BREAKING: Bruce Jenner To Confirm ‘Transition’ In TV Interview

After months of speculation and denials since his divorce, Us Weekly has confirmed (with TMZ now seconding that report as I’m typing this post) that Bruce Jenner will not only admit to his current transition from male-to-female, but it will also be the basis of his new E! reality show because once Kris Jenner gets into your mind, it’s hers forever. Except for the part that still wants to become a woman. She still has trouble with that. Via Gossip Cop:

Us Weekly reports that Jenner, who was wed twice before he married Kris and has children with all three wives, was already “taking steps to live as a woman” when he met the Kardashian matriarch in 1990, quoting a source as saying he “had gone to doctors, started plastic surgery, and begun the transition.” Kris, however, allegedly “talked Bruce out of acting on his feelings.” Tension over the issue reportedly dominated the couple’s marriage, eventually leading to their breakup after more than 20 years together. As Gossip Cop reported, the former couple filed for divorce last fall, more than a year after their separation.
Jenner is said to be now taking estrogen hormones, even as soon-to-be ex-wife Kris has “refused to accept the truth.” Us Weekly says the momager remains in “denial,” and quotes its source as saying “she has made no attempts to understand” what Jenner is going through.
In addition to what Us Weekly says is a “tell-all interview,” the magazine reports Jenner will also have an E! show “highlighting his desire to live as a woman and look like one.” Sources at the network previously told Gossip Cop that no such program was in the works, but Us Weekly’s insider says, “It’s a docuseries featuring the Jenner family talking about Bruce ‘coming out.’ The world will see his full transformation.”

I honestly don’t have anything snarky to add here because as much shit as I talk about the Kardashians, being a transgender person in this country is a fucking hellscape (See: All the stupid jokes we made.), but I will say that I liked the part where Kris Jenner is a bitch. That was a good story.

Photo: Splash News