Charlie Sheen Allegedly Paid A Blog To Delete Posts About His HIV

When Charlie Sheen confirmed he’s HIV positive to Matt Lauer and said he always leads “with condoms and honesty,” what he really meant was he has more money than God and will use every fucking cent of it to make sure his dick never stops going in and out of things. Because, according to The New York Times, Sheen’s lawyer allegedly paid a blog to remove posts about his HIV status back in 2014 even though everyone seemed to already know about it, and last I checked, porn stars didn’t take a break from doing anything and everything for money. But, hey, YOLO, right?

Over the next few months, Mr. Jasper went on to post about a half-dozen items citing Mr. Sheen’s condition on his blog, which carries the motto “Brewing and serving piping hot celebrity tea and scandal since 2008!” He was emboldened, Mr. Jasper said in an interview, by seeing photographs of Mr. Sheen’s antiretroviral medicines. The photos, Mr. Jasper said, had been taken by a woman after she’d had sex with Mr. Sheen and had been provided to the blogger by an acquaintance of hers.
(During his “Today” appearance, Mr. Sheen confirmed that one of the people he was paying was someone who had taken pictures of his medicines with a cellphone.)
But at the end of the summer of 2014, the blog posts disappeared.
A lawyer for the blog, Ronald Richards, was approached that July by another lawyer, Keith Davidson, emails between the two men show. Mr. Davidson had previously represented a woman who accused Mr. Sheen of abuse. Now he was seeking “a complete blackout on objectionable subject matter,” according to the emails obtained by The National Enquirer and provided to The New York Times.
Mr. Richards said he did not ask Mr. Davidson whom he was representing. “It was irrelevant to me,” he said, adding that the posts were taken down for “business reasons.”
Mr. Davidson later thanked Mr. Richards in an email for “the prompt work of deleting and/or redacting the offending content,” and spoke of four payments of $15,000 being made as a result.

Now, if you think this is the part where I tout my sterling journalistic integrity and look down from my ivory tit tower with disdain, shut your mouths, I’m talking to Charlie now. For $30,000, not only will I delete every single post about you giving half of southern California AIDS, I’ll also write one that says your semen tastes like cinnamon. That’s a 50% savings. You’d be a fool not to take it.

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