Charlie Sheen Is Really Good At Making Lindsay Lohan Sound Wonderful To Work With

Seen here trying to hide behind her purse after going out drinking directly after her Letterman appearance where she cried about rehab making her a better person, Lindsay Lohan didn’t get much help from Charlie Sheen last night on The Tonight Show when Jay Leno asked him about her holding up production on Anger Management. Via RadarOnline:

Asked if LiLo arrived late, Sheen said, “Not on day one … day one was fabulous. She was on time. Hit every mark. Made us look off our game, which we weren’t.
“And then, um, we had to deal with day two … it was as though she had us held hostage because she gave us half the show … and was a little bit — four hours — late. No, she was a couple of hours late. She was really not feeling well. We just worked around it.”
“She was late, what can I say!”
The former Two And A Half Men star confirmed reports that LiLo made the set her own personal gifting suite, making off with a few bracelets.
“It’s true, but it’s not true,” he explained. “Nothing further your honor … she borrowed some stuff, and then was told they would take it out of her paycheck, and she said fine, and that’s all it was.”

“Look, Jay, we can sit here and talk about this all night, but I’m not the kind of guy who’s going to not get a blowjob he was promised for lining up a gig then turn around and say, well, hey, this person ran over a baby while backing out of the set. That’s for the police when they find the body buried under a park bench across the street. I plead the fifth on that one. Wink. So anyway, this Fallon business, huh?”

Photos: INFdaily