Caylee Anthony’s Memorial is Underwater Now. Of Course.

This chick’s butt seems very concerned. I should probably ask it for a quote.

I know I shouldn’t be surprised that something in Florida has found itself underwater considering the entire state is a goddamn marsh, but after getting struck by lightning and flooded over the weekend, you really have to wonder why God hates Caylee Anthony so much. I mean, Christ, He just spent the past three days literally pissing on her grave. If you got a hold of His calendar, He probably wrote, “Fuck with murder victim,” over the entire month of July. Seriously, it’s a miracle He hasn’t brought her back to life just to let her mom have custody all over again. “Dude, dude, Gabriel, check this shit out: Casey’s had Caylee back for an hour, but shalakazam! Guess who’s about to get a call about a kegger — and a coupon for duct tape! WAHAHAHA! I swear to Me this never gets old.”

Photos: Splash News