Britney Spears in a bikini

May 20th, 2009 // 109 Comments

Here’s Britney Spears in the Caribbeans with her kids and agent/boyfriend Jason Trawick. Apparently the two of them really are an item, or else she mistook him for Fudgie The Whale and tried to eat him in his natural habitat so he’d die happy. Could go either way on that one.

NOTE: For the record, I’m not calling Britney fat as much as a chocolate-loving leviathan of dumb. Just so we’re clear.

Photos: Mavrix

  1. purple rain


  2. Lesie

    She looks so happy and healthy! Good for her!

  3. Lesie

    She looks so happy and healthy! Good for her!

  4. Lesie

    She looks so happy and healthy! Good for her!

  5. danny

    Did she ever quit biting her toenails? I’d hit it, but no kissing!

  6. gigi

    goood gooood, keep the sunglasses & hat on cover that messy facial area up nice & good… nice to see her [although it's another abashed photo-op session] playing w/ the boys tho! Semblance of normality! woohooo!

  7. Jaden Adams

    So I guess you’re calling her fat? *yawn* Chicks in bikinis, chicks in bikinis, oh she looks like shit, or oh I wanna bang her…same old same old shit every day on this site and its old. I’m officially done with this site.
    And she looks awesome in these pics, for the record

  8. jason

    She’s doing the Bigfoot walk in the last pic.

  9. Nick


    It’s called running…You should give a try sometime :)

  10. Tucker Jay

    Looking good :)

  11. leeks

    she looks great. lose the belly button ring tho, come on or at least just put in a stud. thats so 1998.

    very toned

  12. jenny

    She looks super good, good for you Brit, I have loved you all the way. Also I agree with # 8 , when I started reading this site like 2 years ago, I would be like, crying from laughing so hard. Now its all the same old every day. Kim Kardashians butt, Paris Hiltons (gasp) underwear, Lindsay is starving, over and over. SSSSSSSSSNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOORRRRREEEEEE

  13. Lea

    She looks great.. especially considering shes had two children and both c-sections.

  14. Benson

    IDGI Britney fat jokes in 2009? Seriously dude, get over it. She looks good as hell here and smaller than most of the chicks you call hot. You are jumping the shark.

  15. trevor

    I think she looks a bit thick myself. Has she taken up soccer to calm the nerves? big thighs…could probably hold a crushing leglock

  16. Anonymous

    Still useless and irrelevant. Always will be.

  17. Benson

    Yea sure trevor, and what is your opinion of jessica biel? Her thighs are bigger but i bet you think she is “hot”
    you’re all fucking morons or fags.

  18. Beavis

    she should be on Little People, Big world as a stunt double

  19. Benson

    Sure #17..that’s why you took the time to click and reply. Tell her she’s irrelevant selling all those copies of her album and a sold out world tour and best selling perfume line.
    You are a fucking joke.

    You and this fag who runs this site are funny. Scar Jj is bigger size than Britney, and so is Biel…that stuck up bitch who complains she too pretty for roles. Yet Britney is fat and useless?
    Here is the thing…SHE IS AN ICON. Deal with that dumb asses. No matter what you can’t take that away from her.

  20. California Red

    what is up with the commenters that want more excitment from The Superficial? The Site is called The Superficial! How could it have anything other than trivial, useless, shallow, and vane postings? IMaybe go check out “The Deep Intellectual” site instead.

  21. Benson

    Yea…#19. Britney is 5’5″…how is she short? Come on asshole…think about it.

  22. Anna

    Well on the superficial side this bitch looks good. Stop hating.

  23. Jibbly Biggins

    She looks normal and healthy here though she’s not at tight as when she was as a teen virgin without kids. Her neck also looks bigger here….but that’s probably genetics.

    Most young mothers would choose to look like her in a heartbeat. Hell, I’m younger than her, 127 pounds, no children, and I would love to look half as good as her in a bikini!


    What no crotch shots? Lame.

  25. i

    i hate this slut, but she looks fine here

  26. Douchebag

    I agree with some of the comments here. I still remember the days when this site used to be really funny. I could not care less for the celebrities themselves, the site was hilarious. Now it is just boring, and whoever is writing now repeats the same tired humor over and over….I am done here too. Bye!

  27. Billybob

    She is a slight bit bottom heavy and her tits are out of proportion with her bottom half. Nothing that liposuction can’t fix. Otherwise a little above average.

  28. CoCoYoYo

    She’s got a great figure. I’d be scampering about naked if I looked like her with my clothes off! Britney looks happy and healthy for once!

  29. Considering how chunky she looked a couple of months ago, she is snapping back, still needs some crunches, or cut back on raiding the fridge when daddy is in deep sleep! now only if she can stop banging her underlings everything will be dandy!

  30. Alex

    I agree with 8, 13 and 27. I used to visit this site because it would make me laugh all the time, but it’s just not the same as it used to be. It’s too bad.

  31. 8Way

    Boooorrrriiinnggg is the Sfish these days. Yup, over and out — unsubscribing now from my RSS reader. Kind of fitting as a link to a Britney post brought me to The Superficial many years ago, and now I leave it with Britney.

  32. Ballsonia

    I love how the Britney fans come out in droves to say they’re never reading this site again every time Fish makes fun of her. Fucking hilarious.

  33. Why does Mimi and her 12 personalities need Superfish to constantly tap dance for her? the door is that >>>>>>>>>>

  34. I’d hit it twice.

  35. Jake

    She’s not fat, per se. She just needs to recognize that her previous regimen of Adderall and laxatives wasn’t a bad idea.

  36. Jessica

    ooh lalala shes hot haha have you heard Leighton Meester’s new single ? check it out here :

  37. Jessica

    She’s fricking hot haha but you know whose hotter? Leighton Meester !! Have you heard her new single its here :

  38. I think Britney is a beautiful person. She has a nice figure. She’s not skinny or fat. She’s healthy. I think it is crazy how these stars can’t even go on vacation with their family without people snapping pictures of them and pasting them in magazines and on the internet.

  39. mrmr


    she doesnt make me wanna throw up anymore.

    high five.

  40. jimbo

    Brittany is built and packed SOLID…… she’s no bikini model

  41. Mis nalgas

    Two, three years ago, Oh yeah, it was a blast coming here! Some of the funniest posters ever frequented this place. But, I can’t help myself, I just keep coming back. I can’t abandon the Fish.
    And dang, Britney is looking damn decent. I’m not even a fan, but kudos to her.

  42. lil

    What the fuck is that thing coming out of her belly button? Tacky.

  43. Kye

    Say what u want of her but she looks better then 99.9% of western population.

  44. Drago the Perv

    There’s WAY too many positive comments on this post. I smell a shill big time.
    Britney is a butt-ugly, pimple-faced, white trash ! Period.

  45. -----------

    she looks great. lets not lie. if you saw a woman like that on the beach you would think she had a fantastic body – toned, nice sized boobs, smooth, round ass, and a nice bone structure. sure, maybe her trainer could work with her on tightening her tummy instead of building it outward, but lets face it – people with the perfect tummy might not have her boobs or her ass or whatever. she may be a little on the thick side, but there are plenty of people who prefer that to waif-ish. no one is perfect, and this is damn close.

  46. Ms Whiplash

    She looks awesome here. Only criticism is the cankles, but there’s nothing she can do about that shit. I wonder why she wears a cross around her neck. It seems a little out of place on someone like Miss Britney. If I were a Christian, I’d be screaming “hypocrite” right about now.

  47. timmy the frisky virus

    It’s too bad her ass dimples aren’t better defined. Otherwise, not bad, especially considering that about 1 1/2 years ago I was convinced she’s be dead by now.

  48. yahdatsright

    lookin pretty damn fuckable

    Way to go Brit! My penis is interested in you again. Congrats!

  49. hot stuff !! i’ve always loved her though.

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