Britney Spears’ little sister is pregnant

December 18th, 2007 // 325 Comments

Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant, according to OK! Magazine. The 16-year-old sister of Britney Spears and star of Nickelodeon’s Zoey 101 confirmed she is having the child of her longtime boyfriend Casey Aldridge. Jamie told her mother just before Thanksgiving and Britney is just learning the news today from the tabloids. The Associated Press reports:

Spears is 12 weeks along and initially kept the news to herself when she learned of the pregnancy from an at-home test and subsequent doctor visit, she told the celebrity magazine, which hits stands in New York on Wednesday and the rest of the country by Friday.

Nickelodeon released the following statement:

“We respect Jamie Lynn’s decision to take responsibility in this sensitive and personal situation. We know this is a very difficult time for her and her family, and our primary concern right now is for Jamie Lynn’s well being.”

Well, at least Jamie Lynn Spears has some first-hand experience in how not to raise a child thanks to big sister Brit. That being said, the first paparazzi shot I see of Jamie at a Starbucks, I’m calling the fucking A-Team.

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  1. J

    holy crap, way to go jamie, now all pre teens are gonna go around trying to get pregnant just like you! GOOD JOB!

  2. daveofstrength


  3. Meg

    Its so good to see a proud christian girl standing up to keep her baby in these times of overnight abortions. God bless her and her family!

  4. Anexio

    Ying and yang….

    I’m surprised but I’m not surprised.

  5. me


  6. tbone

    Thought she was the “normal” one? OMG, the whole family is trailer trash!!

  7. holla@meh

    16 years old and pregnant! wow. that’s certanly setting a good example for girls her age. *sarcasticly stated* i remember when britney was that age still trying to claim she was a virgin.

  8. Lewis

    LOL at #3.

    I nominate Lynne Spears for mother of the century (and Britney Spears for mother of the year).

  9. Bob Dole

    How can you have a “longtime boyfriend” at 16?

  10. Ted from LA

    I can’t think of anything funny about this…

  11. Tim

    unbelievable. what a world

  12. LenS

    In the Spears family, having sex with the same guy on more than one day counts as long term relationship.

  13. Dirty

    giggity goo

  14. anita

    16? and pregnant isn’t it 2 young ? by the time she turns 20 she would want her teenage years back and start neglecting the kid..believe me my two nieces became pregnant early on in life and now they are trying to recapture their teen years ..just lucky nannies are taking care of their kids.what a screw up family this spears are…i guess..thats what you call….WHITE TRAILER TRASH!!!!

  15. hgsgangsta

    i saw this shit coming, thanks jamie.. now little girls are going to want to get pregnant, fucking whore!

  16. ron paul for prez

    i’m sure lynne spears’ parenting book is going to sell more copies than harry potter!

    a live in 19 yr old boyfriend? nice.

    by the time i have kids, my 13 year old daughter will be asking if her 25 yr old boyfriend can move in…

  17. iono

    i like how they didnt state how long they were going out for they only said it was a “long term relationship”

  18. Princess

    she is so stupid! what a loser. she deserves the trouble she has caused herself, but the baby does not. she should give it up for adoption anonymously.
    I hear Angelina is looking for another baby. XD

  19. The Truth

    Everyone here is missing the point: big yummy pregnant boobs! This totally makes my day :p

  20. sayll

    Well at least she’s not crying ‘virgin’ like her sister was at that age.

    Still, I would have thought that she could afford a box of condoms by now.

  21. Mr Semprini

    Well, that’s one first that is off the books…

  22. Liz

    Gosh I hope Jamie & Britney’s parents are proud. Excellent parental skills.

  23. J-Sin

    Daaaaaaaaaammmmnnnn. Britney all of a sudden looks like the responsible one?

  24. ...


  25. Ally

    What a shame for their family, it looks like they don’t have any kind of values… first Britney and now this “premature” girl having another baby.. their mom didn’t do a good job with them!..
    OH well, yes she did, they are selling magazines with all this crap! I wonder how much money are they making.. dirty money!!

  26. justtheobvious

    Crap, and I had the decency to wait until she was 18 to publicly admit I wanted to do her, now she is trash. Well, this sucks. I don’t want her any more. I hope Nickelodeon gives her the boot and doesn’t write in how cute it is to be a teen and pregnant.

  27. Ally

    I’ll bet she’ll be a better mother at 16 than Britney is at 26…which is actually incredibly sad now that I think about it.

  28. kyky

    Gawd you suck at up to date celeb news. ONTD and Perez have had this story up for like days. Don’t quit your day job.

  29. IWONKY

    Aw Shucks-just when you thought the whole world had stopped saying “Fuckin’ A”, Jamie goes and cooches up a cousin for Brit Brit’s twits.

  30. Ima not suprised

    Zoe 101.. pregnant….I don’t think that will be able to be written into the scripts.

  31. Hoetic Justice

    First off #17 I am with you on R.P.!!!!!!!! :)

    In this sad time of war and death it should bring so much joy and hope to this proud nation of ours for this great truly American family to bring forth another great artist that we can come to call our own. More power that a lovely Christian woman can spread her wings of faith to bestow upon us all a most wonderful gift! This baby will belong to the ages! Hurrah! The Angels sing aloud in Heaven. God is smiling young Christian Beauty.
    Thank You.

    (moron shoots himself in rectum)

  32. Ima not suprised

    Zoe 101.. pregnant….I don’t think that will be able to be written into the scripts.

  33. WTF??

    Um for all of us (somewhat) Britney fans……when it became revealed that Brit was banging Justin, she got called a bad role model.


    what now Brit? Are we gonna see you driving around with a 3rd car seat? Does Jamie-Lynn even have a friggen license to drive?????

  34. The White Urkle

    There will soon be milk filled 16 year old boobs! Thank you Jebus! Girls, I hope you learn a lesson here. Take it in the ass and you wont get pregnant.

  35. El-Coyote

    Great job Team Spears….

    16 and knocked up… Such a great role model…
    What the fuck? Do people USE condoms anymore? The pill?
    Does she realize that from 16-25 her body will never be HOTTER.

    Well… Never WOULD have been… AMAZING….

  36. Tapeworm

    Who the fuck would stick his dick in that greasy cow?

  37. WTF????

    #29……get a life. maybe even a job!

  38. matilda


    You can’t buy class ladies and gentlemen. Lets thank the Spears family for proving that time and time again. OKAY guys we get it! YOU ARE HILLBILLIES!!!

    hahahahahahahaah .

    :points and laughs:

  39. Another child that the State of California will have to step in and rescue.

  40. KD

    4- Meg – December 18, 2007 10:36 PM

    Its so good to see a proud christian girl standing up to keep her baby in these times of overnight abortions. God bless her and her family!

    WHAT THE?? I hope you were being sarcastic.

    I’m amazed that I can still be amazed by this crazy family.

  41. MonkeyMan 777

    Well well, what ever else we gotta say about how f’d up Britney is, at least she wasn’t prego at 16.
    Just another example of how abstinence only education doesn’t work, and like others said, what a wonderful role model for all those other teens who will think it’s cool to be a pregnant teen. Nickelodeon should drop her show.
    What a piece of trash. Hope the kid ain’t a girl, with the parenting skills she’s leaned from mom and big sis, that kid would be pregnant and drug addicted at 12. But then, if it’s a boy, he could go around knocking up his whole 7th grade class of girls, and have 25 kids to support by the time he’s 13.
    Wow, this family has the brains of a dead pigeon left to rot in the sun after it ate an alka-seltzer.

  42. Not a hypocrite

    Hey #4: If Jamie Lynn Spears were such a “proud Christian girl” she wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place. Luckily she lives in a country that fights for the rights of women to end unwanted pregnancies up to 25 weeks after fertilization. Unfortunately she will be hailed as a hero by religious quacks such as yourself. I’m looking forward to reading Lynne Spears book on parenting.

  43. Ally

    Another child for “the Famous Bastard kids from Hollywood!


    She looks horrible! What did she do, sleep in a tanning bed operated by an Oompa-Loompa while hairstylists poured bleach randomly into her hair?

  45. Exoticette

    @ 44

    wow…i’m pretty sure you’re metaphorically gifted…that’s impressive

  46. IWONKY

    How soon after she has that brat will we get the drunken cooch pictures?

  47. engel

    She is so charming. Do you know so many men are crazy to her and often share her videos at

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