Bertney Can Do Whateva She Wants On TV, Y’all

“‘Em boys ain’t even cookin’ mah chick’n right. Jayden! Light the grill with mama’s cigarettes. Cig. A. Rettes. Her special smoke candy. There ya go.”

Last week we found out that despite receiving $15 million and more importantly an entire dressing room converted into a redneck smorgasbord, Britney Spears walked off during the very first round of auditions for X Factor. Except it turns out that not only did she walk off again the next day, it’s in her contract that she can literally do whatever she wants whenever she wants. TMZ reports:

Fact is … “X Factor” wanted Britney so desperately, she was able to negotiate terms that are “unheard of” — so say people with direct knowledge of her deal. As one source put it, “Simon is a smart and shrewd businessman who knew Britney could make his show and he was willing to give her just about anything to come on board — and he did.”
So Britney is allowed to walk off any time she wants. And that’s just the beginning. Britney can do just about anything she wants … and get $15 million in the process.

So basically Simon Cowell was willing to piss away $15 million, plus a small fortune on potato salad, on the off-chance he could catch Britney Spears on camera forming a cohesive, potentially witty statement that doesn’t end with a burp? Wow, dude, we get it. You’re crazy rich and make crazy rich millionaire bets. Lighting your cigar with a flaming Ferrari then tossing it into a ditch would’ve got the same message across, but nooooo, Pecs Manboob IV has to be a dick about it.

Photos: Fame/Flynet