Brooke Hogan is the Authority Here?

June 18th, 2010 // 39 Comments

Here’s Brooke Hogan auditioning new backup dancers yesterday because there’s really no greater joy in life than making trained dancers prove themselves to a privileged behemoth with less poise and sensuality than Sylvester Stallone.

DANCER: What did you think of my moves, Brooke?
BROOKE: Hey, uh, yo, uh, nobody look at my boner, alright? ADRIANNE!

Photos: Flynet


  1. Sil

    why is any space given to her???

  2. jack hammer


  3. Heather
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    Wow… Where’s the Hulk when you need him?

  4. rinat

    yeaaa firs

  5. Daniel

    I didn’t know that he made music.

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  7. Taz

    My mom always told me, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

  8. Cardinal Fang

    How about focusing on the the other girl instead

  9. Howie

    What kind of doggie is that? Iz cute!

  10. Deacon Jones

    Speaking of boner, I’m about to go pop one at our local bartender with the recent tit job!

    CHOI (sic?)

  11. sin
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    no matter what the guys say here they would all love a chance to fuck her. She can’t help that her parents screwed her on the genetics.

  12. She hot and all you asses that say she looks like a man or has a boner are trying to rationalize the fact in your mind that you better hate her first because she’d never go for you. Best defense is good offense, right? Difference is, she’s out there in the world making money and a life for herself and there you sit looking at a f*cking computer screen yanking at websites. She craps on you believe me !

    • KittyFartz

      Thank you Nick for your input. Why is it that you look like a little girl and your sis looks like a big man?

  13. Rhialto

    In what women’s prison were these pics taken?

  14. andy from finland
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  15. ChuckleStain

    This just goes to show what a rich daddy can do for his kids. First the karate kid remake now this?

  16. yayo
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    she needs he-man for couple.

  17. FrankNfrtr

    Hmmmm……the fact that she is auditioning dancers means that….oh god, that means she plans on going on a so called musical performance tour.
    She’s going to inflict more punishment on the eyes & ears of America.
    You’ve been warned.

  18. Mike

    She looks good in these pics.

    • bar room hero

      I think she always looks good. Shagged a girl with her body type…let’s just say I would do it again

      Once you go thick, you’ll never want a stick.

      -The Bar Room Hero

  19. August Teen

    Brock knows that having hot female dancers is good for her live show. She also knows that having hot female dancers makes her stand out in stark, raving ugly relief.

  20. captain america

    this thirty eight year old lady has a sixty seven year old desperate INCEST dad!!

  21. Badger Bob

    brooke hogan is auditioning backup dancers for what? is there a circus in town that she is performing at?

    …i really dont understand how a semi-celebrity straight female can look so masculine and make a conscious decision to not wear clothing that would help make her look like a girl? is she really so clueless that she’s a ringer for a cross dresser?

  22. cc
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    More pics of the girl in the yellow please, no more of the draft horse.

  23. Mooby

    Hard evidence Brooke’s secretly a man.

  24. Jonny Topside

    This would be great if it was a video and Macho Man Randy Savage ran put and bashed her in the face with a chair and went “OOOOOH Yeah!”

  25. Marcella

    Fishy? Who is consulting and making bank and who is pounding wordpress and pud? LOL

    You can’t hide those big gay eyes.

  26. Bring out the Gimp

    Come on u fucking nerds… know u would all stick it in if given the chance :P I would,…. while i was beating the fuck out of her brother and squeezes those huge tits at the same time :D

  27. medium rare

    Pfftt…. I wouldn’t touch it. Too bad for Nick too. He can’t get any action, so when he went for a pair of Brooke’s panties for a sniff, got nothing but dick cheese.


  28. big ron
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    she thinkin “i’d love to stick one in that”

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