Burt Reynolds Said Charlie Sheen Deserves HIV

“Paul Walker? Drove like an asshole. Next question.”

Burt Reynolds went on a British talk show where they asked him about Charlie Sheen’s HIV, because clearly the 79-year-old actor is an integral part of the Adonis wizard’s medical team. His answer is drawing the outrage of people everywhere who I guess think recklessly sticking your dick in the riskiest sex holes on the planet shouldn’t be met with obvious consequences. Via Us Weekly:

When one of the show’s hosts pressed the matter, asking if Reynolds really had no sympathy for Charlie, 50, he replied, “For Charlie? No. He deserves it. He misbehaved badly, very badly. But you know, when you’re that age, it’s tough. All those things are coming at you, and it’s difficult.“

I’m 34 and I remember injuring myself in all kinds of stupid ways, especially ways I’d specifically been warned against like “Don’t jump off the roof of the shed,” or “Don’t touch your father’s tools.” And when I was found on the lawn screaming with a broken arm or bleeding from a hacksaw gash, I was met with compassion, of course, but also a “See what happens when you don’t listen?” Now, my parents are younger than Burt Reynolds and they still have that school of hard knocks mentality, so when he said “He deserves it,” it probably came from that same place of “You were told not to stick your penis in the sewer. Now it has sewage all over it. What did we learn?”

I’d also be 100% willing to believe Burt Reynolds thinks you can get rid of HIV by throwing a wad of cash at a doctor, so let’s just call this what it is. Burt Reynolds gave the same shrug and “Duh.” response as the rest of the world only he did it like an old, white shithead. Let’s just be glad he didn’t blame the HIV epidemic on Muslims or else he’d probably be a front-runner for the presidency and we’d be watching his dangerously simplistic worldview get celebrated by dumbfucks as “striking a chord” instead of  “Grandpa skipped his nap again.”

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