Britney Angry, Kevin a Pothead

December 6th, 2005 // 39 Comments

britney_thumb_1.jpgBritney Spears is said to be furious with Kevin Federline for, among other things, having drug dealers over at the house.

A source said that “She is trying to repossess the $200,000 Ferrari she bought him. She is sick and tired of his partying ways and the constant flow of complete drug addicts coming in and out of her house.” The fight that led to Spears kicking Federline from their home last week reportedly began over his having a pot dealer over to the house and hanging around their newborn son.

Well, the divorce can’t be too far off now. And undoubtedly Kevin will make off fairly well in the deal, proving that he’s the Butthead to Britney’s Beavis. I would feel bad for Britney, but rich people deserve little pity, rich idiots even less, and rich idiots who voted for Mayor McCheese in the last city election deserve none at all.



  1. CANADIAN Tracy

    Mayor McCheese was on Conan last night…

  2. Gambitgirl

    whatever KFed takes her for she totally deserves for being utterly stupid.

  3. like he never had drug dealers over to the house before. Women always think that marriage and a kid will settle a man down. Why? WHY??

  4. dude!

    Where’s the “Mrs. Federline” shirt? Also, how “crazy good” is sex now? Ewww, gross thought!

  5. redkann

    I read that the hillbilly couple signed a prenup that gives KFed $300,000 a year for half the number of years they’re married. Hmmmmm…..what’s the math on that?

  6. Caroline

    Finally Brit gains some sense.

  7. LuvlyWarholGirl

    I’m surprised Brit Brit even remembered the baby was there. Guess she hadn’t had her first fried chicken and vodka shot of the day…

  8. pessa

    watch out bobby and whitney….

  9. JerseyGirl

    Right on Pessa, THIS is the time Brit and K-Fed should be shooting a reality show! I would totally watch it!

  10. PKClover

    Can this situation get any worse? If I were her mother, I would be embarrassed and live in a gated community called Serenity off the back woods in Lousianna.

  11. thunt

    I agree with Jersey Girl…. now if only we could invent a time machine and go back in time and sign them to the filming rights and we could have Newlyweds II with Brit and Kev….. I’m sure MTV would air it….

    spoiler: both Newlyweds shows would have the same ending….

  12. nichole

    Britney needs to scoop up that baby and stay at her mother’s house. I agree that she is pretty, stupid, however. I agree with Paul who said “Women always think that marriage and a kid will settle a man down. Why? WHY??” If he isn’t already mild-mattered, nice, and a good person, he isn’t gonna turn into one. She was really, really dumb to marry someone with such a horrible track record. I still laugh when I look at his picture and think that she married him. WoW.

  13. Georgia

    I don’t feel bad for her at all. She deserves everything she gets.

    Britney has proven again that money doesn’t buy class, and that success is not always the product of intelligence.

    How she ever got the impression that a man-boy-no-talent-backup-dancer who left his pregnant girlfriend and young daughter to fly around europe with her and screw….would become a good husband and father is beyond me.

    Britney should enroll in a 7th grade health class so that she can learn about birth control, or maybe even abstinence. In her case drastic measures need to be taken to ensure that she does not reproduce again.

  14. spacca

    It’s hilarious you keep using the same picture where Britney looks like she’s passing last night tacos

  15. mzbenz

    the saddest thing of all is that her only asset – her body – has been ruined by getting knocked up and downing triple venti frappucinos 12 times a day. whoops. not to mention it’s hard to admire anything that you know KFed’s skanky skanky hands have been on.

  16. minnesotacharm

    Actually, this is pretty bad news for K-Fed. The prenup doesn’t give him that much money (at least, relatively speaking when you consider Britney’s worth); he’ll blow through it (literally — he’ll spend it on blow) in about three months.

  17. KFed is the smartest man on Earth. Romance Britney, get her knocked up….take her for a bunch of stuff….act stupid. It’s brilliant!

    No, wait. He’s acting like every guy in my neighborhood.


    Way to go, K-Fed, the white chocolate wonder.

  18. Popz9

    uuummm fine… take the ferrari..
    but i get to keep the 7 harley’s!

  19. Mary45

    Another day another kmart boy – talentless brit story. Someone call children’s services and get that baby out of there. I know someone who loves to adopt abandoned forlorn children…her name is Angelina…

  20. Britney needs to get high.

  21. JerseyGirl

    Funny thing is…K-Fed hasn’t been caught with any strippers/skanks yet. Is it possible he’s smart enough not to cheat??

  22. Haha, GOOD. K-Fed is a loser.

  23. I love K-fed's Corn Rolls

    K-Fed is so cheating, why else would Britney be asking the psychics if he is or not… right? He must be smelling like something other then Britney’s over-rated nasty musk. You gotta think though, if he did it oncec, he’ll do it again…


    SHAR JACKSON one upped K-Fed by doing Quentin Tarrentino and is getting her own tv show… that’s SO FABULOUS… then everyone will like her and join her side and be against Britney and I will Laugh until I pee my Juicy Courture “Ho” pant suit Brits gave me.

  24. bafongu

    It’s not as rare an element as I thought; Stupidium. The most dense of all know things. Bleach intensifies the effects. No known protection against it’s awsome power to render a person deaf, dumb and married to a skank.

  25. HollyJ

    Who on earth finds either of these skankrots even remotely attractive and WHY????

  26. nikki

    Karma is a bitch Britney. be careful how you hurt another woman — it’s gonna come back and bite you in the ass. or the pocket-book.

    K-fed doesn’t care about the pre-nup. He can spend as much as possible now and she cannot take away anything that is legally registered in his name.

  27. hafaball

    Maybe kevin’s just trying to be the worst father ever, and trying to get a divorce, he just wants to see how long it actually takes. Next maybe he’ll have a wild monkey/girl/hippopotamus orgy in the backyard.

  28. I think brit-brit just wanted to be a single mom. She was obsessed with 2 things:

    - getting knocked up
    - becoming a hot mom

    She never cared about finding Mr. Right. I think she used K-Fed because it was easier if the guy was a jerk.

    Yep, that explains it all. BTW, was she raised with a dad?

  29. pixel killya

    “Who on earth finds either of these skankrots even remotely attractive and WHY????”

    The riddle to end all riddles…

  30. Swair

    *uses a bazooka on both of them* DDIIIEE!!!

  31. voodoochild

    Britney you douchebag, you shouldn’t be surprised. You knew he was like that when you married him. Like The Weedman is a new friend. Whatever.

    Shar Jackson is laughing riotously in the background.

  32. becca11

    People are starting to hate her too much… like she was mean to them in highschool and they are carrying a grudge. But I question her sanity for marrying a rat-like gold digger, and having his child and throwing away possible opportunities to make more millions of dollars. Her appearance in the last two years shows that she is very self destructive.

  33. martini1275

    You would think her tardo mom would talk some sense into her. Or you would take into consideration that this redneck you are about to marry, did walk out on his girlfriend who was pregnant with his 3rd kid or was it 2nd? Who cares! He just sucks and he obviously married the Cheeto lovin, redbull gulping fatty for her money. And he figured why not plant a hillbilly seed in her because no matter what happens, she will always have to support him. Even when they divorce and they set up days for K-Fed to take little baby greaseball Sean out for some food, he can’t afford a day at Chucky Cheese cause he spent all his alimony on weed, beef jerky, beer and strippers.

  34. BadGoat

    This is what happens when children have children.

  35. mrschickee

    This is also what happens when idiots make enough money to wipe their a$$es with. Does K-Fed have a solid gold weiner? What is so great about him? He just looks like a sleazeball. Let’s do the world a favor and collectively pray that he doesn’t reproduce again. The last thing we need is more of this retard’s genetic material spreading around.

  36. IKillChildren

    You know what they say, trash finds trash…always.

  37. sofimarie

    what did she expect? she grabbed this loser away from the pregnant mother of his child who he wouldn’t even marry. she had to propose to him and buy her own ring. she got married in a track suit. she deserves whatever she gets.

  38. sugarfree

    - getting knocked up
    - becoming a hot mom

  39. TheLuciousDeluxe

    Hopefully she’ll learn something from all this:

    1. Never get Federline wet.

    2. Never expose him to sunlight or let him see the light of day.

    3. And never ever feed Federline after midnight.

    You see what happened in Gremlins right?

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