Brooke Hogan Got Engaged

July 1st, 2013 // 24 Comments
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Just like I forgot Jessica Simpson was pregnant, I completely forgot Hulk Hogan has a son out there who looks exactly like his wife. (Do you know how many celebrities are out there? Probably 10.) A son who’s apparently been dating Phil Costa of the Dallas Cowboys because the two just got engaged over the weekend. #PRIDE, BABY! WOO! E! News reports:

“Happiest moment of my LIFE. I am marrying my best friend. I [wouldn't] choose anyone else. I am so lucky and so grateful,” Brooke posted on Instagram, alongside a photo of her fiancé down on one knee in front of her.
Costa popped the question to Hulk Hogan’s daughter in Las Vegas.

And now for the part where I pretend Brooke Hogan is a woman because check out his her eyes when Phil puts the ring on her finger:

Brooke Hogan Engagement Phil Costa

Their thoughts at this exact moment:

“It’s this or go back to wearing condoms. How bad could it be?”

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  1. JC

    It would have been more meaningful if he’d put the ring on Brooke’s penis.

  2. PumpkinBob

    Well it only just became legal.

  3. uj

    Finkle is Einhorn. Einhorn is Finkle. Einhorn is a MAN! (barf)

  4. Pic# 22 ,they are really big boobies but I always had a thing for manly transsexuals. :)

  5. Brooke Hogan Cleavage Spandex Dress Spike TVs Guys Choice 2012
    Commented on this photo:

    Size and strength, brother.

  6. It’s incredible how the budgets for these Transsexual Porn movies are getting bigger and bigger. Now it’s Las Vegas locations instead of the usual Rio de Janeiro slum. Congratulations Brother, errr Brooke.

  7. JC

    Insiders say that Nick Hogan’s offer to chauffeur the couple to and from the ceremony has been declined.

  8. Kodos

    If Brooke-tini is anything like her mother Linda, you’d better get a hell of a pre-nup locked in beforehand, Phil!

    Even if you do ‘play’ for the joke that was once the Dallas Cowboys.

  9. Veronika Larsson

    I can’t wait until the honeymoon, when Brooke gets to carry him across the threshhold.

  10. Hung Well

    As a guy, I think she’d be a very knowledgeable person to speak with. I could always use advice on adam’s apple management.

  11. anonymous

    Considering Dallas just drafted a center in the first round this year, Costa better lock up that mainline to the Hogan cashflow.

  12. Desmoot

    I wish those dudes the best!

  13. Brooke Hogan Cleavage Spandex Dress Spike TVs Guys Choice 2012
    Commented on this photo:

    In future news: Hulk Hogan suicide attempt.

  14. Instead of a picture capturing the happy occasion, I was expecting an infographic with a map showing the country Hulk Hogan finally found where it was legal for him to marry his daughter.

    This engagement will cause all sorts of confusion and fistfights when it next comes time to apply the tanning oil to her butt.

  15. anonym

    he came out of the closet.

  16. So sad…Brooke Hogan came sooo close to being born incredibly hot. Like a moth to a flame, only to have singed her wings and crashed before having the opportunity to experience me…

  17. I bet it all that She was He 30 years ago, her body isn’t normal, I’m pretty sure Brooke Hogan was born with both sexes and the when she turned 12 she decided to be a woman but the testosterone didn’t disappear after all.

    • 2 or 3 babies out of 10000 are born that way in North America. It stands to reason that a few of those (such as JLC and Brooke) would hide in plain sight. Watch for adopted children as the next clue.

  18. Congratulations Brooke.

  19. cc

    Who’s the lucky girl?

  20. Terry Bolea

    DOMA arigato, Mr. Costa…

  21. Jenn

    Now we know where Rosemary’s baby got off too.

  22. lindy

    Why is Costa proposing to a man?

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