Brooke Hogan has breasts

July 11th, 2008 // 76 Comments

These are shots of Brooke Hogan returning to her New York City hotel last night after a busy day promoting her reality show Brooke Knows Best which debuts Sunday. It looks like she brought all her marketable assets to the table. I’m of course talking about her smile and bubbling persona- PFFT! Ha ha ha! I’m sorry, I couldn’t keep a straight face. So, was the braless top a PR strategy to distract from the man-chin? Misson: Accomplished. Until right now – someone throw a brick at my groin.


  1. Ted Mosby

    Nipples galore.

  2. Que

    Que nice!

  3. Ordinarily I’d say “let me motorboat those funbags!” but in Brooke’s case I always think “I wonder how much she’s benchin’?”

  4. FCS

    Apparently it’s mediocre looking chicks with big fake breasts day on the superficial..

    Bout time.

  5. alisa

    she actually looks really good here…. good job brooke…. but i hate those shoes and she wears them all the time.. reminds me of a hooker cinderella

  6. alisa

    she looks really good here…. good job brooke…. but i hate those shoes and she wears them all the time.. reminds me of a hooker cinderella

  7. Derek J.

    “Brooke, there’s a Mr. Rodriguez here who would like to see you…”

  8. B

    two words:

    bridge troll.

  9. What are you talkin’ about?

    She TOTALLY has on a bra.

    I think she looks pretty. I like Brooke Hogan. Not a huge Hulk Hogan fan, but Brooke seems nice and cool and…likable.


  10. MT

    And a PENIS!!! If you’re into that kind of thing. Mmmmm hermaphrodity!

    Sometimes you want a taco and a hot dog for dinner, not me per se, but some people do… Having sex with her is like having a threesome!

  11. syn

    Wow – she REALLY looks like her mom.

  12. Karen

    I don’t know, she seems likable enough. She’s definitely the only one of the “Hogans” who is at least a little bit tolerable. I like how she’s been able to stay close to her dad through thick and thin, even using one of his bandannas each day to tuck it back.

  13. Where's Darkwing Duck?


    Really Really Really Really
    ‘specially when the pics are small.

  14. da doctor

    she definately has a Y chromosome.

  15. Cindy

    Have you ever noticed that she has zero cellulite? Must be the testosterone.

  16. Your mama

    She should sit on Where’s Darkwing Duck and kill him dead

  17. pete

    I hate seeing pictures of this chick, because I’m quite sure if we were alone and a little drunk, I’d want her to penetrate me.

  18. Jumpin_J

    Why do they look like those boobz are trying to run away in opposite directions?

    Oh well. At least Phish is trying again to make us happy with end of the week shots of BOOOOBZ!!!! Thanks, guys.

  19. TetterkeT

    Brook Knows Best? More like Brook Knows Breasts! HAHAHA! LMAO! ROFL! LOL.

  20. you pizza-faced losers

    How are you pizza-faced losers doing today? Still angry that the only girlfriends you’ve ever had are your hands?

  21. I don’t think those puppies are fake. They are missing the tennis ball look and have the natural “hanging to your knees” look.

  22. p-f loser

    #21 – come on, put a little more effort into it. At least work in a reference to “mom’s basement.”

  23. Beth

    Not surprising that a story about a celebrity shemale brought out our resident celebrity defender (#21).

  24. Captain Jack Sparrow

    Amazon chicks are fun.
    Why do they have “Lounge” written on her “Lunch” bag?

  25. Rich

    It’d be quite a think to reach up and cup a boob in each hand while sucking her cock.

    Just sayin’.

  26. veggi

    lmao @ pics in the middle of the bunch: “Now be a good nigger and hold my bag.”

  27. pistola

    she’s a sasquach!


  28. pistola

    @ #12- HILARIOUS! well done!! haha

  29. Veroonica

    She better not turn too quickly, she could bash someone’s head in with those things!

    Mystery solved!

  30. rumble grumble gurgle roar

    so…if the hulkster’s atomic thigh drop is his signature wrestling move…what could brook’s be….the atomic booby bash?

  31. rumble grumble gurgle roar

    so…if the hulkster’s atomic thigh drop is his signature wrestling move…what could brook’s be….the atomic booby bash?

  32. Scott E.

    Is that Samuel L. Jackson in the background?

  33. kenny

    if Brooke was smart she would have proven to the world by now that she dosen’t have a cock tucked in between her legs.

  34. Jessica

    OMG!!! She wears those same clear stripper shoes in EVERY picture I see her in….. HIRE A STYLIST!!!

  35. simplicity

    why are her pants so freakin high??
    I didnt think that was supposed to happen until you’re like 85.

  36. complexity

    “why are her pants so freakin high??”

    To hide her erection.

  37. Disapointed

    In everyone of these pictures she looks just like that craddle robbing, skank, cougar of a mother of hers…Poor Girl.

    Also, How dresses her because i swear her mom was wearing that same outfit at the Royal Rumble in 1990. I dib’t really see her waering it, I was only four but i am sure it was something close.


  38. Ted from LA

    If you are going to wear pants like that, shouldn’t you be required to juggle or make balloon animals?

  39. you fat ass losers

    Go ahead you fat ass losers. Peck away at your keyboards from your smelly room and don’t let mommy catch you looking at pictures of women. She might take your computer away for a week like last time.

  40. Hawaiian Elitist

    Typical Floridian White Trash. Stupid Silicone Cow-Pig, Moo Oink Moo Oink…

  41. An old look

    I did not think someone could actually duplicate the stripper-whore look of her mother to a T, but I believe her daughter has pulled it off!

  42. Yeah…uh that’s what women possess. Well most of us anyway. Since she looks so much like her dad she sort of looks like a man though.

  43. Kim

    Wow those are some pointy boobs!

  44. bosendorfer

    listen, this thing was in part generated from fluids leaked from “Hulk” Hogan’s penis. its brother basically killed a person and has his own reality TV show. as such, would you, the editors of PLEASE put a little more thought into who you choose to feature on this site? much of the time i enjoy what i see here, but keep female “Hulk” Hogan trash off. she’s unattractive, oafish, probably uneducated, her dad’s a gross, steroids-addled “wrestler” from the ’80s and she belongs behind the counter of a Chick-fil-A or a Dairy Queen or some comparable surfboard shop/hardware store chain. thank you.

  45. Hemlock Queen

    Gawd! Everytime that girl spackles on makeup and dresses like her mom she turns super fugs.

    Now I know you guys would say she’s already ugly, but I just happen to think otherwise.

    But only when she doesn’t do THAT to herself. blagh!

  46. This woman wants to be FUCKED these days?

  47. Lisa

    She has excelled herself -and possibly the rest of the world- in the fashion faux pas department.

  48. Ted from LA

    Quit making fun of her. I heard she just found out she has prostate cancer.

  49. daisy

    Those are some pretty fashionable mom pants.

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