Britney To Spawn Yet Again?

britney_thumb_1.jpgTrailer park crotch-queen Britney Spears is preparing for another child (read: antichrist) after a psychic predicted she’ll fall pregnant again next year.

Britney reportedly always seeks the advice of a medium when she makes major plans for her future. A friend told In Touch magazine that Britney couldn’t resist asking if she’d have another child, and was told that she’d be pregnant again within six months.

Britney would have a much better idea of when she’d get pregnant if she read any fifth-grade biology textbook rather than rolling around in a giant tub of cheetos. People give K-Fed a hard time because he spends so much time away from her, but christ, if my wife’s idea of a good time was sitting around in a pool of grease, watching White Chicks and farting like a horse, I might get the hell out of there too.

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