Britney Spears hates Kevin Federline

June 21st, 2006 // 187 Comments

Despite telling Matt Lauer her marriage is awesome, Britney Spears rented two houses during her recent vacation to Florida so she wouldn’t have to stay together with Kevin Federline. In Touch Weekly reports they spent $250,000 for the trip to Aqua Island and, except for appearing once on the beach together with Sean Preston, stayed pretty much away from each other the entire trip.


  1. bluemalibu


    Hahaha! Brilliant!

  2. Xanthia

    #71 – she needs to load up the .357 and tattoo his ass with bullets………… THAT is REAL country. (and it will save a LOT in divorce court)

  3. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    I got my degree at ITT Tech. I majored in selling cars. Now I wash hotel sheets for a living. I have seven kids, their names are Maverick, Rusty, Austin, Whitney, Corin, D.J., and Hunter. I live in Dogfart, LA. I am relly smrat. Does anyone care? Cool.

  4. Xanthia

    #95: Is it a “fun” pole? May I see it?

  5. VivianneO

    i think she will go back to being normal once she loses the dead weight… about 170 lbs of federpile

  6. dmarie

    Let them be grubby freaks in private. Does anyone really want to see anymore of world war britney?

  7. waterranger

    for no good reason except that it is friggin hilarious and there are no new posts here to keep me entertained.

  8. ptprez


    sign me up for that high priced coastal proporties…

  9. BigJim

    Yeah, we need a new story. How about the one about Superman being gay?

  10. anonymous

    Behold, MeganHarris’s myspace:

  11. jane's eyre

    That’s not MeganHarris. She herself has confirmed that this is her:

  12. jane's eyre

    Ha, that myspace account is going to get a sudden influx of visitors.

  13. ellaminnowpea

    @107 – Ha! That was darling!! Ah…those were the days!!

  14. Fugurself

    @103, nice description of the “country” type. I will also add that the “country” demographic
    typically shop from QVC, buy velvet Elvis’, “Starving Artist” McPaintings (infact they buy art by the pound),
    and cover their “fancy” furniture with plastic.

  15. herbiefrog

    i would respond…

    …but i am so
    …in you guys

    …are you learning

    not funny…

    get a fucking grip
    not funny

    you each just show your own
    insecurities and weaknesses

    not pleasant


    someone try harder…

  16. DaNiGuRl

    Well, i don’t know much about this seperate vacation because i’m still in a fetal position on the floor from when i started profusely vommiting after seeing how she looked for the Dateline Matt Lauer interview! Its like she looks worse and worse as each day goes by!! And someone should tell her about letting blind drunk retards put her make up on! She had a huge gob of i guess mascara on her eye and her extensions that were clampped onto her 1 inch long hair looked like it was poorly put on! yeesh, someone throw her in a psych-ward…hurry! I think she lost her mind when she lost her looks, reputation, dignity, and common sense!

  17. scamps

    It’s bad enough he looks like a sewer rat. Now he looks like a wet sewer rat. Goody.

  18. Jenny

    Little Sean Preston isn’t even wearing little swimmers! What a bad mother, he’ll be able to poop right in the ocean and have a soggy diaper. Eww.

  19. PaisleyMoon

    Half the worlds sewage gets pumped into your precious oceans. I doubt Sean Prestons baby turd will destroy the Earth. You’re all pissed because she’s got a 100 million bucks and you all have is this forum to pout on…and try to be witty on, which only 3% of you are.

  20. krisdylee

    Only 3% of me cares what you say PaisleyMoon.

  21. Iambananas

    PaisleyMoon is my prison punk, in case you couldn’t guess, or were recently lobotomized.

    Oh, and I am ass-slamming, man-milk-guzzling, man-meat-stroking gay.

    How ’bout :^O

  22. CruisingForCock

    119 Your post wasn’t witty or funny. Me thinks you are ugly and fat.

  23. plymouthrock

    oh, more pics of brit on the beach. Warning: may cause blindness…

  24. I just posted 124th!

  25. soccerdiva26

    You people really need to grow up and get a fucking life. Is that all you do is sit here and speak of shit which you know nothing of. You people sterotype too damn much. Most of you are probably sitting in your parents basement surfing the web all day. You know an awful lot about inbreading don’t you? Is that first hand experience? LOSER!!!!

  26. CruisingForCock

    Oh soccerdiva, show some balls. Who you talking to?

  27. PaisleyMoon

    #120..only 3% of your brain cells are still intact.

    #121…you are simply too stupid to get, or be, a prison bitch.

    #122…Me thinks your lines are written by Bob Saget and you pay for them with sexual favors.

  28. Land-Man

    My wife rents four houses when we go on vacation. One for us, one for the ol’ Land-Cock, and one each for the Land-Balls.

  29. CruisingForCock

    If that was an insult it didn’t work because I fucking love Bob Saget. He’s dirty and funny. I’d fuck him. And blow him and give him the ATM.

    Land-Man, I heart you.

  30. CruisingForCock

    I can’t decide if TLC (the learning channel)is exploiting or educating when they have these shows about people with “rare” conditions.

  31. krisdylee

    Cruisin’, answer me this… my son and his buddy were caught mocking someother kid’s pecker in the change room at the pool…. what do I do?

    Oh, and #127, Paisley Moon’s the name I could have called the shape of my poo this morning.

  32. CruisingForCock

    Krisdylee, I don’t envy you. I wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face. How old are these boys?

  33. CruisingForCock

    Tell him no matter how small the penis is, we never laugh (out loud).

  34. krisdylee

    They’re 7.

    All arms and legs and missin’ teeth and full of the smart-ass comments.

    Little assholes.

    He’s the best.

  35. TrannyGranny

    Cruisin’, Kris,

    Have I mentioned I fucking love you chicks recently? and by love I mean I really just want to stick it anywhere I can….but ya’ll funny, like ICP! Which is on the stereo, LOUD, right now.

    And, speaking as a transgendered matriarch, if your boys are mocking other boys peni’ at age 7…….they better hope things stay proportionate with age, or, they are MY kids, or, hehehehe the motherly sense o’ humor is cummin’ thru

    seriosly, look up some ICP and check the song FUCK OFF…it us genius “suck my nuts, bitch, fuck you”

  36. TrannyGranny

    Crazy Juggalo Clowns!

  37. Ash off lee

    Leave britney alone.

  38. soccerdiva26

    Cruisin’, I would be refering to #91-98.

    @94 Yes I correct myself, CHILDREN.

    @96 Keep your ignorant racial slurs to your fucking self. I would love to meet you in person so I could bust your ass.

    @97 You are sooooooo funny. WHATEVER!!

  39. PaisleyMoon

    That’s funny 131, because krisdylee is Paris Hilton named her anal wart.

  40. FecalPellets

    Britney, they make sunblock for kids nowadays. Christ she’s an idiot.

  41. gas_up_the_hrududu

    #57: Papa, I adore you.

  42. tarjamarja

    That picture really scares me. Why is Sean Preston wearing a diaper? They have those swim diapers and trunks for little kids and it’s not like he’s too old to go around naked either. You know how absorbent the modern diapers are? All my knowledge of the subject may be based solely on commercials, but I bet at the very least the diaper can absorb enough water to weigh the poor baby down to the bottom of the sea. At worst, that diaper could absorb the entire Atlantic Ocean. In either case, get the diaper out the water ASAP before something terrible happens!!

  43. AmberDextrose

    Ah, four months since I’ve posted a comment and I’m made up to see nothn’s changed: the same ol’ mix of in-fighting and bitching.

    Funny how there’s always some hissy-fit princess called soccermom69 or something throwing a tantrum over an imagined slight.

    Possibly the PR agent for Jay-Z?

  44. AmberDextrose

    #142 … and I see there are still the usual dipshits who don’t have the manners to read previous posts to see whether they’re repeating what’s already been said.

  45. tarjamarja


    So sorry to have offended you. It’s just that quite frankly I didn’t have enough time on my hands to read through all the 141 comments that preceded my comment. Good thing you could find the time to do so, though.

  46. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    138 – That’s not an ignorant racial slur, that’s an ignorant term of endearment. BIG difference. So, I guess you are the one who is racist. Get it? Good.

  47. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    By the way, I’ve been drinking VAULT ENERGY DRINK SODA this morning, so look out. And ICP sucks.

  48. booface

    What’s ICP?

  49. To_Bill_Braskey!

    dosent everyone hate him? BTW shitney SHOULD hate him he ruined her body! wait, that was before the pregancy…….

  50. twzzlrgirl

    Hey, Jacq — thanks for defending us newbies :)

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