Bruce Jenner Is A Transsexual. There You Have It.

This sexy bitch is a dude? Get outta here.

When Kim Kardashian divorced Kris Humphries, he was immediately smeared as a verbally abusive. When Lamar Odom started cheating on Khloe Kardashian, he was outed as a crack addict. And now that Bruce Jenner left Kris to pursue a simpler life of golf and R/C helicopters instead of hand-feeding their children into the Hollywood machine, he’s being outed as a cross-dresser who loves the feel of a silk nightie upon his Olympian breasts. Star reports:

“Bruce has a feminine side,” our source reveals. “He likes growing his hair out, likes getting manicures and pedicures and won’t leave his house without his diamond earrings. And he’s obsessed with plucking his eyebrows!”
To Star readers, the 63-year-old’s feminine qualities are no surprise. Two years ago, we first reported his fetish with cross-dressing, and now, more sources are coming forward that echo our original report — including details about how he “borrowed” stepdaughter Kim Kardashian’s lingerie!
“Kris has told Bruce that she will reveal his secret if he doesn’t go along with her plans about their split or their show,” the insider adds.

Of course, this would explain how Kris talked him into filming their separation, but then again, so would that episode where Bruce bought her a gun like an idiot which I’m pretty sure can be aimed at Kendall and/or Kylie’s head. As for how I even know such an episode exists, funny story- *pops cyanide capsule*

Photos: INFphoto, Pacific Coast News