Charlie Sheen’s House Raided After ‘Anonymous Tip’

Last night, the LAPD conducted a raid on Charlie Sheen’s house after receiving a call that he was going to harm himself with a gun and apparently he’s not even allowed to possess firearms per the temporary restraining order filed by Brooke Mueller. Long story short, the police ended up confiscating an antique gun along with some bullets without arresting Charlie who spent the entire time eating burgers and Twittering:

#fastball: all good here on homefront. all reports are false. I’ll explain more very soon. #Dogspeed c
#fastball; the LAPD were AWESOME. Absolute pros! they can protect and serve this Warlock anytime!!! c
#fastball; 101 and on the black. 50 cops in my home. they all left. I’m still here. WINNING? 24/7 c

While this turned out to be a non-event, the more interesting question is who called in to say Charlie was going to shoot himself? He just wrapped up a custody deal with Brooke so the two could avoid court today, but it’s not like he has more kids out there. Oh, wait. Via TMZ:

Sam’s birthday was yesterday … and we’re told Denise was steadfast — she was not going to let Charlie into her house to see the children because of Charlie’s craziness. Turns out that wasn’t a problem, because Charlie never came. He called in the evening to wish Sam a happy birthday, but that was it.
But now Charlie wants to have a big party at his house this weekend, celebrating Sam’s birthday, and inviting all her friends. We’re told Denise is scoffing at the invitation and says Sam isn’t going, nor are any of her friends

Can you really blame Denise Richards if she rolled the dice here? She’s a scared mother trying to protect her kids, and the odds that a police raid at Charlie Sheen’s house would result in an entire jacuzzi packed with blow being carted out were pretty high. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around how that didn’t happen, but I’m sure it has absolutely nothing to do with his lawyer already being there as the cops launched a “surprise” raid and his innocent-looking assistant fleeing the scene. Clearly wizardry was afoot at Castle Vagina.

Photos: Pacific Coast News