Carmen Electra still attractive – ish

February 27th, 2009 // 100 Comments

Carmen Electra hosted the Chelsea Girls concert at the Roxy last night and she’s not going down easily. – - Poor of choice of words. My bad. Anyway, I don’t want to say Carmen’s looking a bit rough, but would anyone be surprised if she popped up on the next season of Rock of Love with Bret Michaels? And if that sounds a little harsh, let me preface it by saying I’m pretty sure she’ll end up in the final five. Maybe.


  1. Walter

    I’d do her.

  2. BF Goodrich

    That tire’s been re-treaded one too many times…

  3. Darth


  4. Darth


  5. so2315

    That last picture, is that her new boyfriend?

  6. pot

    She’d be good for some fun porn star style sex. Work every input, deep and hard.

    Remember, Prince gave her name. She puts the K in KinK.

  7. dude

    I’ll take worthless whores for 800, Alex.

  8. dude

    I’ll take worthless whores for 800, Alex.

  9. LGWS

    I agree with Walter.

    She’s still hot.

  10. Hef

    I’d pump every hole in her body, but I wouldn’t want to marry her. She’d be great for a few wild nights, that’s it. After Prince, Rodman, Navarro, etc., she is used up. And now she is looking worn out like Pammy Anderson.

  11. Deacon Jones

    I could have all kinds of fun with this girl.

    You know that kind of girl, fellas, that eagerly does anything you ask and gets off on it – dress up, role playing, etc.

    I guarantee she’s a freak

  12. b

    I would lick her asshole.

  13. Brandon

    Sure, she’s not looking as good as she used to, but she’s still damn hot and I would definitely let her work out on my pole.

  14. g_girl

    backfat, anyone?

  15. asdf fucker

    that aint her fuckin bf in the last pic thats metal god lemmy, your a moron! congrats! =)

  16. Dirk

    Please forward these photos to Megan Fox so she can look into her future

  17. g_girl

    darth, why are you such a douche all the time? look at yourself, idiot.

  18. Valerie

    12 A REAL man! :D

    She’s still great looking, but not as skinny (no big deal, but as a celeb, she’ll hear about it!) and she’s tryin’ too hard–it’s the shitty-ass stockings that ruin it. I agree with 10, and if I were her, I’d try to tone it down–she’s seeming kinda desperate to be sexy. Seriously, she’s good looking enough to be sexy without getting into the trashy zone. I think it’s just the stockings. Yep.

  19. She’s still sexy but she’s no Pam!

  20. Ed Castillo

    Compared to the hotness of Maria Shriver, Pamela Anderson and Lisa Rina today… Carmen is a fuglioscious.

  21. John

    To respond to # 12, I for one would totally not lick her a–hole. I’m baffled that anyone would want to lick an a–hole. Do you also eat your own s—? Do you think it’s yummy?

  22. Jim

    Shes still hot. Superficial writer would give up his collection of anime tapes to sniff her hair, I dont care what he says.

  23. Michael

    I’d do her many times over. She’s still f***in’ hot!

  24. Avril Lavigne

    She’s like, so “whatever”.

  25. Yea - blah blah

    @ 5 – thats Lemmy from Motorhead – geez the guy has probably already HAD that.

    Id hit it – shes getting a little thicker but nothing some stripper-o-bics cant get rid of after a few nights on the pole.

  26. @19 thank god she is no Pam. Pam is one fur coat away from going back to a double wide.

  27. Alice

    Rough? She’s gorgeous!

  28. Alice

    Rough? She’s gorgeous!

  29. Mike

    She has back fat!!!!!!!! WTF is going on with her?? She looks like some broke ass stripper..nice. I know that normal people gain weight as they age but I think that it’s totally unacceptable for famous people to do so. They are paid for how they look so fucking look normal…jesus. These people have no fucking excuse either. They have more than enough $$ to spring for a personal trainer, live in chef, makeup artists..ect. Their job is to look good. Someone fire this bitch

  30. realistic guy

    No doubt about it… she is still VERY HOT anyone who says otherwise is either a woman or gay!

  31. Lowlands

    You just went through the eye of the needle this time.You’re one lucky bitch.There’re plenty of other big socializing sites out there to train your skills:)

  32. AIrMail

    She is very attractive, but needs to dress better.

  33. Valerie

    21 There are many reasons why people might want to lick assholes. One reason: perhaps they find something naughtily alluring at putting one’s mouth on one’s anus, because of the degree of taboo-ness. You may be totally Vanilla; let me inform you that MANY, MANY people have fetishes. Perhaps “b” is an ass fetishist. Give him that. Or perhaps “b” is trying to emphasize his attraction to Carmen Electra, and is not necessarily being literal, here. I think it might be the latter. I’ve given ONE Rusty Trombone in my life, and it was only because me and the then-boyfriend figured neither of us had done it before, and we might was well check it off because we considered ourselves freaks like that. He had just showered; it wasn’t bad at all. Did I like it? Not really, but he had at least trimmed and was totally clean. Open you mind a little. HAHA! Vanilla…..

  34. Frank N. Stein

    Didn’t she need to be tightened up before her marriage to Navarro on account of Rodman’s girth?

  35. Zack

    Well at least he didn’t turn around and give you a strawberry shortcake at the last minute.

  36. Valerie

    Zack, we’re freaks, we’re not nasty! : P

  37. Funeral Guy

    What is it with these no talent fame whores? This broad is going to be 37 next month. Get off the stage. Find some rich douche. Get married. Have a few kids and be done with it. When all you have is your looks your window is small. Carmen, your window is about to close.

  38. Lowlands

    Again,don’t do this ever again on a site i’m on sweetie.The rest i don’t mind:) And if i want to take a puppy then i take a puppy.I’m only human as well.

  39. Elk

    You don’t think Carman Electra is hot anymore, what? Really seriously are you gay? Because you have to be ether gay or blind to say something like that.

  40. Lowlands

    Wtf has this to do with gays? Are you gay obsessed or something?

  41. Lowlands

    If she behaves then Carman Electra is pretty hot!

  42. I would definitely want to see Carmen on the Bachelorette, even though I think she is engaged. No more of these loser wannabees on reality teevee.

  43. Janesaw Massacre

    by the look of her ridden hard put away wet face she’s been doing speed off of Lemmy’s dick all night long.

  44. anonymous

    Sorry the only thing I ever thought she had was pretty eyes. Everything else is nothing but a no talent looking skank!

  45. Kodos

    I’d hit it. Though I might need to bag a couple of rubbers on my junk to protect against the various strains of herpes.

    Lemmy sure is looking “rough”. Then he always did. Those warts on his face are rapidly approaching Carmen’s breast size.

  46. sissy

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  47. rebecca

    ugh! that outfit is way too tight and that back fat makes her look horrible!!! She’s getting pretty outta shape,I think she needs to work some of that fat off…………. i guess other than that trashy out fit and back fat she’s pretty hot

  48. kingofbeer

    I bet she’s fun in bed :)

  49. Lowlands

    She’s totally hot! Love that little bit extra babyfat:)

  50. Yank and wank they rhyme for a reason

    Why does she have t dress that way? It’s so tasteless and desperate looking, she’d be attractive otherwise.

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