Britney Spears’ nipples can’t be caged

April 29th, 2010 // 67 Comments

Here’s Britney Spears at her lawyer’s office yesterday wearing either a bra or one tank top on top of another, I don’t know women’s clothes. But I do know nipples and that’s definitely one trying to break free of its restraints. At this point, I’m almost positive if Britney ripped her shirt off, those things would jab directly into the sun forever blanketing the Earth in darkness.

Or have chicken wings kabobbed on the tips. I go back and forth.

Photos: Fame

  1. itsme

    I wanna eat her dirty asshole…mmmmm


  2. pimp

    i’d eat her ass…

  3. itsme

    I wanna eat her dirty asshole…mmmmm


  4. itsme

    I wanna eat her dirty asshole…mmmmm


  5. LA Ho

    someone find Britney Doc Jensen: she’s ready to party in 1999

  6. LA Ho

    someone find Britney Doc Brown: she’s ready to party in 1999

  7. LA Ho

    Doc Brown! (Someone just showed their LOST habits)

  8. Rick James

    Check out pic #5. Looks like the ugly stick/tree took a couple swings at here… For how young she is, aging gracefully is not on her side!!

  9. Rick James

    Check out pic #5. Looks like the ugly stick/tree took a couple swings at her… For how young she is, aging gracefully is not on her side!!

  10. Taz

    I wanted to bang her so bad back in the day

  11. benny

    They’re pointing the wrong way to endanger the sun. Looks like the chicken wings are the ones that need to be concerned.

  12. pants

    Oh god, her hair looks SO BAD. She actually, legitimately looks like she’s not all there. Poor dear.

  13. Not It!

    Luvin me those dark roots.
    I’ma wonderin’ if the carpet matches the drapes?

  14. Pia

    Why do her boobs look like they are a different size every time there are new pictures of her??

  15. I love Britney’s nipples. One for tall people and one for short people.

  16. Pregnant Kickboxer

    I would kick her out of bed and tell her not to come back. Ever!

  17. hal85

    Britney has a bullish neck.

    Just sayin’.

  18. justifiable

    “Those things would jab directly into the sun”?

    WTF? Yeah, women’s clothes aren’t the only thing you’re not familiar with, Fish. Try and get out more, because the last time I looked the sun was UP in the sky. The only thing that left tat is in danger of jabbing is her feet.

  19. Message to Taylow Swift and Miley Cyrus, look upon these images and be warned this could be you in 10 years.

    But Selena Gomez is going to be mind-blowing hot in 10 years. Nick Jonas is a FAG for letting her slip. If I was 10 year younger or she was 10 years older I would be all up in that shit.

  20. Steve

    Give her a break, I think she looks great. She’s been through a lot and is still here making millions. Good for her !

  21. Steve

    Give her a break, I think she looks great. She’s been through a lot and is still here making millions. Good for her !

  22. Greg

    It is amazing how hot she was back in the day and how many people fapped over her. Not to say she is ugly…but she is not aging well!

  23. More Britney Nips Please!

    Those are some mighty nipples. If you can’t respect them, fear them.

    Just thank God that there aren’t light sabers attached to them or she’d be cutting a path of destruction everywhere she goes.

    That said, I love me some batshit Britney nips. More please!

  24. She's DISGUSTING

    You’ll have to excuse #20; he’s a stupid dumbass because he doesn’t know that titney doesn’t earn money right now, her investments do.

    Titney looks like crap. If anyone needed fake tits to liven up those dried up titty bags, it’s her. However, fake titties are not going to help her bull neck, her fat cellulite filled thunder thighs, her fat ass or her cankles. And the herpes she got from the arab terrorist; don’t forget that…

  25. missywiss

    I know we read all about Britney’s “negatives” but she has the prettiest lips and smile in the entire industry. How does she get so much volume in her hair? Cheesy post because it’s not trashing her, I know.

  26. Dusty33

    ^ I like this person, calls it like it is. No BS.

    Oh, and how can her nipples jab into the sun when they point down at the earth?? And that’s with a bra or other support. Tits like a 49 year old mother of 4.

  27. pimp

    @25 – her lips would look better wrapped around my balls…

  28. bar room hero

    total trailor trash…

    I bet her box reeks of onion rings and cheetos

  29. turd da third

    These are very tranny-ish pictures.. maybe she is sprouting a dick too!

  30. j m

    Beautiful Brit has earned more money in one day than all of these losers combined will earn their lives. That explains their jealousy.

  31. gen


    It’s spelled “trailer” genius. Why do people always make these stupid mistakes when they are calling someone stupid or low-classed? It’s too funny.

  32. Her Kate Gosselin weave is interesting looking.

  33. lindsay

    i love her so much :)

  34. She has the same weight-wise for me, but if he did not drink the water with poison and smoking the cancer sticks, it rots from the inside.

  35. Brian Hogan

    Looks like Coca-Cola got a free ad!

  36. Anne Boolean

    Sure she wasn’t at an audition for “Barstow hooker”?

  37. captain america

    is this a “new way” to attract sponsors for her tours or something like that?
    ………..LET’S HOPE NOT, folks!!

    (who likes to bet on a LOSER?)

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  39. Britney has a luxury boobs. I love it!

  40. wrecked 'em

    # 36
    “Looks like Coca-Cola got a free ad!”

    Yeah, the kind of free ad that Nike got with Heavan’s Gate!

  41. marme

    ugh is that a lace choker? holy flash back to the 90′s with that hair and outfit.

  42. SO RIGHT

    Love Brit – no matter what.

  43. aunt blabby

    she’s VILE.

  44. aunt blabby

    literally LIPSTICK ON A PIG.

  45. Gueibor

    @28 – Yeah… an’ yer totally not from one uv ‘em “trailors”, rite?

  46. Ad4CollarBone

    1980′s Dog collar in fashion again or spy device to track where-about of dog in case it got lost? Unmatched with imitation 10d plastic jewels hustled for 10k? 1d cola drink hustled for 100d? Endless legal bills to pay for visitation rights with kids dumped during the weekends so that the custodian parent can have all the time to f–k himself around abusing with too much alimony paid? What’s the penalty of abusing someone’s else funds or even a company’s fund? Abuser gets away while a mentally abused made to pay and lock up? Is that the reason everyone surrounding felt the “legal power to hustle” following the example of the abuser of woman and kids?

    New career in the market – Psychiatrist with only the need to write zillion pages about your patient to be submitted to court without the need to be fully comprehend by anybody, without any need to prove beyond reasonable doubt of being cured. Imagine a woman after 2 yrs of marriage and 1 yr of divorce in a psychiatric hold 5150, how do her kids fared? 101100 mental hold that hospital haven’t prepared the facility for such patient nor the expertise to diagnose, not to mentioned the ability to cure?

  47. lol those nipples are beastly!

  48. Gando

    Holy crap! That’s a really big handbag!

  49. Darth

    Her handbag is big but what’s more interesting,what’s inside that handbag? *staring at his piggy bank*

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