Britney Angry, Kevin a Pothead

britney_thumb_1.jpgBritney Spears is said to be furious with Kevin Federline for, among other things, having drug dealers over at the house.

A source said that “She is trying to repossess the $200,000 Ferrari she bought him. She is sick and tired of his partying ways and the constant flow of complete drug addicts coming in and out of her house.” The fight that led to Spears kicking Federline from their home last week reportedly began over his having a pot dealer over to the house and hanging around their newborn son.

Well, the divorce can’t be too far off now. And undoubtedly Kevin will make off fairly well in the deal, proving that he’s the Butthead to Britney’s Beavis. I would feel bad for Britney, but rich people deserve little pity, rich idiots even less, and rich idiots who voted for Mayor McCheese in the last city election deserve none at all.