BREAKING: Cameron Diaz Can Look Worse

January 17th, 2012 // 74 Comments

Probably because the photographer who shot these spent most of the day praying in Latin to revive his dead penis, it took until late yesterday for these pics of Cameron Diaz in all her man-armed, bleached-death splendor at Harvey Weinstein’s Golden Globes after-party to What the fucking hell? their way across my desk. From there it was another 12 hours until I realized this wasn’t Rutger Hauer on chemo, so I bet you had no idea this post would be a whimsical adventure of the mind. I’ll surprise you like that.

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  1. Cameron Diaz
    Commented on this photo:

    i think she looks ok. but why isn’t there any one else in the room with her??

  2. Venom

    From Justin Timberlake to A Rod to Diddy, this chick has the worst taste in men. I guess with a face like that you can’t be too picky.

  3. cc

    I don’t like what Eric Roberts did with this hair.

  4. Dr.Strangelove

    My theory is correct! Broads who have big features get worse when they age. In this case Diaz had a huge flapping head and joker mouth…so as she gets old she will look like hell. Someone with balanced features like Liz Hurley will age much better. I have another theory about why black penis is sooo big its because black ass is too and if you do it doggie style they need the extra. Asians however are tiny and have tiny asses….etc etc.

  5. Chupacabra

    Cameron and I are exactly the same age, but I look about 10 years younger than her right now.
    That is some sun damage, maybe not enough fat and laziness in the diet since she has to stay in shape for work… but it is a little “too” in shape. I mean, look at Cortney Cox – she’s still pretty and very skinny. This can’t all be sun damage. Maybe she’s just getting ug as she gets older? Steroids? It’s the roids. Roids and sun.

  6. brainstorm

    this is what cancer sticks are doing to people

    • browny

      she smokes? ugh, i had no idea. it would explain her inexplicable fugliness after a youth of beauty. sun, ciggies, too much exercise and not enough fat in her diet, i reckon. also, maybe this is just what she looks like now? botox, fillers have done no good. in fact, she looks overdone in that department.

  7. Cameron Diaz
    Commented on this photo:

    Having seen Hauer in his recent movies, I can safely say that even when playing a hostage who has been locked up in a cold shack for a month, he still looks better than this. And he looked horrible :D

  8. T-800

    She did not age well. So sad. She was hot a decade ago. Now she looks like a man. She needs to stop working out and put on 10 lbs. That would help. Maybe.

  9. CranAppleSnapple

    Cammy, my 85 year old granma had less lines than you, and that hair suited her better.

  10. AmberB

    Alot of white people age horribly. Cameron diaz is a classic example. At 16 they look 23, at 30 they look 40.

  11. Denise

    These comments are so misogynistic. I don’t know how the women reading them can NOT get depressed by reading this stuff.

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