Britney Spears’ endorsement actually considered a smart business move

March 3rd, 2009 // 47 Comments

Britney Spears has been announced as the 2009 Candies Girl, according to her blog. That has to suck for Hayden Panettiere who was the Candies Girl. Nothing like getting tossed aside for Britney Spears, but maybe this’ll teach Hayden not to speak in full intelligible sentences, make adult decisions on her own and maintain a healthy diet and fitness regimen. Seriously, could she have dropped the ball any more?


  1. Of course Brit and Candy go hand in mouth!

  2. Max Planck

    Mrs. Federline doesn’t look so good.

  3. missywissy

    Get that girl away from the eyeliner!

  4. Do rednecks and “tweens” buy Candies?

  5. OJ's Mom

    I can’t believe that money continues to fall out of the ass of this talentless hillbilly bumpkin. I am simply speechless.

  6. Geoff

    They probably got sick of midget Heydun Pantyhair singing “I represent the lollipop place, the lollipop place” and kicking her short little legs out at odd angles.

  7. Megan

    She is so beautiful and charming. She is my favorite. Just saw her on the millionaire & celebrity dating club ____MillionaireLoving. C O M____last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.

  8. Wheres the paunch? Bizarro brit brit…

  9. Somewhere a horse is wondering what happened to its hair.

  10. p0nk

    rich, leave sarah jessica parker out of this.

  11. supersex

    she’s my next ex wife

  12. and Sheryl Crow too I suppose, p0nk.

  13. Apes in the White House

    Fish superficial, you are so fucking gay. I like how you praise a squatty, flat-chested, chubby little yoda-troll like Panetieerre just because she’s a leftist whacko Obominite, just like you pathetic fucks.

  14. gin-soaked poppin-jay

    There is no apostrophe in

  15. gin-soaked poppin-jay


  16. Valerie

    12 & 13 HAHA! Well played.

    I have nothing nasty to say about her for some reason.

  17. Photoshop Police

    I had a bottle of that stuff many years ago.
    The men’s version of Candie’s smelled like fruit stripe gum, which everyone knows is a well known aphrodisiac (for people who like the smell of fruit stripe gum).

    Candie’s reps should make sure Britney knows you’re not supposed to drink from the bottle. (Britney, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!)

  18. martiniman

    she looks freak.candy girls???ridiculous.another madonna copycat.shitney ur tour sucks

  19. Darth

    Is this what she’s wearing part of K-fed’s fashion line?

  20. Parker

    You can dress a pig in the finest clothes, paint its face, put new shoes on its cloven hooves, and even teach it to walk like a lady but underneath all the glitz is a pig. I gave up my quest to buttfuck Britney years ago when I realized the bacon on my breakfast plate came from one of her close relatives.

    I would squeeze Hayden’s tight little ass onto my cock though. It’d be fun to buttfuck that little midget.

  21. Laura

    Why is there an apostrophe between the heart and “s” or am I missing something? If not it’s a good example of illiterate white trash. Sorry, I forgot this was a post on Britney Spears, that’s what I was missing.

  22. Gando

    Why is she posing? We all already know she like candy and bacon dishes.

  23. juniper

    i think the common denominator among all the candies spokesgirls is they have no more career.

  24. Julie ANn

    Hm…I think she looks pretty.

  25. Parker's Anus

    Hurts from being rammed.

  26. Obomination

    17, 18, & 24

    The heart shaped symbol plus the apostrophe “s” is a form of contraction. Where two words are joined and the missing letters are replaced by an apostrophe. For instance, haven’t = have not…etc.

    In this case, Candie’s is using a symbol instead of a word and adding the apostrophe “s”, a heart plus an ‘s, so it means “Loves”.

    In any case, who really gives a shit?
    Answer: Only pathetic asskissing deuschbags who never got laid in high school.

  27. josh

    yeah, that apostrophy shouldnt be there in candies

  28. Nova

    Nevermind that she’s a horrible mother and can’t be left unsupervised without doing something completely stupid like contacting people once put drugs in her food, or locking herself in a room with her kids when visiting is over. Can only express herself through insane sexual encounters fueled by a lifetime of issues that will never be resolved….mindless, stupid, money machine droid.

  29. Max Planck

    She looks beuatiful.

  30. Max Planck

    Marry Me Britney!

  31. Gando


  32. Laura

    To number 30 – it can be there in “candie’s” if the name is candie and it’s referring to “candie’s clothing line” and because apparently according to 29 I’m a “pathetic asskissing deuschbag who never got laid in high school” (or maybe just because I actually care about the proper use of our language I will be really annoying and point out that “shouldn’t ” has an apostrophe (though I am sure this was just a typo).
    I disagree that the apostrophe should be there as there are no letters missing – the heart is just replacing the word ‘love’ not cutting out any letters – you wouldn’t say “love’s ” in this context so the apostrophe is redundant.
    I will only say I disagree, however, and not say that is it completely wrong as there is a lack of consistency in English use as it is used in many countries and the standardisation occurred separately across the Altantic so my understanding may be based on different conventions.

    Either way – I’m just surprised both Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse are still alive – I wouldn’t have put my money on that this time last year.

  33. boo

    Candies are the ugliest shoes, they have one style that they re-work over and over again. And the cologne smells like bathroom spray.

  34. lola

    Wow! How fitting!

  35. Em

    Britney seems kind of old to be wearing Candie’s…

  36. Giddy

    Someone’s ALWAYS gotta bring age into it..

  37. M A D

    HI ! i think she is pretty and funny. but maybe we would like to see her with a good fit body . and into a great and speedy choreography

  38. Lula

    Hayden didn’t get fired because she’s cute and smart, she got fired because nobody on the face of the earth gives a shit about her.

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  40. Joe Cool

    You’re right, Superficiai: America wants its celebrities to be like conservatives– stupid, incompetent & bound to fail.

  41. SMART & britney spears simply isn’t “FITTING” eachother, folks!!

  42. Jessica

    I think she looks great…. keep working hard girl- make your come back and prove everyone wrong..

  43. emily

    LOVE the spray tan on her stomach.
    instant abs?

  44. I do not agree that the apostrophe should be there because there are no letters missing – the heart is just replace the word love does not cut the text – not say love in this context if the apostrophe is redundant.

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