Bryan Singer Accused of Raping, Drugging Teen Boy

April 17th, 2014 // 60 Comments
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Corey Feldman Warned Us
Corey Feldman
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Poor little lad in his velvet coat. So innocent, so naive.

Just some background, in 1997, director Bryan Singer was accused, but unsuccessfully sued, by two 14-year-old extras of being filmed naked during a shower scene in Apt Pupil that was more for Bryan Singer than the movie, if you know what I mean. Which is why this latest lawsuit probably shouldn’t come as a surprise even though it’s perfectly timed a month before the release of X-Men: Days of Future Past and a few days before Easter when not a damn thing is going on. Not that that makes it suspect. I’m merely pointing out how well-played it is and even agreeing that it seems completely plausible because Corey Feldman told us this exact thing was happening, but we all just assumed he meant Michael Jackson because there was no way he wasn’t talking about Michael Jackson. The Wrap reports:

Approximately 2-3 months after [convicted sex offender Marc] Collins-Rector began sexually abusing Plaintiff, Defendant Singer was socializing with Collins-Rector around the estate’s swimming pool and Plaintiff was in the pool. In compliance with the “rules” imposed by Collins-Rector that people in the pool area were not allowed to wear clothes, Plaintiff was nude as was Defendant Singer.
Collins-Rector ordered Plaintiff out of the pool, and Defendant Singer hugged Plaintiff and grabbed his bare buttocks. They then went to the jacuzzi where Collins-Rector had Plaintiff sit on his lap and fondled Plaintiff’s genitals. Collins-Rector then passed Plaintiff to Defendant Singer and Plaintiff was made to sit on Defendant Singer’s lap.
Defendant Singer provided an alcoholic beverage to Plaintiff and mentioned finding a role for him in an upcoming movie that he was directing. Defendant Singer told Plaintiff how “this group” controls Hollywood, and that he was sexy. Defendant Singer masturbated Plaintiff and then performed oral sex upon him. Defendant Singer solicited Plaintiff to perform oral sex upon him which Plaintiff resisted.
Defendant Singer flagrantly disregarded Plaintiff’s unwillingness to submit, and forced Plaintiff’s head underwater to make Plaintiff perform oral sex upon him. When Plaintiff pulled his head out of the water in order to breathe, Defendant Singer demanded that he continue which Plaintiff refused. Defendant Singer then forced Plaintiff to continue performing oral sex upon him outside of the pool, and subsequently forcibly sodomized Plaintiff.

Bryan Singer’s attorney is naturally calling the allegations “defamatory” and “completely without merit,” yet suspiciously hasn’t denied there’s a magic compass in his client’s pocket that points him in the direction of the closest naked boy pool fuck party. The legends are true…

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  1. Hugh G. Rection

    It wasn’t his fault. It was the bitch ex-wife. Oh wait, that was somebody else.

  2. Who knows if this actually happened but I find it odd that these types of accusations always come out “coincidentally” when the accused is having a significant professional event.

    • Swearin

      It was going to come out before Jack the Giant Slayer, but everyone quickly realized that movie wouldn’t need bad press to help it fail.

      And now that I’m thinking about this, Singer has been putting Nicholas Hoult into a bunch of his movies…Hugh Jackman too…

    • I noticed that too.

    • Juch

      If someone drugged and raped you, wouldn’t you want to hurt them back in a way that hit them personally, financially, and professionally? I don’t know why people expect assault victims to handle things quietly . . . I’d follow the guy around 24/7 with a megaphone, shouting at everyone about what he did.

      • Who said anything about “handling things quietly”? Since you don’t seem to understand my point, let’s just try and imagine the logic at work here shall we?

        “Aww man, this guy totally raped me. Let me not report it right now. Instead I’ll wait for that X-Men flick of his to come out, hope it’s a success that starts a trend of superhero movies leading him to direct a highly successfull sequel and then leave Fox to go do a Superman flick that people will be ambivalent about, and then after another couple of flicks, return to Fox to do another X-Men sequel that will be amongst the costliest and most highly anticipated films of the year. And then, THEN I’ll report it. Right after the last trailer hits. Mwahahahahahaha!!!”

      • Brian t.

        You’re an idiot.

      • No, I’m an idiot. I’m just someone who really wonders why so many of these people claiming abuse from a famous person come out years after the fact and somehow just when the famous person in question has a big project that’s in the news. Why not bring this up 15 years ago when it happened? 10 years ago? Last year? The girl Roman Polanski raped didn’t wait for The Pianist to come out an get nominated for 7 Oscars to speak out. The time it took for Polanski to get arrested was hours. Freaking hours. Rape happened one afternoon, Polanksi arrested the next day.

      • I’ve often noticed how thoughtless rape victims can be when it comes to respecting other peoples schedules.


      • Wrong – Samantha Geimer did not “speak out” about squat. Her mother saw the topless photos Polanski had taken of her daughter that day, and only called the cops that night when she finally got Geimer, who was thirteen at the time, to reveal she’d been assaulted. Without her mother’s prompting, who knows how long it would have taken her to tell someone – if ever – is anyone’s guess.

        You know shit about shit – you really might to talk with anyone who actually works with child abuse victims sometime. Otherwise, you and Dottie Sandusky can just start a “they’re doing for the money” website.

      • No, you, sir, know shit about shit. Samantha Geimer did speak out. It’s the first thing she did upon coming home in fact. Not to her mother, agreed, but to her boyfriend. And as for your sanctimony, thanks but no thanks. I never said jack about anyone doing anything “for the money”. I asked a question, which I believe is legitimate, which you all seem to sidestep. I don’t know if Singer’s guilty or not. If he is, he deserves to go rot in jail. Either way, it won’t stop me from enjoying his movies, just like I still think The Naked Gun flicks are damn funny despite OJ being in them. But as long as you can’t explain to me why so many of these accusers just happen to regain their memory years after the alleged crime right when their supposed tormentor is in the news and not right when it happened, I will not stop being puzzled by this phenomenon.

      • Juch

        Reasons people don’t report their rape may include that they’ve been ‘groomed’ to believe they consented or are responsible; out of fear of consequences from the rapist; and, out of concern at not being believed by others (family, friends, community, internet dolts). In this case the kid had already been abused by whoever this Collins-Rector guy is, who probably groomed him in some way even before that. Then, Singer tells him of his power over his future, and he probably thought no one would believe him over Singer and the other guy. So, its not surprising it would take the guy years to get his head together and feel able to endure making accusations against a famous director. Its not like he got his iPad stolen, he got drugged and raped. Look at other cases, like accusations against churches, where it took people years to come forward; delays between the act and the accusation aren’t uncommon.

      • As long as you keep characterizing delaying in reporting sexual abuse as “just happen[ing] to regain their memory”, then you will continue to be “puzzled” – simply because that’s not what happens. It’s very common to not report sexual abuse for years, even decades later, simply because sometimes it takes just that long for victims to deal with it – is that “explanation” simple enough for you? It’s easy enough to check out, there’s more than enough documentation in court cases, sociology and psychology articles and books and autobiographies to learn that there is no “typical” victim, and because Geimer was drugged and raped and didn’t keep it a secret doesn’t mean that everyone who’s drugged and raped is a liar for not telling anyone who can report on their behalf. If Geimer’s mother hadn’t overheard her telling her boyfriend, what then? He was 17, and didn’t contact the authorities on her behalf within your time frame, so really, so much for her “speaking out” being some sort of behavioral road map for how all victims are supposed to act.

        Your inability to understand – or accept – this is a common phenomenon and not some sort of litmus test for a shakedown in court speaks to an assumption that all victims must process events in the same way, act the same way and report within an “acceptable’ time frame (i.e. “right when it happened”) for it to be believable to you is another matter – and one that makes you the “sanctimonious” one here. Either that, or someone who has little to no empathy or reading comprehension skills.

        As to your “legitimate” question, Singer works a lot, he’s extremely successful, and sometimes has two movies a year being released. So really, bringing this suit anytime in the past decade would have had skeptics posing the “why now” question. What you should be asking yourself is whether you’d be posing “legitimate” questions like this if the guy Egan were suing was a school principal, priest or Scout leader, and not the producer of X-Men Etc.

      • D-chi

        it still scares me how people feel the need to understand a rape victim’s actions before they deem their story credible.

      • “I’m just someone who really wonders why so many of these people claiming abuse from a famous person come out years after the fact and somehow just when the famous person in question has a big project that’s in the news. Why not bring this up 15 years ago when it happened? 10 years ago? Last year?”

        Do you know anyone who’s ever been through any sort of traumatic event? Were they able to deal with that event in any sort of predictable timetable or was it more likely a painful emotional roller coaster that, and here’s the key point, some may not even deal with for 10 or more years?

        People move at their own pace through things, and some people decide to ignore the thing altogether. You think people turn to drugs and alcohol because they want to cherish every day they’re alive? If you don’t get that, then you need to leave the house and meet real people again.

      • You mean it’s not just because they like the taste?

      • ?? He did report it, with his mother, to both the police and the FBI and nothing was done. That’s when he said he started drinking.

        I know of other cases where victims have gone to the police and their complaints were not acted on, and then the victim feels even more victimized and gets into drugs or alcohol or reckless behavior.. Predators often tell their victims “Who’s going to believe you? I’m powerful and you’re a troubled kid. No one’s going to believe you.” That line is out of the classic pedophile playbook.

    • Actually, the timing of the lawsuit was perfect. If these allegations are true, then Singer damaged this boy. What better way to damage the person who raped you by coming out during a hight point of the predator’s career?

      As you may recall, Anita Hill came forward AFTER Clarence Thomas was nominated for the Supreme Court.

      I have also seen cases where victims of pedophile priests come forward when they see news, fore instance, that the priest has been promoted to Bishop. The accolades by the public for the perpetrator enrages the perp’s victims. It makes perfect sense to come forward now. No one would have paid much attention to this suit if it had come out when Singer didn’t have a movie coming out. Most of the general public has never heard of Bryan Singer, but they have heard of the X-Men movies.

  3. arty

    Fisting powers UNITE!!!

  4. Gross. Him and Dan Schneider should hang out.

  5. I never underestimate the scimmuniess of Hollywood and what goes in those parties BUT this is just too suspect by this alone:

    “Defendant Singer masturbated Plaintiff and then performed oral sex upon him. Defendant Singer solicited Plaintiff to perform oral sex upon him which Plaintiff resisted.”

    So wait, you let the guy beat you off, give you a blow job (underwater no less), and then NOW you feel violated because you didn’t want to give one in return? By letting him beat and blow you, you have entered a consensual realm (can also be read as ‘anus’) …but it’s the forcibly part that’s hazy here and left up to total interpretation by the court. That said, I call bullshit.

    • Emil

      really ? you dont know any people that are welling to let someone perform oral sex on them but then raise a fuss to reciprocate ?
      and once someone says stop even if its the middle of intercourse you have to stop.otherwise its rape.

    • @Willie> No such thing as blanket consent, fucko. Just because someone is cool with you kissing them doesn’t mean they’re cool with letting you pee in their mouth. Let’s just assume that the kid was consenting to receiving oral sex, which is up for debate, as soon as he says he’s not ok anymore and the person doesn’t stop it becomes sexual assault.

    • Let’s not forget that this allegedly happened to a CHILD – no such thing as a child giving consent.

      • The plaintiff was 17. Age of consent in Hawaii (where the charges were filed) is 16, so the boy was legally capable of consent.

      • However, since he wasn’t a resident of Hawaii at the time, this means doodly-squat. The alleged acts also took place in Encino, and CA’s age of consent is 18. If the plaintiff were flown in Hawaii to take advantage of that state’s lowered age of consent, which is what Collins-Rector pled guilty to back in 2007, that’s also a felony. The plaintiff lives in Nevada, Singer lives in California, and Hawaii is a state where there’s no statute of limitations on this sort of civil suit – which is why it was filed there.

    • Giru

      While I would normally agree, reading the full version certainly makes it sound like RAPE rape.

    • The kid -as the lawsuit was – 14 or 15. Not the age of consent. What I find odd is that people aren’t able to step into the shoes of a troubled, starry eyed fourteen year old, who has been given drugs and alcohol and, the predator has a registered sex offender pal who carries guns and threatens people.

  6. Margaret

    Hollywood, the industry, is a pervo freak show from top to bottom like you wouldn’t believe. Those dumb dumb dumb moderately attractive people will stick anything or anyone or anyone’s anything wherever it needs to go to get the freak on. I like to get it on, but when you run into some of those things, some of those places, even the heartiest soul takes an involuntary step and back and says, ‘whoa’.

  7. Juch

    There used to be chatter about a “gay mafia” that ran Hollywood, and now according to Singer, there’s a “pedo mafia” that runs Hollywood. Here’s hoping the gay mafia, the ‘real’ mafia, Asian triad gangs, MS-13, Crips, Bloods, the Aryan Brotherhood, etc., all join into one super-gang and beat the living fuck out the pedo mafia.

    • Ripley's Believe It Or Not

      Hate to step in and spoil your fantasy, but these “morally superior” mafias you’d like see beat up on the pedo mafia, are organisations that, without compunction, deal in the sex slave trade. Now, for sure, I’m 100% against kids getting fucked against their will, but I don’t rescind that prohibition once said kids come of age. What all these mafias should really do is come together, kill each other in one giant battle, and free the world from all their malignant presences.

    • Mike Walker

      In this case, gay mafia = pedo mafia.

  8. So basically this 15 year old hangs out at naked hollywood pool parties and then complains when pedos fuck him in the ass. Got it.

    Pretty sure everybody involved in this can DIAF.

    • JC

      I don’t know who the 15-year-old in this story is (isn’t the plaintiff 17?), but regardless, please tell me that you don’t think 15-year-old rape victims are “just asking for it” if they somehow end up at sex offeders’ pool parties. Please. If you are saying that, then feel free to use that excuse in your next trial:

      “But your honor, my 15-year-old step daughter was just asking for me to bang her! I can’t help it if she’s going to lounge around in her bedroom–in my house!–sexily listening to Justin Bieber while sexily studying for her algebra quiz! If that’s not a 15-year-old’s way of telling an adult she’s DTF, I don’t know what is!”

      • Yeah I guess he was 17.

        I never said he wasn’t “raped” by the underage so automatic rape rule, or that it wasn’t “forcible sodomy” that came around after the admittedly unresisted sucking off and handies.

        I just said he can DIAF. I’ll stand by that.

      • The plaintiff is 32. But he was 17 at the time of the alleged crime, yes

      • But the civil suit also claims abuses took place in CA, where age of consent is 18. If Singer and Collins-Rector flew the plaintiff to Hawaii to take advantage of the lowered age of consent, that’s a felony in most states. FYI, the suit was filed in Federal court in Hawaii because its state law suspends the statute of limitations in sexual abuse cases – in most states, the SOL starts running from the day the act occurred, which is why so many kids who were victimized by priests and only came forth as adults were SOL – as in shit out of luck – as the SOL in their states had long since expired.

        People don’t always run around screaming “I’ve been violated”, even when they have, in actual fact, been raped. Kids who are abused are usually groomed for that purpose, and that makes it harder for them to report it, because they are made to feel that they’re to blame. Whether it’s from guilt for experiencing physical arousal from what’s actually an abusive act, or thinking that they should have been more forceful in saying no, or whatever mind-fuck the abuser uses on them, it can take years to come to terms with it – especially if it’s same-sex abuse, since there’s a nice frosting of societal disgust and condemnation on top of that poisonous little cookie.

      • Doubling down on everything justifiable said.

      • Nope. Read the complaint, which is available online. The sexual abuse started when Egan was 14 or 15.

  9. I hear that Singer’s hired Mark Heller as his defense attorney.

  10. I am fascinated by the victim-blaming shit. Those of you doing it, I hope your own children never have to go through something like this because I would hate for them to hear their own parents ask them “Are you sure about this? It seems like a weird time to bring it up. Why didn’t you stop it earlier?”

    What the fucking fuck is wrong with people? The shitheels in this already have all the power and money, now they get the most of the public support too? Fuck humanity. I’m applying to join a new species. I’m going to be a kodiak bear or something.

  11. But he has such nice eyes. Nothing screaming serial killer or child molester behind them at all. Just pure innocence. Bunny rabbits and maypoles and such.

    Seriously, I’ve seen that look once before, but worse. It was a picture of Michael Jackson right before his trial ended, and he must have just been told he was going to win. It was gleeful evil. Gleevil, perhaps. To me it rivals that famous shot of Richard Ramirez in court, in terms of wordless utter malevolence.

  12. ManWhoHasSeenAVagina

    Singer has creeped me out for a while.

    He clearly makes use of the “casting couch” to fuck his impending male leads (Hugh Jackman, Brandon Routh, Nicholas Hoult, Brad Renfro, etc). I would have put Kevin Spacey on that list, but Singer loves him some twinks. You know, lots of directors have been doing that to women for years, and with the exception of Renfro it was all legal, so I let that slide.

    Then there’s the teenaged twin boys he had been (or still is?) living with. Once again, I’d do that to girls (mmm, twincest), given the chance, so I have to give him a pass on that. But, it still set off my creep-detector, even if there’s a hint of homophobia in that.

    His weird, plastic-surgeried looks don’t help his case at all. The dude’s twink pool parties with Roland Emmerich are well known.

    I don’t fault gay guys for getting extra freaky. For a variety of reasons, men either have higher libidos (or are societally allowed to express them more), and so you sometimes have a ratcheting up that occurs in the gay community. That’s fine. But, damn, this guy is a creepy, fucking pederast.

    People seem more tolerant of heterosexual rape and Polanski was a much better director, so Singer had better be extra careful.

    Let me be the first to say, “Eight year olds, dude…”

    • I honestly don’t think he’s banged Jackman. His interests seem to wane when they hit the ripe old age of 20 or so. He’s had these types of allegations following him around for years, and his habit of casting twinky unknowns in prominent roles doesn’t help his case.

      • ManWhoHasSeenAVagina

        I am generally on board with your assessment. However, casting an unknown, flamingly gay, song and dance man as an iconically gruff and tough character just doesn’t make sense, unless there was something else going on. He may prefer twinks, but it seems that pretty much anyone into men wouldn’t mind a little time with Hugh Jackman.

        Let’s put it this way, Hugh enjoys men in his private life and this was his ticket to the big time, while Singer is just an all-around pervert that loves trading roles for sexual favors. It seems safe to assume Singer and Jackman swapped fluids as part of the casting process.

    • According to Gawker, Singer doesn’t like men over the age of 22.

  13. “Apt Pupil”, indeed.

  14. This dude is creepy, super creepy.

  15. Welp…. it would seem the Court of Public Opinion is now in session….

  16. I usually wait to see how these things pan out, but I kinda instantly believed this one. Not sure why.

  17. James

    Just another example o the Hollywood pedo elite that run the entire damn cesspool.

    Look it up. Hollyweird is literally the most fucked up place on earth and you people worship them all.

    • I know. Hollywood is almost as bad as the Vatican.

      • And not to put too fine a point on it, but if you come to this site and read the stories and read the comments on those stories, and you take from that that we are “worshiping” them, you are basically too stupid to live.

  18. kery

    I can’t believe that those pedos are free and doing what they want with innocent little kids who just start to live.

  19. corpse paint

    i’m just weirded out about how hugh jackman looks in that pic. yuck

  20. I didn’t even know Singer was Catholic.

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