Casey Anthony’s Lawyer Allegedly Admitted She’s Guilty, Was Doing Her

Hey, remember Casey Anthony? Big boobs, kind of an Alanis Morrissette thing going on, got away with murdering her kid because Florida? It doesn’t matter. Well, actually it does because this post is about that whole murder thing, namely how her lawyer Jose Baez allegedly admitted she’s guilty to a private investigator that was hired to find the body and who’s also pretty sure Casey Anthony was paying Baez with sex stuff. As for how all of this information came to light, it was in an affidavit for Casey’s bankruptcy proceedings that just went public, so I hope you like true crime stories where a child killer mouth-sexes her way out of the death penalty – “allegedly.”

PI: Casey Anthony’s Lawyer Admitted That His Client Killed Her Daughter – Death & Taxes

NOTE: For the record, Jose Baez obviously denies all of this and is about to start suing like a motherfucker because it’s not like he’s going to say, “Why, yes, I did try to beat the cops to a dead child’s body while making her mother/killer blow me for billable hours. What of it?”

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