Bryce Dallas Howard Gained 35 Pounds Just For ‘Black Mirror’

Full Disclosure: If you’ve seen the top image, then you already know this post really isn’t about Bryce Dallas Howard’s method acting. Haha! Not even close. But if you’d like it to be, I can do that for you. Page Six reports:

Bryce Dallas Howard is prepping to shoot a “Jurassic World” sequel next month and looking to shed some weight before battling the dinosaurs.
“I am doing a lot of training for it because I gained 35 pounds for ‘Black Mirror,’ ” the slim-looking actress told us at a premiere for her movie “Gold” on Tuesday. “So I am just getting ready to be a bit more athletic.”

Even more disclosures: 1. I had no idea people were going method for shows now. Maybe don’t let Jared Leto know about that. 2. I still haven’t seen Bryce’s Black Mirror episode that everyone’s raving about because I honestly bounced after the first season. I already have a bleak enough view of the future. I don’t need to know how my phone is going to hack into my eyes and make me relive how badly I was at the four sexual encounters in my life. (I’m obviously lying. It was negative three.) At any rate, this seems like more than enough words to make it seem like this post wasn’t just about hypnotically pale cleavage.

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