1. hmm that mole disappeared from selena’s right tit.. we sure it’s her?

  2. Gareth

    No tit mole.

    Not her.

  3. Johnny Cockrin

    If no mole on the tit, you must call bullshit.

  4. Knuckles Muldoon

    Much better than yesterdays beached whales. Thank you superficial

  5. No way that’s Selena. She wouldn’t be able to stand, after being torn apart by Bieber’s Canadian whale cock.

  6. Beefarino

    Looks like double beds. Bieber was doing it 50′s style.

  7. Rosatee

    Why would she be staying in such a seedy looking hotel room?
    This isn’t Selena.

  8. guest

    Tanner Mayes?

  9. I want to ejaculate inside of her…am i normal??

  10. chloeluvsJB

    she looks so ugly!!!!!!!!!

  11. The Voice of Reason

    No mole on the tit and this girl has a bracelet on her arm…

    Nice fake though. She could even be hotter than Selena.

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