Britney Spears debuts ‘If U Seek Amy’ video

March 12th, 2009 // 104 Comments

Seen here terrorizing performing in Long Island last night, Britney Spears launched her latest video for “If U Seek Amy” on her website today. Like most of her videos with no discernible audience, if you enjoy prominent displays of Britney’s cleavage (And have a mute button), you’re in luck. If not, hopefully bleeding from the ears is your favorite.

NOTE: Next person who whines about not seeing an ass shot gets punched in the pancreas. Seriously, I’m afraid to close my eyes now. *blink* AHH! – - Get me the tape.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Brooke

    I have been rooting for Britney since she began her breakdown. While she has gotten somewhat better, she still has miles to go. First of all, it’s like she started exercising and then lost a little weight and just quit. She is still not in the best shape. I’m not saying she’ s fat, but if she’s gonna wear those skimpy lil outfits that she seems to love so much then she needs to tone up more. I realize she’s had 2 kids and quite obviously had Postpartum depression and I realize that while it’s easy for some people to lose the weight after having babies that others have trouble, but if you can’t tone up then don’t wear outfits that show everything. Her butt is sagging in the pictures and it just makes me feel sorry for her because she must think she looks good. She has all the money available to buy decent clothes, hire a good stylist, and a fabulous personal trainer yet she doesn’t. In fact if she has a stylist or personal trainer she should fire them ASAP. The saddest part is that she could tone up a little and get by with wearing those outfits, but she doesn’t. I don’t know if she just can’t get toned or what, but if she can’t then it’s time to hang up those skimpy outfits for good. She can be pretty and sexy without dressing like a hooker. Can’t her dad do anything about this? She needs to hire back everyone that originally worked for her because she used to be in shape, wear clothes that looked good, and now it’s like a nightmare.

  2. lala

    Oh god. It was ok until I took it off mute. Then I wanted to die.

  3. patricia

    she’s back with her froggy voice, sounds like kermit and miss piggy.

  4. It looks like one of the squirrel. I do not get how people can listen to, not a stab of their ear drums.

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