Bruce Jenner Is The Momager Now

True story: Before yesterday, I actually believed Bruce Jenner wasn’t transitioning to a woman and was just one of those plastic surgery junkies who think getting more plastic surgery will make their previous plastic surgery not look like plastic surgery shit. And the reason I thought that is because I read some blurb somewhere that said Kris Jenner was the source of the transgender rumors, and she’d say Kendall has AIDS if it gets her Skeletor-face in the press. So I was a fucking idiot. But now that we finally know the truth, it’s nice to see he/soon-to-be-she’s adapting well to his/her new gender and mastered one of the key components of being a woman: Shutting other bitches down. TMZ reports:

As we reported, Bruce’s family, including his daughters, sons and Kris, will all appear on the show but they are not the central part.
Our sources say Bruce is at the center of production. Kris is not calling any of the shots. And we’re told it’s a “completely separate project” from “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and Bruce does NOT want it to air until the “Kardashians” finale is over and out.

As for how Bruce plans to make the show different than KUWTK, everyone’s encouraged to be their true selves which is why Khloe will no longer be forced to wear people shoes and Kourtney can finally shoot Scott Disick for being a rapist that broke into their house eight years ago, but her mom wouldn’t let her kick him out because he’s like super-photogenic. “You’ve seen your brother, and I don’t know what’s happening to Bruce. Why can’t you just be a good daughter? — Okay, but if I take you to the hospital, will you meet me halfway on this? We’ll find a way to make him look like a jerk somehow. Just let me think for a minute. Think think think think.”

Photo: AKM-GSI