BREAKING: God To Forgive Casey Anthony Provided Random Pastor Puts Water On Her Head

March 21st, 2012 // 111 Comments
Casey Anthony
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Casey Anthony
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On the first day of grifting school, they teach you that Christians are the easiest targets because clearly these are people who will believe anything. Of course, I just made that up, but you know who believed it? Christians. Which brings me to Casey Anthony being baptized because apparently she’s still trying to do everything in her power to look guilty as shit because she’s a manipulative, mental case. RadarOnline reports:

Casey has planned to get baptized sometime this month,” an insider exclusively told
“She figured getting baptized would be the best way start this new chapter in her life. It’s a new beginning.”
Last July, Casey was found not guilty in the very public murder trial of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee.
“Casey believes that Caylee is with God now and wants to ensure her own salvation so that she’ll see her daughter again someday,” the source said.

So basically what this story is telling me is that Casey simply needed a babysitter – until she dies. “Hey, God, would you mind watching my kid until I’m done sucking dick in a haze of booze for the next 30 years? I’d leave her with my parents, but they’re always feeding her sugary snacks and letting her watch TV, you know how it is. Anyway, you’ll find a bag full of her favorite toys in the swamp I left her body in…”


  1. WhiteChick

    I hope she drowns in the baptismal…

  2. Any Guy

    I’d be happy to anoint her with some baby batter. we’d get along great. kids annoy the fuck out of me too.

  3. bonerspunk

    I’d fuck her

  4. Motorboat Captain

    Whatever happened to those rumors she was going to do porn?

  5. Dick Hell

    Screw the baptism, her next chapter needs to do a reality show with Octomom in which Nadya keeps birthing babies faster than Casey can put them down. Shoo-in for an Emmy.

  6. Gilmore Girl

    Worthless piece of scum! This, in my opinion, is even more proof she killed that baby.

  7. Richard McBeef

    They really do teach that on the first day of Grifting School. That’s not a joke.

    • I can think of two movies right off the bat where a woman is said to have run off with a Bible salesman. (Some Like It Hot and Something Wild, in case you were wondering.)

      • Don’t forget Moses Pray in Paper Moon.

      • BE

        So let me get this straight – you prooff for your opinion is movies and TV? And you say Christians are gullible, huh?

      • I wouldn’t say “gullible” in your case as much as, “completely bereft of any discernable sense of humor”, “totally devoid of a sarcasm detector” and “utterly incapable of recognizing hyperbole”.

        Yeah, I think that covers it. But let’s test it: did you know that the world “gullible” doesn’t appear in the dictionary?

      • I think our point was that this is a long-standing reputation from which professional writers are drawing to crack wise and/or develop full-fledged plots. Also, neither of us mentioned TV.

      • So I suppose that it’s really not a good time to mention that our first introduction to door-to-door Bible salesman Greg Stilson (the sociopath with delusions of grandeur who becomes a presidential candidate) in Stephen King’s The Dead Zone is when he vindictively kicks a dog to death?

  8. metalslug

    The anti-Christian bent is getting a little tiresome. Quit being “safe” and slam some of the cult of death Mooslims? or are you afraid of having your head removed from your shoulders? Funny how many bloggers think they are being controversial and cutting edge slamming pussies like Kirk Cameron and groups of 65 year old grandmas.

    • merciful percival

      Fuckin’ A.

    • rantatonne

      Could be wrong but i think its a general commentary on religion, just happen to be in an area where most of the religious shenanigans are by Christians… It may be more Christian-bashing, if it was Unlike the Muslims, Mormons, Scientologists, Hindus and other religions, Christians continue to “insert example of whatever they’re doing” that results in lulz for all.

      • Beheading others because of their religious beliefs? Oh yeah, that’s Christianity all the way.

      • harry dump

        You mean like when muslims chop off the heads of Wall St Journal writers and antenna installers – ON CAMERA?? How about that, dipshit? Or when muslims stabbed Van Gogh’s grandson to death, sticking a note in his torso with a knife??

        You’re a fucking MORON.

      • rantatonne

        I do not think i said anything moronic, but maybe my grammar was off leading to a misunderstanding. It was commenting on the fact that the celebrities and personalities that are in the USA (where most of these posts get inspiration from), are Christians.

        If Athletes were thanking Shiva for their physical prowess, couples claiming that according to the divine wisdom of Buddha they should have 15+ children or Casey Anthony expressing that conversion to Islam would be her foundation to a new life, then I think the articles would still be as snide.

        It is about religion as a crutch or excuse. The people are people, great athletes, big on family, seeking absolution, delusional murderers etc.

        But in your opinions when is someones religion a direct factor in their actions? for instance the terrible situation with the Afghan murderers, how is this more a result of the admitted stresses of being deployed in a war-zone and nothing to do with the mans religious beliefs? If you say he was not a true christian, then can’t the majority of peaceful people in any other religion just say those crazies are just not the true whatever they claim to be?

      • Mike

        Like religous, right wing Washington politicians calling for the deaths of homosexuals thru their influence in African countries? How about making women go thru unnecessary, invasive procedures before granting them an abortion, and not minding totally denying poor women affordable reproductive care? Oh, wait, those are Christians.

      • harry dump

        “reproductive care” meaning sucking babies out of the birth canal with a vacuum?

      • Unless and until you’re there with with a blank check to bankroll the say-so you think you’re entitled to have in everyone else’s private life, and you don’t want to man a “pads vs. tampons on heavy flow days” hotline 24/7/365, “reproductive care” means that others have the right to make their own choices about their own body’s reproductive system.

        Put on your big boy pants and grow up and get a fucking life – preferably not anyone else’s.

      • merciful percival

        sure, ppl have every right to make “choices” regarding their body’s reproductive systems, but they shouldn’t expect the taxpayers to pay for any of it (or expect the fed to print money to pay for it, for that matter). there are millions of people who don’t want to be forced to support, via tax dollars, someone’s choice to terminate a pregnancy in the name of convenience – and that’s all

      • I’m a Jehovah’s Winess, and my tax dollars shouldn’t be used to provide blood transfusions for Medicaid patients. I don’t drive, so I’m gonna make sure to deduct the portion of my taxes that would go for interstate highway maintenance. And since I don’t have any kids, I don’t want to have to support the public education of large families who refuse to use any birth control, so I’ll be withholding my percentage because I refuse to support the reckless use of smeone who wants to use their reproductive system as a Pez dispenser.

        Again, grow the fuck up – a large portion of your tax dollars will, at some point, probably go to shit you don’t use, don’t want and don’t personally approve of. Welcome to the real world where things aren’t run according to your personal whims and beliefs. Your glib and idiotic assumption that every pregancy that’s terminated is done so because it’s “inconvenient”, and that everyone’s reproductive health care should be run according to your personal morality, is another story.

      • Schmidtler

        why don’t you grow the fuck up, and come to the realization that if a person wants to have recreational sex without getting pregnant, they need birth control pills, and that’s not what health insurance is for – just like car insurance doesn’t cover an empty gas tank or new brake pads. taxpayer funded programs should benefit society as a whole somehow, not just exist as big piles of money for libs to buy votes with by giving free shit to the people who vote for them.

      • Malcom eX-lax

        Oh holy fucking shit not another person who can’t fucking understand how insurance works! You pay premiums that go into a huge fund that pays out to those who make claims for anything ranging from hangnails to cancer and your delusion that you have a choice in who gets treated and who doesn’t based on your inflated sense of self-importance is so stupid it burns. Nobody cares that you don’t believe in paying for some old dudes Viagra prescriptions because the idea of old people fucking makes you feel all ooky or that you believe that lung cancer treatments should be withheld from smokers because they are getting what they deserve or it is a punishment fro god or some other nonsense. Nobody, especially the big heartless insurance entity that takes your money then tries to screw you at every turn when you actually need care, gives a thimble full of shit what you want to cover or what you don’t. You are not the king of the world. You are buying a product and if you want one that caters to your every whim then be prepared to design and fund it all by yourself – then you can make all the nutty demands you want.

      • What are you, some sort of radical who believes that paying insurance premiums to a health care provider means they should be obligated to provide you with actual health care?

        Fucking socialists, they’re everywhere. And every damn one of them probably has one of those….whaddayacall ‘ems …oh, yeah, “vaginas”. Who the hell authorized that?

      • Schmidtler

        when I get hungry, my stomach hurts – so health insurance should pay for my lunch, at least according to your asinine theory.

      • Malcom eX-lax

        Yeah Harry, abortion is that ONLY reproductive care offered to women, you cracked the code. Now go get your cookie.

      • theleftareantiprogress

        Wow..You really beleive that dude Maddow don’t you? LOL! Please provide proof that American politicians are pushing the killing of gays. Maddow didn’t provide it and you won’t either.

      • Malcom eX-lax

        Please. You can’t prove ANYTHING to a Republican because they only believe what other Republicans tell them to believe. It’s a waste of time and effort to even try.

      • Malcom eX-lax

        I’m not defending Islam, as far as I’m concerned all religions are equally worthless, but you cant sit there and say with a straight face that Christians (or whatever your personal religious delusion is) is guiltless when it comes to committing atrocities? You show me a religion and I will show you a crime against humanity.

    • It’s nowhere near as tiresome as the “why don’t you pick on Muslims” bleat. Maybe you truly don’t get that Christians (Protestants/Catholics) as well as Jews have been a part of our national consciousness for generations, but Muslims have been, and still are, a blip on that radar until very recently? How many jokes do you know that start with, “A priest, a rabbi and an imam walk into a bar…”?

      When Muslims start agitating to get more of the Koran represented in “the public square” in this country, and start demanding that more Allah-based doctrines be represented in government, then you can start in whining in earnest if Fish remains silent. When Muslims demonstrate that they’re being hypocrites in terms of their behavior while admonishing others to behave as they say, but not as they do, then you can start in whining in earnest if Fish remains silent. When they start demanding that everyone follow some ridiculous cultural superstition that’s really not part of their doctrine, then you can start in whining in earnest if Fish remains silent.. Unfortunately there haven’t been a lot of suicide bombings, honor killings or female genital mutilation cases happening in this country recently, but when that happens and Fish isn’t there to make fun of 74 virgins, then please, feel free to bitch away.

      But in the meantime, maybe you can explain how that “do unto others” thing works when you’re exhorting Fish to bully someone else just as bad because you don’t like being picked on. I never realized it was really about balancing the scales so that everyone else is supposed to feel just as miserable as you do – who knew? .

      • BE

        Actually justifiable, the blogger that comes off as rude, bitter, miserable and generally nasty here is you. You don’t exactly come across as happy, having it together or anything I’d want to emulate.

        I grant you that blogs are often out there, but do you ever actually read your own posts? Extreme, rambling, discontent targeted at whatever group you happen to pick on any particular day.

        Physician, heal thyself. Or get some counseling…because whatever you’re doing to get by obviously isn’t working for you.

      • I give that attempt at misdirection a D-, primarily because it’s a really obvious and half-assed ad hominem attack, and secondarily because it reads suspiciously like a pathetic attempt at payback for my pointing out your massive ignorance about Constantine and the First Ecumenical Council a week or so ago. Sorry to embarass you about that, but if you’re going to attempt to be didactic on a subject about which you know nothing, you will get your tail in a crack.

        Now, if you don’t have any actual rebuttal to my “extreme” and “rambling” post – which appears to be the case – here’s the news: 1) I don’t give a shit whether you want to emulate me or not. Shocking, I know. Let me give you time to adjust before we move on. Ready? 2) I don’t give another shit whether you think I’m happy or “together” or not. 3) only a glib and arrogant fool would attempt to psychoanalyze someone they’ve never met, and 4) your oozing concern over my well-being is pretty much negated by the eagerness in which you’re attempted to judge me and prove yourself superior in comparison – by your own personal standards, of course.

        So if you really have nothing of substance to add to to topic – which, as I said before, definitely appears to be the case – please feel free to spend the rest of the evening being smug and self-satisfied on your own time.

      • Constantine and the First Ecumenical Council from a week ago? Holy shit (no pun intended)—I thought I held on needlessly to some of my grudge matches here.

        But don’t let this bastard get you down. Your posts are always both well-argued and well-structured, and I’m constantly amazed at the amount of effort you put into a lot of them. If this is the caliber of intelligence and reasoning that I can expect from all you Jehovah’s Witnesses, then maybe I should have taken one of those magazines from the ladies at the subway station a long time ago.

      • Nooo, drop that copy of The Watchtower and back away slowly! Honestly, I’m not a Jehovah’s Witness, I used that to illustrate a point about medical care. And I can drive anything with more than one wheel (fucking unicycles, how do they work?), but I don’t have kids – so 1 out of 3, right?

        However, it’s not a grudge match on my side, I just got a kick out of BE instructing everyone that Constantine had nothing to do with the compilation of the Bible, claiming it was “under the power of the 4th century popes”. Rarely do you get to see such a dazzling display of colossal ignorance by someone who’s attempting to lecture everyone else about how uninformed they are about the NT. The fact that s/he was caught with her/his foot in his/her mouth up to the hip and then tried to save face by admonishing me that 15% of wiki is OPINION and not “fact” was just gravy – because lies, damned lies, and statistics, right?* . Somehow, someday, BE will tweak that there are such things as “research libraries” and become acquainted with the fact the some people have actually studied theology and comparative religion independent of the internet, and even worse, they have these really useful things called “books” that they have actually read prior to posting anything.

        So thank you for the compliment – since I enjoy the hell out of your posts (even though you have execrable taste in shoes) that means a helluva lot.

        * Besides, everyone knows that 98% of all statistics are made up.

      • They were Prada shoes! Prada.

        But, yeah, I remember not being happy with what Google Images was giving me that day. (Of course, you never specified a preferred type.) So I’ll try again. And I own a pair like this, so if you don’t like it, then, yeah, I have terrible taste in shoes. I can still go on.


      • BE

        Now this is where it gets interesting. This is a BLOG of approximately 1700 registered subscribers – and you folks are literally mean, mean comments, mean spirited, etc. You negate most of you attempts at superiority by your inability to get through any observation without getting derogatory.

        As for attempt at misdirection, nope, just pointing out that you can’t seem to make a point without slinging mud. Neither one of you could actually survive in an actual debate so it’s truly funny how you slam anyone that actually gets up in public and follow the rules of debate. But hey, it’s a blog, no one cares as much as you do – apparently. You both obviously take yourselves very seriously. So excuse me if I don’t live and die by whether I can get some random blogger in cyberspace ticked to feel like my opinion matters somewhere.

        As for your “sense of humor” and “sarcasm” all I have to say is that is in the eye of the beholder. Don’t expect to be earning a living as a stand up comedian. You’re not as funny as you think you are and the thing about the internet is that like minds gravitate to each other – which still doesn’t mean it’s good. It just means you’ve found someone who behaves like you do.

        And for the record, I’m FEMALE a fact I’ve mentioned repeatedly. The fact that you can search wikipedia for Constantine is neither impressive nor relevant. especially in light that the wikipedia (as usual) was a lot of misinformaton. I don’t take any of this (or you) seriously enough to tap everything I know into a blog. I pop in here once in a while to see what’s going on it the ET world – what the latest trends are, etc. – it’s a lot faster and less mind numbing than watching TV.

        And, by the way, the fact that I’m female is where we hit the great divide in that we don’t think alike and probably never will (Thank you, God). Women don’t relate to the one upmanship that guys live and breathe by – in fact – most of the time we ignore it. While I don’t pretend to speak for all females, a lot of us generally regard it as plain old stupid but it’s hard to avoid in cyberspace.

        It’s 81 degrees and sunny. I’ve been outside golfing and enjoying it. If you’re at work spending your time like this then I feel sorry for your employer. If you’re at home putting so much into a silly blog, then I feel sorry for you. Simple as that.

        Points to Fish for figuring out that getting people to argue religion gets him more hits than the TA thing. I see he’s taking it to the next level with metrics to make get more income. Almost genius naming this blog “The Superficial.”

        And the final analysis to all your hard typed commentary – meh – I’m going outside – it’s a gorgeous day….

      • I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist hopping in here because BE you’ve been getting your ass handed to you, specifically by justifiable, for trying to speak authoritatively about shit you clearly know nothing about. So let’s start with this statement first:

        “Points to Fish for figuring out that getting people to argue religion gets him more hits than the TA thing.”

        No, not even close. T&A destroys for us. The pageviews this post will get is next to nothing to say some random D-lister in a bikini. But what’s even more amazing is you made this statement without access to our analytics, i.e. you pulled it directly out of your ass and considered it truth which says a lot about your argumentative skills. As for stirring people up, posts like these do hardly anything for us metrics-wise. The reason for them is pure Occam’s Razor: I like spouting off.

        “I see he’s taking it to the next level with metrics to make get more income.”

        Again, statement pulled completely out of your ass. Do you honestly think I’ve sat here for years not once looking at daily analytics to gauge what registers? Do you have absolutely any idea how running a site like this even works? Because you’ve already made the ignorant mistake of conflating high comment counts with PVs. High comment counts mean nothing. There could be a post with 1,000 comments and it still won’t even hold a candle to a titty gallery.

        Now if you’ll excuse me, I need a beer to wash down your lunch.

      • BE

        Hiya Fish-

        I was referring to your marketing popup. Yes, I know you watch traffic and bandwith .But actually getting subscribers to participate in a survey is a whole different animal, huh?.

        And, you’ve been baiting on the religion thing for a while, deny it all you want. Page hits mean something, yes but you’ve been getting a high number of comments on the existential arguments AND have been posting them in the header. Obviously, there’s something there for you. It wasn’t an accusation, it’s your business, after all.

        And I stand by my commentary.

      • BE

        And, Fish, bear in mind that I have defended your right to post anything on your blog…when everyone has been whining about your choices.

        If your blog is financially successful, more power to you.

      • rantatonne

        This is essentially just adding to where i may not be needed or welcomed, but BE, when you say, “And, by the way, the fact that I’m female is where we hit the great divide in that we don’t think alike and probably never will (Thank you, God). Women don’t relate to the one upmanship that guys live and breathe…” and follow that on commentary on how guys think it brings up a pet peeve i have in discussions and debates.

        Someone says I am A you are B. A and B will never see things the same. Then person A starts explaining things about how person B thinks.

        If as a woman you can never think like a man and vice-versa then how can you dissect how men think? it is possible you were making the statements as observation, but this reasoning along with the “if you’ve never been… then you can’t speak about…” essentially nullifies any conversation. As we all do think somewhat different and can never really experience the things the people we talk to have.

      • rantatonne, you’re always welcome, but in furtherance of your observation, you might want to reread BE’s declaration that claims women don’t relate to one-upsmanship, then look at her sad attempts to one-up Fish. Hypocrisy isn’t confined to religion for some people.

      • BE

        Actually rantatonne, I’ve been the only woman in a male dominated career field most of my life. I initially bought the concept that men and women think alike. After examining the callous on my forehead from beating my head against THAT wall, it dawned on me the reasoning is quite different. It is possible to have two types of logic that are both valid. So I started changing how I presented things and did pretty well in my career. I didn’t say they CAN’T think the same. But, men often don’t bother with such stuff as they’re the majority and are wired to play one upmanship – especially in the workplace. Guys have more motivation to think like women in their personal relationships and, heaven knows, I spent a lot of time discussing what the wives of my coworkers might be thinking.

        Women have a different priority set (I’m generalizing) just on that. We occasionally DO get in the game, but we don’t identify with it like guys. Speaking for myself, I played because I had to but generally didn’t enjoy it. I still don’t understand how making someone else feel bad is to your credit OR makes someone feel good being the bad guy. It merely makes you the biggest ass in the room IMHO. So, apparently, I never will.

        As for justifiable, I was actually trying to get him to step back and put some perspective on where he puts his energy. And it zoomed right over because he’s all set to argue and won’t be denied that vent. Didn’t bother to read it, it’s just more of the same, arguing for the sake of arguing.

        FYI – I usually let the hothead male coworkers blow their stacks until they were worn out and then say, “ready to solve the problem now?” Because it was work and I was NOT their wife, mother or girlfriend. That’s not an air of superiority, it’s sheer practicality and born out of necessity.

        Baiting justifiable is like shooting fish in a barrel – it WILL occupy your time, but it’s too easy. That’s what I was alluding to when Fish chimed in thinking I was knocking his site.

        I’ve seen quite a few justifiable’s over the years. The guys at work had tons of fun with them. I’m “not full of myself” – simply somewhat older and more experienced. Jumping for every piece of bait that’s tossed your way ensures you will surely have a hard life. It’s not very rational behavior either. Just saying.

        And honestly, I’m not totally convinced justifiable is even an adult – I’d guess he’s actually fifteen – but we’ll never know – but it fits his level of projected misery. If he actually IS an adult, I hope he has the chops for the choices he makes. (If he worked for me, I may have fired him by now, can you imagine him in the workplace?)

        The only reason I ended up out here except for my usual skim was that I was stuck on the couch for a couple of weeks recovering from a bug. Today, I’ve been zipping in and out while I do stuff. I think that old description “what a tempest in a tea pot” would be fitting.

        I think way back I mentioned that coming to this site reminded me of when I worked with all men, and I’ve commented that to the women who’ve come in and been horrified by some of what’s said here. Me, I take it with a large grain of salt.

        So now you know, and I’m back to work over here.

      • Let me amend my earlier description to: enrobed in a thick layer of crap, covered in salt. And still lacking in credibility.

      • CranAppleSnapple

        BE, you’re really making a fool of yourself. You simply failed to win an argument again – no one believes your new assertion that you were simply baiting people.
        Take your own advice and dial it back.
        And awesome how you ignored all the brilliant factual points Justifiable and Fish made. As per usual.

      • Nothing like having the Fish eat your entire lunch for you, then spending the rest of the day trying to convince everyone you cleaned your plate all by yourself. And…um… if Fish did eat your lunch, you actually planned it that way. Yes.

      • Absolutely stunning, BE – once again, one of the most transparent and catastrophic attempts at “see, I’m really not wrong, that means I’m actually right” spin I’ve ever seen. Flail and misdirect much? Seriously, learn to fucking read, it’s getting embarassing for you. As I said before, I don’t need to use wiki for any theological topic, I have quite a substantial library of my own to fall back on. But if you keep insisting your erroneous statement that documents weren’t burned post-Nicean Council is correct by claiming everyone else is wrong, there’s a nice contemporary illustration depicting that destruction on wiki, so good luck spinning that. As for now claiming you’re one of Fish’s staunchest defenders and that what you meant was…uh…something else…so that your demonstrably made-up statistics somehow have validity, it’s just more of the same. Mind-blowing. And you stand by your commentary! How Horatius-like of you! Too bad that when you strike that righteous attitude you’re really covered from head to toe in your own bullshit rather than some imagined form of glory. But since once again you’ve proved yourself to be an arch-ass when caught with your pants down and your foot embedded in your mouth, I suppose the very least we can say about you is that you’re consistent.
        Crap-covored and utterly lacking in credibility, but consistent.

        Fish, you’ll need to buy a fucking brewery to wash this one down.

        P.S. A word of advice (which I’m sure you’ll be too full of yourself , what with your busy golfing and sitting around feeling to sorry for us schedule to be able to take, but what the hell) your smugness in assuming you know the gender of anyone who posts on net will come around to bite you in the ass at some point in the future – count on it. When it does, I hope you remember that I warned you that only a glib and arrogant fool would attempt to psychoanalyze people they never met. Good luck spinning thatin future, cupcake.

      • TomFrank, I take it all back, you have great taste in shoes if this is what you meant. I swear that the earlier link you posted was for East German-made recycled rubber ballet slippers.

      • I posted something this morning after Fish’s response here, but it never showed up. I tried again just now…still nothing. I swear the spam filter hates me. Why, because I suggested that “trusted commenters” thing? Oh, spam filter. Don’t take it personally.

        Anyway, justy, glad you liked the shoes.

      • TomFrank, all the better to kick BE’s ass around the block with!

      • BE

        Once again, not bothering/wasting my time to read you.

        Whatever. Yawn.

      • CranAppleSnapple

        You came back to tell them that? That you would not be wasting your time reading them? Is it possibly a waste of time to do THAT? How about typing out the word *yawn*? Oy.

      • CranApple, it’s sort of like calling someone up every half hour to tell them you’re giving them the silent treatment. What can I say? I’m truly cut to the quick with a sense of….underwhelming.

        Tell me again, BE, what was that part about how you, as a woman, can’t relate to the totally “male” trait of one upsmanship? I think what you might mean is that you’re demonstrably sucky at it on an individual basis – trying to spin your failures and colossal ineptitudes into some sort of feminine virtue doesn’t do women who are successful any favors.

      • BE

        Actually CranAppleSnapple, what that means, in the practical sense, is that I’m still here butt whenever I see justifiable’s header, I go past it. Couldn’t help but see the BE at the beginning of another LONG rant.

        You, I still read.

        That’s the lovely thing about blogs, you can skip past whatever you consider irrelevant. Make no mistake, if I cared enough to jerk him around, I’d be doing it. There is certainly plenty of easy ammo that would get his panties in a twist. But, I have stuff that’s more important to me – that’s the divide I mentioned. Obviously our priorities are different. He thinks this is worth the effort, I don’t

        I care not at all if this answer to you is sends him off on yet another tangent. Possibly any comment I make from here will do that also but I’ll still comment. That’s probably not detailed enough of an explanation for some, but I have work to do. Sorry. I’ve tried explaining that I have limited time for this and I while may tap something like this out at lunch for hoots and giggles – after a game or two on another site. If it’s not clear enough or you misunderstand me or read more into it – oh well. I’m here to see what Fish posts – he summarizes all the entertainment sites and occasionally gives us John Hamm.

        So, back to work. And that is the last time I’m explaining it at least, this month…

    • Ugh

      How would it have made any sense to start ranting about Muslims in this post? This is specifically about someone hypocritically and cynically using Christianity– what? Was Superfish supposed to say, “Yeah she did this, but, you know MUSLIMS! Amirite?!”

      • Schmidtler

        no, the point is, fish avoids posting stories that would lend themselves to presenting a balanced point of view – ie: only Christian hypocrites are taunted and mocked, never muslims. yeah, I get it that the USA is only a tiny minority of muslims, but avoiding any criticism of any religion other than Christians is glaringly obvious here, and it is cowardly to pick on the people who won’t call for your murder if they’re insulted. Now, until there are ass shots of Kate Hudson in a thong, I call for a fatwa against Fish!!!

      • “it is cowardly to pick on the people who won’t call for your murder if they’re insulted.”

        You know, if you’re gonna try to rewrite what I wrote a week ago, please don’t be so motherfucking bad at it. You obviously failed to grasp the concept, and it shows.

        I should hope anyone wouldn’t call for anyone’s murder if criticized or even “insulted” – but the fact that they don’t is not some special virtue only held by Christians. You might want to avoid that one in future since Christians are guilty of, and are convicted of, murder all the damn time, and the “No True Scotsman” already has it covered. The fact that you put their constraint of not calling for anyone’s murder when insulted down to their adherence to Christianity does not actually make them more virtuous, nor does it make that criticism “cowardly” in the face of such pseudo-forebearance, nor does it somehow make them deserving of some sort of martyr status.
        Seriously, what sort of fuckwit are you to think this is a valid argument? Look, if you can’t afford a thought process prior to posting here, rent one – because you’re not doing Christianity any favors when you hit “submit”.

        Here’s the thing: Jews don’t prosletyze, and Buddhists…well, I don’t know what the fuck Buddhists are up this minute to to get you to behave the way they want you to, but it obviously doesn’t involve trying to insert their doctrine into legislature, schools, medical procedures or any of the other venues that evangelical Christianity is intent on rolling into and over like some sort of revivalist Sherman tank. So yes, they will be mocked until they keep their religion to themselves or within their church, and off of everyone else’s rights and out of their private lives. It is not “cowardly” to point out what they’re doing to get around the First Amendment and through the wall between Church and State, since this is not a theocracy where religion has special privileges and entitlements and immunity from criticism, but a secular democratic republic. Is that clear enough?

  9. Ben Dover


  10. Felonious Monkey

    How is it that an innocent 17-year old kid gets shot while walking back from a store carrying candy and iced tea and this CUNT walks free among the living?

  11. Lunch

    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
    And sometimes it is just a cigar attached to a baby killer.

  12. Roman

    Pastors participate in waterboarding?

  13. Javier Blordum

    Maybe she can get a job at planned parenthood.

  14. Eddie Baby

    Christianity is not some exclusive club. It’s open to everyone including the lowliest of the low on the off hand chance that they will see the errors of their ways. Sorry if that makes us look like suckers to you kewl people.

    Salvation and redemption are kind of the point of Christianity to begin with, but that never excuses the horrible things someone had done.

    • rantatonne

      Redemption by definition is no longer being weighed down by the sins of the past. By law she has been found lacking of even a need to be excused of infanticide, though to a large part of the public she is guilty and they have accordingly not excused her.

      If she did it and is truly repentant and ready to accept Jesus, then at her baptism would she not be excused for past actions by the highest court there is?

    • That’s one thing that always rubbed me the wrong way about the whole “salvation” thing. People always say that it doesn’t excuse the actions…but it effectively does, at least from the perspective of believers. Additionally it’s more or less a “get of of jail free” card from a spiritual point of view. It requires no effort on the part of the offender and no reparations to the victim. All that’s required is remorse and accepting the space zombie as your lord and savior (read: the guy who gets you out of your responsibilities).

      That leads to the whole problem with sin as a concept. Sins are offenses to god, not other people. So when you “sin” pretty much every denomination of Christianity I’ve seen requires you to redress the wrong you’ve done to god, not the REAL wrong you’ve done to someone else. Sure, some groups advocate seeking out those you’ve wronged, but I’ve never seen one that required it, and the vast majority never really bring it up. In general you either go to some form of confession (public or private), you pray to god for forgiveness, and/or some preacher slaps you with the Holy Spirit ™.

  15. I can’t. I just can’t. I hate her face.

  16. This is typical of Christians. Catholics seem to be the worst. “Oh, I’ll go to confession, that will make my whoreness look right in the light of God! FUCKING HYPOCRITES

    • harry dump

      No, it isn’t. It is typical of scoundrels who want to take cover. A true Christian wouldn’t have done what she did in the first place.

      Your inane comment is typical of feeble-minded dolts who go around parroting hackneyed notions of religious people while posturing as somehow intelligent.

  17. sooooooosuperficial

    Even the Pope likes tits.

  18. Asper

    I don’t get the hate for her… Babies are overrated.

  19. EricLr

    Jeez, will you guys get off her case? I mean, we’ve all been there.

  20. Hey, I just noticed that ducklips don’t look as stupid when they’re wrapped around something long and cylindrical.

    But, yeah, I noticed the tits first. (Please don’t hate me.)

  21. cc

    What matters most is whether Nancy Grace will forgive her.

  22. It seems that running to the church is only the sign of a guilty conscience these days. Couldn’t you have found god before you fucked up? God seems to only be around when people are at the lowest points in their lives.

    God doesn’t exist, but if he did even he can’t absolve you of the responsibilty of your actions. If she really did what she was acussed of, then she will have to bear it and suffer for the rest of her life.

  23. lolz

    I hope this cunt finds justice some day… She could have given Caylee to her family… I saw photos of Casey as a child- gave me a chill. She is a bad seed.

  24. The Royal Penis

    Fill the baptismal with muriatic acid.

  25. What a fool believes…

  26. Gauntsmug

    Dumbest. Cunt. Ever.

  27. prissy

    I didn’t know Jesus was lost

  28. Justin

    Get past it, people. Who cares?

    All that happened is that some worthless little kid died. Who cares who did or didn’t do it? In actuality, the whole story is irrelevant and insignificant. She is dead, she will always be dead, and her mom was found not guilty. GO ON WITH YOUR LIFE!

    You think that the mom was actually guilty? Fine, think that all you want. It still dosen’t matter one damn bit. It’s one dead kid, you stupid dumbasses.

    Somewhere, an innocent kid died yesterday.
    Somewhere, an innocent kid died today
    SPOILER: somewhere, an innocent kid will die tomorrow.

    GROW UP!

    • Loserbeater

      You are truly a worthless piece of shit. Your humanity is breathtaking. Go jump off a bridge and rid the human race of your cynical, disgusting viewpoint on children.

  29. Justin

    (Though, even I have to laugh at me telling people to “grow up” when I’m talking about a situation where the kids won’t have a chance to grow up themselves. Heh)

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