Charlie Sheen’s Goddess Dumped Him

A vegan porn star? Oh, Hollywood.

Last week, it was revealed Bree Olson had left Charlie Sheen’s “Violent Torpedoes of Truth” tour, but it was played off as just her going home to visit family even though everyone knows porn stars don’t have families. *rubs chin* Or at least ones that would miss them… Anyway, turns out Bree dumped Charlie via text which probably explains this tweet sent before her Twitter became a sunshine and dildo extravaganza of how much she loves her hometown:

Don’t cross me If so I’ll butcher u brutally in my hotel bed & dispose of the body. I’ll just tell house keeping I was having a heavy flow.

“¿Como se dice, ‘My lady slough always has bits of Charlie Sheen in it,’ en español?”

Photos: INFdaily