Bertney Spears And Her Boyfen Are Official, Y’All

Britney Spears and David Lucado have been spotted together a lot lately, but it’s never really been confirmed that he’s her boyfriend. Not to mention he looks like one of her bodyguards, hangs back like one of her bodyguards and the Shamrock Shakes are out which is usually when she one of her bodyguards. Except here they are holding hands on Friday before making things official by jetting off to Vegas for meatballs, the most romantical of meals Britney can think of after she sawr it in a movie once. “Now push that there meatball with yer nose, and then when I slurp my s’ghetti, you gnobble this here other end till ya kiss me on the mouf. Didj’all know that’s where babies come from? Cray-see.”

Photos: AKM-GSI