Britney Spears has adorable family moment where I’m surprisingly not frightened for her children

January 7th, 2009 // 56 Comments

Here’s a family photo of Britney Spears with her sons Sean and Jayden outside of her mom’s house in Louisiana New Year’s Eve. They’re all snazzed up for Bryan Spears’ wedding which they never made it to because Britney tried to feed Sean to that nutcracker back there. Okay, I might’ve made that up, but let’s not pretend it wasn’t the most realistic scenario you’ve ever heard in your life.

There’s more exclusive family pics you can peruse at Britney including one of just Britney and Sean. Don’t tell me that wasn’t Photoshopped.


  1. blobb

    if you read this youre stupid

  2. pointandlaugh

    I’m curious as to what a journey into her vagina would be like. For scientific purposes only, of course.

  3. bitch

    She’s right pretty now

  4. pointandlaugh

    I’m curious as to what a journey into her vagina would be like……for scientific purposes only, of course

  5. Deuce Bigalow

    I want to see her blow bubbles with her bird

  6. Y'AAALLL!

    Ok if we can’t use the P-word what can we say? The children were cardboard cut outs? Unicorns really exist?

    Daisy? Do you have any comments?

  7. Cash

    Dude, what is with you and the Brit anyway? You give those piece of shit walking Jack-0-Lanterns from The Hills more of a pass then you do this girl. Yeah, she’s a trainwreck, we know this, now get over it.

    Besides, at least she’s been going uphill lately, compared to the rest of the freaks you feature on this site. Even a whitey hating muslim terrorist would admit that is a good looking family photo there, which is a hell of a big step for a chick who was shaving her head and banging the paparazzi not too long ago.

  8. SirPeaceAlot

    I would throw it in her!

  9. So which one of the tots who can suck a mean nip? my bet is the dizzy gillespie cheeked on brit ‘s arm…

  10. #6 – Lemme guess… you’re excited because the vending machine at work accidentally dropped TWO caramel coated chocolate marshmallow cakes instead of one… good for you.

  11. Fotoh

    Child Services did not allow her to see her kids over the holidays. The kids are clearly not really with her and she doesn’t even have her ‘ankle bracelet’ on. Who is she trying to kid? That’s not even her house…she’s obviously in a studio under the lights. Someone has made a collage of photographic cut outs and glue to piece this together. Totally not real. I call Air Brush and photographic tomfoolery!

  12. Joe

    Like stories about celebs? Check out! it’s a good one!

  13. I like how that little bastard on the ground is brandishing his abortion tool. Douchie, is that what you republicans would call being proactive about healthcare?

  14. saoollll bundan enne olmaz ya

  15. #12 – ask Meems if that’s her house or not… she stands outside of it all the time… well ever since that restraining order she did…

  16. havoc

    Yeah, she’s about to blow bubbles with her cootch….


  17. MLou

    Get the god damn binkie out of that kid’s mouth! Jesus, does she still breast feed her oldest? That kid seriously needs to be weaned and the longer they wait to do it, the harder it’s going to be. Good luck douche bags!

  18. she looks amazing!!

  19. joe m

    Cute kids!
    Beautiful mom!
    No wonder losers are jealous.

  20. James

    Very Cute. I wish people would stop being so mean to them.

  21. ButtFukerr

    @21 STFU or I’ll punch you in the vaj.

  22. Randal

    You have a beautiful family Britney and it only accents your motherly love like that black dress accents the rest of your assets.

    May you have a stellar New Year my friend.


  23. billy

    she is ridiculous and she looks old.she is not the same brit anymore.see she is always playin the victim.she is using her kids for publicity.she is an asshole.madonna never did a thing like that.she doesnt need to show her kids.they have to grow in a normal house and have a normal live.not a celebrity life.

  24. Mama Pinkus

    she looks lovely and the kids are adorable – you go Britney!

  25. Backwood Bitch youre the sole reason why superficial doesnt have #1 celeb blog on the web,,,people unfortunately read your comment and dont want to come back,,,

  26. dmail

    she is not one cares about shitney anymore.hey shitney u could be in a pic with ur kids but it is just for publicity and we dont forgette when u shave ur hair and when u decided give ur kids to their father.ur A TERRIBLE MOTHER AND A TERRIBLE PERFORMER.WHO CARES ABOUT U? U WONT BE PART OF HISTORY.

  27. bemine

    fuck off one cares about u and ur stupid life.die and retire

  28. That is an amazing photo. I am so happy for her!

  29. boytoy

    so fake.look at her eyes.what the fuck!!she is what??66 years old??she looks down

  30. boy

    asshole.bitch.fake… loser.u should just disapear.who cares about u?only teen girls.u belong to the past

  31. shitney

    who cares??????????

  32. BISIDE


  33. Guest

    Good for her, she looks very
    good and stable.
    People need to lay off her, because
    she’s only famous for having
    personal issues. THis is really
    really great to see && I’m happy for her.

  34. Guest

    Good for her, she looks very
    good and stable.
    People need to lay off her, because
    she’s only famous for having
    personal issues. THis is really
    really great to see && I’m happy for her.

  35. Ummm...yeah...

    STFU Guest….what a fucking loser you are just like Shitney. They better hurry up and get them fucking retarded kids away from that bitch, for she tries to”accidently” drop him on his fuckin head.
    Who is this bitch trying to fool? It’s one picture you assholes, it’s not like she can care for them fuckin kids by herself,not that she wants to anyway.Trust me as soon as that photoshoot was over they hurried up and took them fuckin kids,before she had a chance to try and kill them again.

  36. Dan

    That’s not Britney Spears.

  37. michelle

    she looks great! and her kids look cute. you can tell they miss mommy!

  38. missywissy

    I would feel so weird wearing a dress like that around my children.

    You got to admit, that’s the best picture she’s ever taken with her kids.

  39. unbeliever

    The person who laid out this pic would get props from Soviet propaganda officials in the 30′s.

  40. ………………………………………..DROP DEAD FRED!!

  41. boy

    she is using her poor kids for publicity.she is a terrible mother.slut.if she was a good mother she doesnt need to post pics in sites for publicity.loser.freak. u did it wrong when u left them not gonna change that shitney .ygly.u make me vomite.she is trying to be madonna but madonna can be a bitch but she never left her kids behind she is always protect them.u never gonna be madge.she is the queen.and a smart person.not like u.she still have much more sucess tham u.her stadiums are always sold out.and she tour around the world.not just in america like u freaky.look at ur eyes.u still drug

  42. BOW WOW


  43. Bob Hope

    Wtf is wrong with her eyes?

  44. Flange

    @42 Vomite – is that like Marmite?

  45. ugh

    That dress is way to low cut for a mom. Bad Britney, your whore days are over, you are posed to be a role model and shit.

  46. loli

    #42. That was hilarious. Bravo.

  47. thanks

    Fish your posts are fucking hilarious these days.

  48. fuvk

    Black is for funerals retard, oh wait I forgot it’s not nice to call actual retards retard. Why do some many stupid chicks wear black to weddings, didn’t they get the memo. But I guess a spears’ wedding is a cause for mourning so it works, she’s still dumb as shit and you know she dropped those kids like 50 times that day.

  49. Chris

    This is her best look. Raising two little kids like that, with all her problems. She looks good here. She’s not a sex icon anymore, she’s a mother of two. Having children changes women quite a bit, they re-arrange their priorities.

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