Charlie Sheen’s a Birther Now

Considering this entire thing started with an interview on Alex Jones’ Infowars, it really should come as no surprise that Charlie Sheen went full-birther in Washington D.C. last night. For those of you who just come here for the pretty pictures, birthers are people who believe President Obama wasn’t born in America and is some form of secret, foreigner Manchurian candidate. So, naturally a psychotic drug addict is one of them. The Huffington Post reports:

Talking about a possible presidential run — Sheen defeated Obama amongst GOP voters in the same polls as his victories of Palin — he mused about the idea and then hit the birther sweet spot.
“For starters, I was f**king born here, how about that? And I got proof! Nothing photoshopped about my birth certificate.”

Of course, the crowd cheered for this, but then again these are people who paid $100+ to see Charlie Sheen, only to find themselves minutes later yelling the following whenever he wasn’t “talking about drugs or manhandling women,” according to the Washington Post:

“ENTERTAIN US,” boomed a male voice as Sheen waxed philosophical on the hard living of Dennis Hopper.

And now for my conspiracy theory:

TRUMP: Listen, here’s a couple of Bentleys I had laying around. I need you to embrace this birther thing so I have an excuse to back away from it before it sinks me.
SHEEN: So, you’re saying Obama really was born in America?
TRUMP: Ha! You’re hilarious. Of course he was. Only idiots believe that shit.
SHEEN: Right… idiots. I was just mucking it up with the comedy, you know me. Tiger blood, tiger blood, winning! A ha cha cha cha!
TRUMP: You really believed it, didn’t you?
SHEEN: He’s a shape-shifter!

Photos: Splash News