Well, Son of A Gun, Britney Spears Can Golf

March 19th, 2013 // 10 Comments

I’ve been joking for the past week or two that’s there’s no way Britney Spears met her new boyfriend David Lucado during a game of golf, yet here she is actually being allowed to handle a club over the weekend and without a single person standing by with a chair and whip. I’m guessing they told her she’s trapped in a big salad, and it hates when people hit balls off of it. “Yer not the food I like! HYAH!” *shoots hole in one*

Photos: Fame/Flynet


  1. grobpilot

    Does she bend over and drive the ball with her tits?

  2. Britney Spears New Boyfriend David Lucado Driving Range
    Commented on this photo:

    “FOUR LOKO!”

  3. Nick M

    Hum dont know, but that move doent look to great;-) I mean I am not a golfer but still;-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNbRIx2rsrk

  4. She needs to shave off 5 strokes if she’s going to have any chance of making the cut for the Special Olympics.

  5. White trash, but with $100+ million and multiple 300 pound bodyguards. Something surreal about that.

  6. Britney Spears New Boyfriend David Lucado Driving Range
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    Jean shorts on the golf course, classy!

  7. The bodyguard in the background is who she’s really fucking.

  8. DaGut

    You know what? I kinda like her. She does what she does, even though for a while there she was flipping out and losing it.
    She is who she is and only when she tries to be something else she loses it. Who wouldn’t??? Right now, she’s as strong a woman as you will ever be men.
    It’s you guys on this forum trashing her – youre the ones who cannot stand a woman being her strong self.
    The weak males who seem to hate on women – I’m sure you know who you are.
    Find some real strength of your own instead to trashing someone else’s.

    • I’m sorta with you as far as liking her…for a couple of years she was totally FUBAR, but someone or something made her decide to straighten her life out a bit. Maybe it was being a mom. Either way, I still think she’s a hottie and if no one else wanted her, I’d take her in a heartbeat.

    • Yes, and you women infesting this forum commenting on other women. ‘tchu listenin’? Fuck off, OK. Just fuck off. right, fucking, off

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