Kardashain’s naked ass crack. When the paps arrive, they will find only us, and be forced to take our pictures rather than return to the agency empty handed.

  9. dude

    THANK YOU!!!!!!! So well said.

  10. The Brown Streak

    Chaz brought his blankey for the pre-dance sleepover…awwww…how cute!

  11. Slash

    I like you.

  12. ethermonk

    Everyone is missing the point. The main issue here is does ANYONE want to see Chaz Bono wearing something tight and dancing?

    This isn’t an assault on Christians, it’s an assault on the all non-blind members of society. And I am SICK of the discrimination!

    • Marceelf

      Can I get an Amen? I want to know if he had to pay extra for the shots to give him that chin! This show will be an assault on the eyes all they way around.

    • Cosmic Kat

      I would rather see maggots eating corpses than this fat ass dancing or waddling

    • bitingontinfoil

      If we could stand to watch the ever chunkifying Bristol stomp, wobble and hobble around, I’m guessing Chaz would be a step up.

  13. Richard McBeef

    Being a christian is about cherry picking some stuff from leviticus and overturning 40 year old settled supreme court law. Oh and no healthcare for poor people.

    • Healthcare…….yeah if you want to pay 20% more of your salary for it. Inferior healthcare…..that’s a socialized medicine has brought about. Nothings free.

    • BTW, The Muslims that you libtards defend…….HATE homosexuals and they kill them in their country. Even the moderate Muslims think they should be beheaded. It is a great offense to Allah. But you are silent, when it comes to their beliefs because you are afraid.

      • Richard McBeef

        Let me rephrase:

        Drop Leviticus, turn off the Fox News, stick a gun your fat mouth and do us all a favor.

      • Joshwahhh

        The weed is the brother of the flower. All plants have a right to grow.

      • gumption

        look fucktard, you are messing up our fun with your psychotic rants. Why don’t you go fuck Jesus in the vagina and have Mary do you with a strap on so you can calm down and disappear into the night?

      • gumption

        btw you piece of shit, gender reassignment surgery is PAID for by the government in many of these Muslim countires. The people are not backward like you to get all up in arms because someone feels they were born in the wrong body. And Chaz in not gay you dumbfuck, he felt he was a man born in the wrong body so he changed that. The person with the sex reassignment surgery can marry who they please and they get all the benefits of any married couple no matter where they live in that country. Who is the backward bitch now? YOU. Sitting here complaining about this man’s surgery which has nothing to do with you other than cause some anxiety because you may want to act out your gay tendencies but feel restricted. Annoying, ignorant bastard.

      • Gumption You are a vile libtard. You moron pretend to be tolerant and it’s all bull shit. I never said Chaz was gay you dumb fuck. He/she/it is an ugly libtard just like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your TOLERANCE is showing……Fuck Jesus the Vagina…..that’s low even for a libtard…nah they have no standards! LOL

      • PFKZONI

        Hey queen4hart, the progs on here will never acknowledge your links. They will never admit that poor people already have access to medical care in this country through Medicaid, foundations, and charities (and CHURCHES). Every example of our rotten system Obama brought to the fore when shoving his bill down and up every orifice of our being was a misleading lie. Hell, not too long ago my state-run program had to buy some brat his class ring because when Tenncare refused to pay for it the slug parents sued on behalf of the “mental health” of their slug offspring and it was cheaper to settle than go to court (something slugs who don’t risk anything by suing know very well. This is why progs are so against TORT reform). These people don’t want great healthcare for everybody. They want everyone to get mediocre healthcare and live the same mediocre lives that they chose to live, and they will no doubt get much satisfaction when this actually happens while contributing nothing to the crap system themselves. Have you read anything in this bill? The gov. can go into your bank account, your investments, your savings, your 401K and just take what they want. They will have panels to decide what treatments you will get and how much of YOUR money they will spend on you.

        Progs are afraid of Muslims but there is another reason, too. Islam is a political ideology, not a spiritual one. Anything that helps with the coming parasite takeover of America, anything that contributes to the erosion of our freedoms, is A-OK with progs. While I am not religious, I do see how a large segment of our society looking to themselves and their God (Christians) rather than to a bunch of talentless, dim-witted narcissists who can’t get the money, fame, or power they yearn for except by going into “public service” is a huge bump in the road on the way to that commie utopia of “Everybody is equal”. Translation: everybody is a nobody except those naturally-born nobodies who decide they are what’s needed to run the show, and they will decide that they will be the only nobodies who matter. Did you know that Harry Reid was worth about a buck fifty when he went into politics and he is now worth about 25M $$$? Did you know that Nancy Pelosi gave her husband’s company 11M $ in the stimulus bill and her brother a 26M $ as yet unbuilt tourist-trap railroad to run near her wine country estate, an estate that has been estimated to be worth between 3M $ (when property taxes are due) and 23M $ (if and when she decides to sell it)? Can you think of 2 more meaningless-to-your-life mediocrities than them?

        And if the idiot who wrote this article thinks China, Russia, N Korea, Cuba, Indonesia, or any Muslim country you care to name is worried about global warming…. But it’s great for them that we here in the U.S. are being forced to worry about it, isn’t it, despite the fact that it’s proving to be a big scam. Al Gore (that epitome of global warming responsibility and restraint with his private jets and mansions and that Michael Moore figure that looks like he just ate 10 football fields worth of methane producing cows) is starting to get a tad bit on the over excitable side. He’s saying irrational things about us that I don’t think he would ever say to the Chinese. It must be all those millions of dollars he made sure to invest in all that “green” technology before his “documentary” came out that he’s so worried about. If it was really global warming–oops, excuse me, I mean climate change– then he would be over in China losing his shit with them.

      • Johnny Cage

        Queen4hart should be given a bronze star medal. She’s right about libtards. They’re as annoying as shit and pretend to have their hands washed clean of any wrong doing they might have done in history.

        There’s no avoiding the fact. Fish nitpicks some of the gayest headlines. It’s almost like he goes, “hot celeb babe bares topless—No, Popular action dies—No, Hot chick with big booty—No, Jessica Biel’s nude scene—No, Justin Beiber having gay sex with a 40 year old—YES. And not only that I’ll place this at the What’s Hot category.”

        It’s getting annoying now. You like guys or girls Superfish? Pick a fucking hole and stick with it!

  14. I’m willing to judge him for the fat, homely dude with a vagina that he is.

    • “Judge not, least ye be judged.” …..bahahahaha just kidding. Judge away at that fat freak………. At least Sonny Bono got away!!!

    • Eddie

      QueenofHart, I have read all your comments and your passionate responses to strangers on a celebrity blog and let me say. You suck. I laugh at you and shake my head… people like this really do exist….? But here you are. I suggest you get a life.

  15. Carrie

    I was waiting for the shit-storm to occur once it was announced Chaz would be dancing. I’m glad it’s hear, the internet has been kinda boring the last couple of days.

  16. Deli

    Thank you for this wonderful, amazing post. Especially the part about fairy tales. Love it!!!!!

  17. Marla

    Whoever started this one is living in a freaking hole. I applaud Chaz for getting out there and doing his thing. This is a good way to raise awareness for the anguish he has been through. Sorry peeps, I think it’s great that he was able to have this operation. What he does isn’t effecting you, so shut the piehole and go live your life cause HE IS!!!!! I am for TEAM CHAZ!!! And yes I am a Christian, Jesus said to love one another as he has loved us. We are not here to judege one another, we are here to love one another and respect one another. I personally do not want to stand in front of my King one day and answer for hate.

    • GamerDarling

      Power to you! :) I think we could use more like you.

    • welldoneson

      “anguish”? Absolutely go fuck yourself, fool!
      Daily we see scenes of thousands of starving children, riots trying to oust murderous dictators, and millions of aborted Chinese female babies; and yet, you think the narcisstic idiot child of millionaire parents is suffering “anguish”?
      Fuck you, he/she/it, and the idiot leftist horse you both rode in on!

      • CranAppleSnapple

        I hope you wake up with the wrong genitals tomorrow, and that everyone jeers at you and turns their back on you if you want it changed. If you’re actually a guy right now, I hope it gets slammed in a car door. Then I hope someone waxes you and makes you wear stockings.

    • welldoneson

      BTW if we’re not here to judge one another, who are you to judge those of us who can see that “Chaz”, and the sex change concept as a whole, are a lot of self indulgent assholes?

  18. Banastre Trent - Holmesworth

    He looks quite lithe and lively on his feet ! Grace seems to flow from him effortlessly

  19. MoBandit

    I think I love you. Thank you for saying what you said.

  20. RoboZombie

    I agree with ya ‘Fish. And for the record, Muslims believe in all manner of batshittery too! They just appended more lame-ass idiocy to what the Christians appended to all the ass-hattery the Jews invented or stole from the Greeks!
    All 3 major douche religions share in the same idiocy, but the Christians just tend to annoy us more since we’re surrounded by them. just wait, Islam is the fasting growing religion in the USA, so it wont be long before we start making fun of them. Could be interesting, they don;t have that whole “Turn the other cheek” thing…although, to be fair to the Christians, they don’t always follow that crap either. When they need justification to kill someone they pull out the old Testament.

  21. Hollywood,Rough+Fame

    False alarm. I thought that was the Gerard Depardieu aim. Rites of passage that act, you can’t be fully a man until that task is accomplished.

  22. fish, i think i’m in love with you

  23. Crabby Old Guy

    Meanwhile, followers of Islam will simply blow up ABC-TV studios.

  24. Misha

    You’re still the best, SW.

  25. fucking A

    Who knew I would find a damn genius on this site! Can we have this post carved into a block of marble and mounted somewhere in either the nation’s capital or the Texas?
    Thank you!

  26. hugitout

    I think what is offesive is that Chaz’s version of a man is looking like a bloated version of Ronnie from the Jersey Shore. Hopefully in a few months Snookie will be trying to jump in his inflatable dick.

  27. Chaz Bono Dancing With The Stars Lacey Schwimmer
    Shiny Stuff
    Commented on this photo:

    Pet your man’s beard and he’ll purr like a walrus.

  28. Crusty Drawers

    Nice neckbeard.

  29. JC

    Oh, the poor Christians. If only there some button on some device that would allow them to *gasp* turn their TVs off instead of being assaulted by things that have nothing to do with them.

    • Dude of Dudes

      As a Christian myself (though not a rabid or overly devout one) this is by far the best piece of advice. If you dont like something dont fucking watch it. I have nothing against gay people but I dont go to pride festivals because its just not my thing. I dont watch DWTS because secretly I hate retards. Which that show is full of.

      • TomFrank

        Better yet, maybe this will lead Christians to start banning dancing again. I can see it now…whole towns across the Bible Belt with prohibitions on dancing and rock music. And then one day a new kid from Chicago moves into town. He’s a bit of a rebel…

      • Carrie

        The town preacher better lock away his remaining offspring.

  30. Jack Ketch

    Brilliant post, Fish. Love it !!

  31. Karen

    After reading internet comments on news stories all day, I was convinced the world has gone stupid. I can’t tell you why I continue to read them, but this article restored my faith in humanity at least a little bit.

  32. Adevon

    I’m sorry but I do not agree with 99% of what is being said here. I am a Christian. It it what I believe in my heart of hearts and cannot be moved in my beliefs. Nor will I attempt to argue with anyone about it. However, I ask you to NOT group all Christians into the same bunch. We are as diverse as our nation is. We are not clones all having the same close-minded thoughts. While I have no opinion on if you are born gay/straight/bi/transgendered, I know my God wants us to love all unconditionally, which I do and I fully support what Chaz or anyone like him is doing. Best of luck to him!!!!

    • CP

      Right on! When they announced Chaz being a contestant on dancing with the stars I didn’t even blink an eye. Not ALL Christians believe he is an abomination and not ALL Christians have a problem with him. Not ALL Christians believe you’re damned to hell for being gay.

      Get a grip people and stop assuming we’re all bigots.

  33. zomgbie

    i am convinced that the 21st century is a total hassle to christians.

  34. He’s got some work to do before being on DWTS. It looks like only his double-chin is capable of growing a beard at this point, that needs to change. I hope for his sake he doesn’t pop a boner when dancing with his female partner. Oh wait, nevermind.

  35. Dude of Dudes

    I think DWTS is going to need a bigger stage.

  36. Venom

    This creature is disgusting because SHE is disgusting.
    SHE is fat, slovenly and nasty.

    SHE is a fucking woman.
    Take a DNA test and she is a woman.
    SHE has no penis.
    SHE cannot produce sperm and impregnate a woman.

    To not believe in something or anything in life is kind of sad, but that is your choice regarding religion.
    I don’t necessarily believe that the bible is correct, but to discount there being any kind of God or supreme being is kind of ignorant.

    Every single society from the Europeans to the goddamn people that live in the jungles that have never met anyone from the outside believe in some sort of deity and divine supreme being. How the fuck is that possible? There is no way that is a coincidence.

    Europeans, Africans, Mayans, Egyptians, American Indians, etc etc etc all believe in a higher power, gods, spirits whatever.

    • Dude of Dudes

      Yes but people who live in the jungles, devoid of scientific reasoning, think the thunder is created by the god ICE-T banging She-Devil Coco’s ass. People used to think the sun was a god. Im a spiritual person who believes we move on after death but your argument about people in the jungle isnt reasonable.

      The Romans had a god for EVERYTHING. Humans do that. We explain the unexplained with shit that sounds reasonable to us at the time. As we gain knowledge we soon realize there is no god of the harvest, or sun god, or a benevolent one that will destroy the Kardashian’s no matter how much I pray.

    • GamerDarling

      Doesn’t have to be coincidence. We have an innate need to know why. As science has explained more and more the tendency to start new religions answering the questions that science can’t has become less and less.

      Of course old societies came up with gods. After a few days of a three year old Asking why he’s here and why the lightning makes that boom sound and why plants grow and why he never sees grandpa anymore and why why why you’d make up some shit about powerful men in the sky too. I just don’t see why modern society has to pay because some goofball way back when forgot to tell his kid Santa Clause wasn’t real.

      • Joshwahhh

        GamerDarling and Dude of Dudes got it right. Humans are terrified of the unexplained. A GIANT FLAMING BALL OF HEAT THAT MOVES ACROSS THE SKY? Holy fuck! What the hell is that?!?! Calm down, calm down, it’s just some dude in his chariot, see!

    • NotFox

      You said:

      “SHE has no penis.
      SHE cannot produce sperm and impregnate a woman.”

      So the following would not be men:
      1) A man who lost his penis in an accident (ouch)
      2) A man who is infertile

  37. DogBoy

    Former Contestant LAWRENCE TAYLOR busted for paying a 16 year old for sex!

  38. Dan

    You had me to man made global warming is a fact. I am not so sure. There are plenty of natural sources of CO2 that have been around a lot longer than us (volcanoes, forest fires, etc.)

    I agree with everything else 100% on this post including the rest of number three about the baby Jesus probably not actually the son of “God.”

    • AnnaDraconida

      We’re pumping billions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, destroying forests and fucking up the oceans. Hundreds of experts agree that we are, in fact, causing global warming much faster than any natural event could, and it’s already happening, with irregular weather all over the place.

      But apparently, assholes on the Internet know better.

      As for Chaz Bono, the most pressing question to me is: how exactly is she/he/it supposed to dance??

      • Dan

        @Anna nice trollin’

      • Dude of Dudes

        Thousands, if not millions, used to believe the world was flat. Not saying you are wrong but “hundreds of experts” means nothing. In fact Id imagine there are dozens of real experts on climate change not hundreds and that their expertise is limited to empirical data set that spans thousands of years. The entire data set spans MILLIONS. In other words I can look through a peephole and make reasonable judgements about a room but until I open the door I dont get the full picture.

        But I agree we can pollute less. Even if climate change and pollution arent related less pollution can never be a bad thing.

      • I usually try to stay out of these conversations because it’s worse than trying to talk to a brick wall but I have to say one thing. AnnaDracuntdrip : you are a fucking tard and a follower.

        stop trolling and look at the real facts. global warming has already been proven to be a lie. the scientist who were paid to promote global warming are having to admit that it was a lie.

        The earth itself releases more “harmful” gases into the atmosphere daily than any group of humans could possibly achieve in a lifetime.

        we have been on this planet for a nano second in relation to how long its been around. It’s nothing but pure human ego to believe that we could ever do something to destroy this planet.

        This planet was here before we were on it and will be here long after we are not. It has been cycling life for eons and it will wipe us out and start over and it will have nothing to do with our “carbon footprint.”

        global warming is a fabrication to allow unrestrained governments to tax the human race for living. the documentation is there to read. always has been.
        it’s nothing more than a power and money grab.

        stop being so gullible

    • Dan

      Also, for the record Chaz’s DNA would have what they are calling a transgender gene. You can actually see homosexuality and transgenderedness come out in DNA. I was really interested in how this could be possible and studied it for quite some time awhile ago.

      I could never understand why Christians are hard set against common genetic anomalies that their God supposedly created.

      It’s science.

    • Compound9

      To conclude that because there are other causes of CO2 emissions that humans have no impact on the environment around us is negligent at best.

      • AnnaDraconida

        Leave it to the deniers to vomit personal insults at everyone who thinks differently.

        So it’s perfectly natural that the past decade has the hottest years on record, and heat records are broken each summer? That devastating droughts & storms are getting more & more frequent? That dead zones are emerging in the oceans of the world, getting bigger & more frequent each year, and coral reefs are getting bleached & dying off at an alarming rate? That glaciers of vital importance are shrinking so fast it’s practically visible to the naked eye, and the polar ice caps are going to shit?

        Oh, it’s all natural if you say so. Just get your fat ass back into your SUV & pretend it’s all peachy.

      • annasheeple, strange how you call others deniers when it’s really you in denial. You state no facts. if you would spend 5 minutes doing your own research instead of listening to people that are in line to make billions upon billions of dollars from the global warming scare you could figure this out.
        I suppose its easier to let government and corporate backed media to tell you the “truth”.
        Heat records are broken and heat records are not broken. Just like cold records are broken and cold records are not broken. It’s called cycles. The Earth has been going through them before we came along for this extremely short blip in time.
        How hot do you believe it was back in the prehistoric days when the majority of the Earth was a gigantic rainforest? I bet it was hotter than what we are seeing now.
        If “global warming” was true then why was it just released that the Earth’s temperature just actually lowered.
        A single volcano eruption can emit more “harmful” gases into the atmosphere than man has ever created and last time I checked they erupt all the time.
        The earth produces and releases more methane gas than all the living animals on this planet.
        Do you understand what an ice age is and what happens to the planet as it shifts into one? Do you know that Earth has a long standing cycle of ice ages? Do you actually have the brain power to understand that these cycles have been operating like clock work (on the grand cosmic scale).
        Guess where we are at in the cycle? We are actually in the part of the cycle where the planet produces an ice age where things like polar ice cap melting happens. Why do you think we have fossilized aquatic remains in states like Oklahoma?? last time I checked the ocean didn’t stretch that far North.
        The planet has no need for us just like it had no need for the other cycles of life that has been here. Do you think humans were the first living things on this planet? Do you think there has only been one continuous cycle of life here? No. Each life cycle lives and dies by the Earth’s cycle.
        educate yourself and stop being a sheeple. strange that you are willing to listen and believe the same establishments that are making billions if not trillions on the “global warming” scare and that are run by the very men that have conferences and talk about why and how to eliminate 90% of the population. once again something that is well documented and is out there if you are willing to look.
        And when I say documented I do not mean another person’s opinion. This is where you already fail. you listen to opinions and fail to look at facts. look at the real official documents and take the time to read them.

  39. Twizlah

    “Christains”? Can I get an amen to that?!

  40. rican

    What I find intriguing is that Chaz didn’t just say, “I want to be a man”. She said “I want to be a FAT man.”

    • Joshwahhh

      Hormone therapy can make you put on a lot of weight, and she was a big girl to begin with. Give the man a break. I have to imagine part of his DWTS plan is to drop the pounds (like Kirstie Alley, but everybody claps and applauds for a fat woman, not a fat man).

      • Giampaolo Tarantini

        Doesn’t mean that he has to be on TV ! He should get himself together first . He’s got the HIGHEST Odds ( from Vegas) to win. Not because he’s transgender, but because he’s fat and ugly

  41. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Dear Fish:

    1. Charles Darwin was a believer.
    2. and 3. Fucking is for closers.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        Give me a break. There are moments that we all doubt but MOST of his quotes and his lifestyle suggest that he did believe in God. The wikipedia article you quoted is shit and biased and provides no direct full quotes rather than that someone writing for him what he believed without direct quotes probably late in his life in dimentia already . The person was attending church all his life one time he took a walk rather than going to – that means that he wasn’t Christian

      • Richard McBeef

        yeah ok. go to your jesus website to post unbiased material.

        Darwin’s religious beliefs really don’t cloud the mountains of evidence supportive of his theory, Dr. Behe. And in turn, those mountains of evidence are not so supportive of the book of genesis.

    • “The wikipedia article you quoted is shit and biased and provides no direct full quotes rather than that someone writing for him what he believed without direct quotes probably late in his life in dimentia already.”
      “The person was attending church all his life one time he took a walk rather than going to – that means that he wasn’t Christian.”

      Are you fucking kidding? Have you ever actually seen any of Darwin’s journals? His autobiography? They’re in his own handwriting. Have you ever read any of his wife’s journals? She was a Unitarian, and described their life together in great detail – she kept journals every year of her life and later annotated his letters and writings. When he wanted to marry her he was very open about his doubts and skepticism about God existing – altho she appreciated his honesty, she did believe and was distressed about marrying someone who didn’t believe in an afterlife where they would be united. She very nearly didn’t marry him due to their not being of one mind on this.

      Darwin stopped going to church after their daughter died – his religious beliefs, tenuous as they were, weren’t sustainable in the face of losing her. It wasn’t a case of his taking a walk one day which got blown out of proportion – which you might know if you ever fucking read anything rather than just made up shit to support whatever you want to be true.

      “By further reflecting that the clearest evidence would be requisite to make any sane man believe in the miracles by which Christianity is supported,—that the more we know of the fixed laws of nature the more incredible do miracles become,—that the men at that time were ignorant and credulous to a degree almost incomprehensible by us,—that the Gospels cannot be proved to have been written simultaneously with the events,—that they differ in many important details, far too important as it seemed to me to be admitted as the usual inaccuracies of eye-witnesses;—by such reflections as these, which I give not as having the least novelty or value, but as they influenced me, I GRADUALLY CAME TO DISBELIEVE CHRISTIANITY AS A DIVINE REVELATION (my caps). The fact that many false religions have spread over large portions of the earth like wild-fire had some weight with me. Beautiful as is the morality of the New Testament, it can hardly be denied that its perfection depends in part on the interpretation which we now put on metaphors and allegories.

      But I was very unwilling to give up my belief;—I feel sure of this for I can well remember often and often inventing day-dreams of old letters between distinguished Romans and manuscripts being discovered at Pompeii or elsewhere which confirmed in the most striking manner all that was written in the Gospels. But I found it more and more difficult, with free scope given to my imagination, to invent evidence which would suffice to convince me. Thus disbelief crept over me at a very slow rate, but was at last complete. The rate was so slow that I felt no distress, and have never since doubted even for a single second that my conclusion was correct.

      I hardly see how anyone ought to wish Christianity to be true; for if so the plain language of the text seems to show that the men who do not believe, and this would include my Father, Brother and almost all my best friends, will be everlastingly punished. And this is a damnable doctrine.” -Darwin

      There’s a great deal of difference between relying on original source material like authentic journals and making shit up so that it supports your pet theory of propaganda. The first is called scholarship, the latter is called spreading bullshit. Call “lies” all you like, but unless you can come up with something from Darwin’s own writings, you’re the one who’s guilty of deliberately lying.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        First of all, I didn’t quote wikipedia. Second of all, you should chill and get laid.
        How about being kind for a change?

    • I’m quoting you, you blithering moron – you’re the one who referred to the wiki article as “shit” and “biased”. And thanks for your concern about my sex life, but I’m doing just fine.

      But I’m also an historian, so research and a respect for knowledge is not something I take lightly. So if being “kind” means letting you get away with making up shit to support statements that are, quite frankly, insupportable, then NO, I can’t be “kind”.

      See, I see far too much of that shit every fucking day to allow idiots like you to make up their own facts when they can’t find ones to back the “truths” or whatever fucking party line they want to promote. If you need Darwin to be a believer and a Christian so badly that you have to blatantly lie about it, in the face of all he wrote about his personal struggle and his final conclusions (and attribute those to either dementia or someone else writing them because it directly refutes your statetments), then you have a major fucking problem – and I’ll be goddamned if I’ll refrain from calling you on your bullshit.

      If you’re truly just some painfully ignorant mope who just believes everything anyone tells you and never bothering to check any of it out for yourself, now you know better. Next time read a fucking book before you start posting your “facts”.

  42. Stack

    I’m all for equality and Christian-bashing, but one thing I fail to understand is what exactly makes Chaz a star, other than his parents and highly publicized penile addition?

  43. TetterkeT

    George Lucas could learn a few things from Chaz Bono (read: neck beard).

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    Don’t care about the sex change thing but he is FAT!!!!

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    He will look like a hippopotamus out there ! He’s gonna make Kirstie Alley look like an Ethiopian.

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    Thumbs up back at CHaz. Christians are idiots. Love the manifesto.. Message boards highlites the ignorance based stupidity of most american christians.
    Fuck you all!! hahahaha

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    Dance !!! I’m going for a ‘waddle’

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