Bertney’s Mama & Papa Won That Dang Ol’ Court Case ‘Gainst That There Mooslim Fella (Not Obama)

After attempting to paint himself as a walking rehab clinic/management team that helped Britney Spears kick a fictional meth habit, Sam Lutfi saw his lawsuit against Bertney and her parents completely thrown out yesterday which is usually what happens when you’re completely full of shit. TMZ reports:

Lutfi had filed a lawsuit — claiming the various members of the Spears family had defamed him, attacked him and breached a management contract he said he had with Britney.
During his testimony, Lutfi slammed the Spears family … arguing that Britney was an out-of-control drug addict … and her family wrongly painted him as the villain.
But today, before the case even went to the jury, the judge decided Lutfi had no case whatsoever against any members of the Spears family … and tossed his case out of court.

“We’re just glad justice was served,” Britney’s father told reporters outside the courtside. “Right now our main concern is getting back to exploiting our retard daughter without gotdamn Middle Easterners putting drugs in her drinks. Seriously, she’s crazy enough as it is. I wake up each morning in a cold, nervous sweat expecting to find my grandsons murdered. Then I remember all that money… Anyway, thanks, judge!”

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