Caitlyn Jenner Can’t Believe Ted Cruz Hasn’t Reached Out Yet

The look of shock never left her face…

Earlier in the month, Caitlyn Jenner all but endorsed Ted Cruz, which ended with her quickly being sent up shit creek because Ted Cruz sits atop a Tea Party throne that won’t stop until the government’s burnt down and replaced with the King James and a handgun. And Caitlyn Jenner knew all that, yet somehow she’s shocked, just shocked, that the Cruz campaign hasn’t at least reached out to her. E! News reports:

“I never said that I endorsed Ted Cruz,” she explains. “I said I like him. He is a constitutionalist and I think we have to get our country back to something like that.”
She also adds, “Out of all the candidates, I also feel that as far as the LGBT community, he would probably be the worst and need the most help… If that is the case, I would be at his front door. Have they contacted me? No — which I was kind of surprised.”

Yes, how surprising that a political candidate whose evangelical base thinks you were built by Obama in a lab to pussy up their sons hasn’t reached out and asked you to make their campaign more trans-friendly while trying to win southern states. It’s almost like Ted Cruz doesn’t know you’re on TV. That’s probably it.

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Photo: AKM-GSI