Cameron Diaz forgets her bra

April 18th, 2007 // 139 Comments

Cameron Diaz was spotted in Hollywood without her bra on, which might be a bigger deal if she actually had breasts. Although she’s looking pretty good for somebody whose mouth was once classified by NASA to be “Super Really Gigantic.” Yeah, I’m pretty sure that was the scientifiic term they used.

NOTE: Remember when Cameron Diaz used to look like this? Ahh those were good times. And by good times I mean I spent my nights clutching my pillow in fear, afraid she would come through my window and eat me.

cameron-diaz-no-bra-gym-01-thumb.jpg cameron-diaz-no-bra-gym-02-thumb.jpg cameron-diaz-no-bra-gym-03-thumb.jpg cameron-diaz-no-bra-gym-06-thumb.jpg cameron-diaz-no-bra-gym-09-thumb.jpg cameron-diaz-no-bra-gym-11-thumb.jpg cameron-diaz-no-bra-gym-12-thumb.jpg cameron-diaz-no-bra-gym-13-thumb.jpg


  1. durtyj


  2. AreYouSerious?!?!

    She is Super Really AWESOME! Big Hearts for CD!

  3. She left her brain with her bra.

    Three scathing posts in a row.
    Way to go out and get those ripe stories Superficial.

  4. NicotineEyePatch

    Britney’s high, Paris is a slut, slow news day.

  5. Bugman4045

    I like the puffy right nip more than the stiff left nip.
    But that blotchy face, Eww!

  6. MelodyD

    She doesn’t need a bra …. she could walk out her house wearing undies and she’d blend in.

  7. I still have no idea what happened to the breasts she had in “The Mask” — it has always haunted me to the depths of my soul that my 8th grade self was pausing that VHS cassette to pleasure himself to gorgeous breasts that weren’t really there … the horror … the horror …

  8. Jimbo

    It should read “Cameron forgets her bandaids” SHe has no tits to put a bra on. If you pushed both of her tits together, you sitll could not make one good one. When Cameron and Clista have a sleep over the swap bandaides. Is this as good as it gets today?

  9. After everything I have seen from our celebrity friends (vaginas, sex tapes, etc), this ain’t no thang.

  10. wedgeone

    So after checking out the pics in the good lighting (not the shadowy ones), I must say that this is the best that she’s looked in quite a while!

    I would add to #8 – did she get breast reduction surgery at some point, or was she wearing the “Paris Hilton Miracle Bra” in “The Mask”? Cuz’ she was HAWT in that flick!

  11. alexandra82

    Actually number #8 she did have very large breasts in The Mask I just watched that movie the other day. The difference between then and now is she was also about 20 pounds heavier. She used to have very nice womanly curves now she is getting really scrawny. Look at her collar bones. I think the problem is the hollywood people don’t get is when you have no fat on you it ages you alot faster. So these women who are in their early 30″s end up lookin glike they are in their forties and they don’t know any better.

  12. Just in case anybody forgot how hot this woman used to be before she started starving herself to death…

  13. wedgeone

    Must agree with you #12 & 13 – that side profile photo shows her anorexic side. Strikingly similar to Calista Flockhart, yes?

  14. Ayn Al-Kreempaye

    she looks like she was hit with 2 small-caliber bullets. if only that were true. maybe there’s an international student nearby – don’t koreans prey on dogs?

  15. p0nk

    meth is a cruel bitch.

  16. Have you ever noticed hold 99% of the celeb pictures during the day have a cup of starbucks coffee somewhere in them ?

  17. elf

    i like her, but wow she is SUPER skinny! she doesnt have a gram of fat on her…

  18. chaunceygardner

    How the fuck did that thing ever get famous? She looks like a goddamn Psychlo.

  19. wedgeone

    I’m outta here before stupid ass Wally trolls me with more inane and humorless banter.

  20. Juliabella

    She’s hot. Anybody can see that. Well, maybe not the gay guys who visit celeb sites hoping to win a scratch-and-sniff card of John Travolta’s butthole.

  21. iamsosmrt

    boring and old

  22. wedgeone

    Plus my dad says it’s time to play heiny hide and seek, so I gotta grease up & go.

  23. rtnmac

    I figured it out. The hole in the Ozone??? Its directly over So. Cal. That would explain Diaz, Jenna, and all those other previously semi-attractive breast-carriers into leatherfaced-she men who are all competing in the “Women Who Look Like George Hamilton” contest.

  24. all you need is a handful, yo

  25. FRIST!!!

    I’m hungry.

  26. rrd

    I think her perky little breasts look sexy

  27. I bet she could suck a lot of dicks at once with that yapper.

  28. Liverpool FC

    I’d suck those tits dry and pound her relentlessly.

  29. wurd 25. And I think CD is pretty….

  30. Fishstick

    She needs a sammich….mmmm sammich.

  31. bungoone

    i woudln’t consider her nicole richie thin. i think she works out alot & is in shape. there’s a difference, however, some people do take it over the top with the workouts.

  32. Fishstick

    can i have candy bars for lunch?

  33. Shanipie

    Okay are yall freakin retarded?

    Anyone can look as “hot” as Cameron Diaz with a good makeup artist…seriously. Her face is busted.

    Yeah I thought she was pretty hot in “The Mask” days But honestly, anyone who is sexually attracted to her face…is a fag cuz she looks like a man.

  34. iamsosmrt

    There are tons of nude pictures of her from before she was really famous and she NEVER had big boobs. In the mask she was a little more youthful all over but her boobs were about the same size then she just had a Paris Hilton push up padded bra on. Again people trust your hands not your eyes.
    Hollywood is the land of special effects.

  35. jrzmommy♠

    My “So-What-ometer” just exploded.

  36. FRIST!!!

    33…why not? I’m having chips…

  37. kamihi

    she is far too skinny, eat Cameron EAT damn you! She’s too wrinkly to get away with being that thin.

  38. D'arcy

    These pictures are so fucking boring. I’d rather watch a homeless person dig through garbage cans than stare at Cameron Diaz in her lousy grey shirt and shapeless jeans, strolling down some random street.

  39. iamsosmrt

    At least when they’re on the small side they stay perkier, at Cam’s age Jessica Simpson’s booboo’s will get stuck in her zipper (a la There’s Something About Mary) OUCH!

  40. Fishstick

    #37: I will give you a milky way for a chip.

  41. Soh!B

    So, I just started with a new personal trainer, and he said he’d have me looking like Cameron Diaz in no time. Is that a GOOD thing???

  42. veggi

    I burned my microwavable cheese manicotti *sniffle*

  43. Fishstick

    #42: is he planning on throwing acid on your face?

  44. FRIST!!!

    43…I hate when that happens!!!

  45. Whatever happened to the days (I think they were called, “the 1990s”) when skinny, flat-chested chicks were green with envy for curvy, feminine chicks with huge cans? Can we keep boobs on a famous chick for more than like 6-8 months? Jesus. I don’t ask for much …

  46. Shanipie

    #44 Your my new best friend

  47. Shanipie

    She must go to Ray Liotta’s dermatologist or something

  48. Fishstick

    Those eyes of hers always looked empty to me, like she was planning on eating my soul with some fava beans and a nice chianti….

  49. Lowlands

    Ugh,this hurt my eyes.

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