Britney Spears shows up at Jenny McCarthy’s fundraiser

July 20th, 2008 // 44 Comments

Britney Spears surprised guests by showing up to the Generation Rescue autism fundraiser thrown by Jenny McCarthy. Nobody knows how or why Britney was there. Until they remembered Jim Carrey sprang for a custom burrito bar. Of course! At that point, everyone quietly nodded as if to say “If I see vulva, I’m throwing elbows all the way to the fire exit.” Us Magazine reports:

As guests like McCarthy’s beau and Charlie Sheen and wife Brooke Mueller made the rounds, Spears, 26, sipped on red wine.
Carrey’s daughter Jane also belted out a few Frank Sinatra and Jackson 5 tunes.
Spears, 26, “definitely looked happy,” a witness tells “She was clapping and smiling a lot.”

What was Britney so happy about? Someone told her vaccinating your children is bad. Awesome! She doesn’t even know what a quack-sation is! Finally, her parenting skills were paying off. Then she realized she left Sean in the car with the keys – but didn’t leave a $20 for the Wendy’s drive-thru. Sonofabitch. “This is exactly why banks should let toddlers have debit cards,” she thought while stuffing burritos in her bra.


  1. veggi

    FIRST you worthless nigger cunts

  2. Mugato

    Jenny looks better than Britney and she’s a decade older.

  3. Do you think Jim’s hair color is reals or is he bleaching now?

  4. Uhm, does Jimbo have HIV or something? He looks rather gaunt and sickly.

  5. Ella

    Wow… Britney looks really good in this picture. =]

    She’s almost back to how she looked in 2004! Keep it up Britney, you’re just about back!!

  6. One

    I actually think Britney looks pretty and a lot like her old self; just a bit heavier. And trust me, it pains me to say that. Pleeeease don’t tell me she will really have a comeback and be in our faces again 24/7! …Nah, I predict that stupid Hannah Montana chick will officially take over as slutty poptard.

  7. JIM, I’m absolute sure:
    ACE VENTURA, the series, every night a new episode on television!!(one hour)
    DO IT MAN, please!!

  8. One

    Hey maybe Britney thought it was an “artistic” event…”hey ya’ll, I’m fricken awwtistic!”

  9. joe m

    Britney is still beautiful and ugly losers
    are still jealous of her.

  10. Britney looks healthy and not glazed, good start.

  11. Where did Jenny’s big cans go? I am pretty sure she used to have a nice rack… Did someone steal them?

  12. jag

    Man, this was already covered by Grrlplanet this morning (for link click my name). That site cracks me up.

  13. Mike

    Really? You saw her on a d’ating s’ite? Wow!!!!! Nowz my chance to get in on that!!! I can’t wait to post a p’rofile and a’sk her out!!!

    (i’m so much cooler online anyway!)

  14. Guy

    Yeah, I have to agree, she is looking better.

  15. Jim Carrey is totally grabbing her ass.

  16. Crazy Old Bitch

    Did you know, Tom Cruise can run a 4 minute mile with an entire watermelon shoved up his ass? He actually runs faster with the watermelon than without.

  17. me

    She is on a good road now. She is socializing, exercising, and happy. Congrats.

  18. free lily

    she looks decent here

  19. nipolian

    “She was clapping and smiling a lot.”

    That was nice of Jenny to spring for one of those clowns that make animal shapes out of balloons.

  20. LL

    Yeah, I kinda hate to admit it, too, but Britney looks OK. Please note that means “OK compared to looking like she’s wearing road kill on her head and flashing her bajingo to everyone within 50 feet.” Let’s not give her too much credit. I manage to not have matted hair and keep all the naughty bits covered up and I’m not a multimilliionaire. It takes a staff for her to do that, apparently.

    Jim does look a little sickly. Jim, follow Britney around and eat what she does. You’ll beef up in no time (not that she looks fat, she looks pretty good, healthy, not bloated).

  21. mimi


  22. dude_on

    Give fish a break – he was near brilliant last week.

    Now that she doesn’t have to worry about raising her kids I project party time is officially on countdown… read – new snatch screen savers are right around the corner.

  23. roop

    Britney looks goooood y’all.

  24. Jim Carey is obviously ready for a replacement blonde.

  25. pepper

    that was pretty harsh fish, especially as she looks kinda good in this pic.

  26. Cattyluo

    He is so happy,two beautiful girls around him.It is said he hooks on a millionaire woman.You can see some details on the site named”"”"”Look……..

  27. Polly from Boston

    Obviously Jim Carrey is preparing for a role as an AIDS or cancer patient or something. Jenny and Britney are looking so hot that I am super jealous and bitter. From the look on Jim Carrey’s face you can tell he thinks he is going to bang ‘em both later. But Britney just wants to go pig out at McDonalds and Jenny cannot be sexually aroused by an AIDS infested looking man. So poor Jimbo has gotta spank the monkey all by his lonesome. Sob…

  28. Grammar Cop

    “She doesn’t even what a quack-sation is!” It should be, “She doesn’t even know what a quack-sation is!”

  29. A-1

    Britney does look healthy. That’s great for her.

  30. Clem

    Britney is going to be in Madonna’s tour on film acting like a mentalist in an elevator wearing a hoodie and turning to the camera to say “It’s Britney Bitch”, and she’s tactfully researching the part at this event.

    Autistic kids have it bad but it could be worse, they could be a windowlicking yeehaw on stage next to Jim Carey and Jenny McCarthy with their first grandkid on the way in about 8 years.

    Happy Birthday in advance Brit Kev!

  31. Chauncey Gardner

    Proof that Jenny McCarthy is the perfect match for Douchebag Carrey: His previous girlfriends, including Renee Zellweger and Lauren Holly, all became dessicated hags, while Jenny actually looks better than she did when everybody but me thought she was hot. That said, the three idiots in this photo should be sealed up in a rocket and shot into the sun.

  32. A-1

    #2 – I totally agree

  33. Jim’s not aging well….. yikes- maybe it’s just a bad angle

  34. rough daddy

    is adnan still working over time on brit brit?

  35. President Bill Clinton

    Jesus Christ… what’s wrong with Jim Carrey?

    With those ears he looks like a white Barak HUSSEIN Obama…. or a slightly healthier Marc Anthony.

  36. Dozer

    Brittney is happy being around kids as smart as her. OMFG I’m sorry I should never insult disabled children like that

  37. Just to spell it out for the readers Jenny McCarthy thinks that immunisation causes autism. There’s no real science behind it, or data, or facts, but she’s got a hunch…

    She’s as nutty and dangerous as Susan Powter who wrote:

    “You, mother, tired of the same old, same old prescription for the same old, same old ear infection, given to you by the same old, same old pediatrician. Mothers intuitively questioning so-called experts about such things as autism, vaccinations, baby formulas [...] Suggest ginkgo ten years ago and you could pretty much expect to be accused of witchcraft. Homeopathy, until very recently, was thought to be a sexual preference, but not anymore.”

  38. Patrick DePriest

    I have a huge problem with idiots raising money for diseases and raising public awareness. Jenny McCarthy is dangerous and stupid. Vaccines don’t cause autism. Period. Despite what her “feelings” tell her.

  39. Omnibacon

    Ah so Britneys autisitic, that explains alot

  40. Sparqi

    Jim Carrey, my God… He looks like the kind of guy who lives in Tarzana and produces porn movies.

  41. Dorito Man

    Agreed, Carrey looks somewhat gaunt. He doesn’t have a healthy appearance. I wonder what’s up. I hope he isn’t sick.

  42. loagun

    wow….that was not even funny. i am a britney fan yes…..but i liked coming here to read about you ripping her apart cause it was funny and a good read…..however sorry this was just crap.

    burritos, fast food, parenting….wow big laughs…..7 years ago. i want new material please, this sucked.

  43. Alan Greenspan

    The others are right, she’s really looking good. And man did her hair grow back fast.

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