Charlie Sheen Never Went to Rehab

While earlier reports suggested Charlie Sheen would be spending three months in rehab, surprise! It turns out he never even left his house in the first place and has absolutely no intention to. RadarOnline reports:

“Charlie was supposed to go to a rehab facility but he absolutely refused to go,” one pal, who has intimate knowledge of the situation, told
“He is at home now and those close to him are trying to get him to enter a facility, but he doesn’t think he has a problem.”

Coincidentally, TMZ and People – both subsidiaries of Time-Warner – are now claiming Charlie is “exploring” treatment options, including bringing psychiatrists to his house, that would theoretically allow him to return to work sooner, but c’mon. Right now Warner Bros. is staring at a $250 million loss all because they think they can convince the general public Charlie Sheen will suddenly hate cocaine and porn stars who look like they’re 12. They might as well tell people he wears a cape and fights crime which, now that I think about it, he kind of does. He keeps porn stars off the streets and drugs out of schools by not leaving any for anyone else. As for the cape part, the guy tackles four hookers at a time, so that’s pretty much your standard uniform. Or is it galoshes and a ski mask? It’s been a while.

Photos: WENN