Charlie Sheen Wants Trump To Die

True Story: This is Charlie at The 2016 “Snow Queen” Cigar Smoker of the Year Awards. “Snow Queen” Cigar Smoker of the Year Awards. You can’t make this up. (P.S. This is some Weekend At Bernie’s-type shit.)

On the heels of Debbie Reynolds’ death last night, exactly one day after her daughter Carrie Fisher died because welcome to 2016, Charlie Sheen decided to see if God was taking requests:

This was particularly amazing because I always assumed that the Venn diagram of anyone who still thinks Charlie Sheen is #WINNING and Trump voters is a flat circle, so I just learned a valuable lesson about stereotypes. Except not really because naturally the anti-PC “real Americans” who voted for Trump and are tired of everyone getting offended over everything were every flavor of offended over everything. Charlie Sheen has since responded to the backlash, yet oddly addresses the “media” instead of the white throngs on Twitter, and the media’s comment threads, losing their white shit.

Of course, all this is a big to-do about nothing and can be chalked up to a simple calculation in Charlie Sheen’s head:

Donald Trump + Death = More coke for Charlie!

(Gulags are fun, right? It’ll be like a vacation.)

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