Britney Spears’ Conservatorship is Ending. For Real This Time. (Maybe.)

October 4th, 2010 // 36 Comments

Seen here demonstrating what happens when someone forgets to padlock the markers, Britney Spears met with the judge overseeing her conservatorship Thursday morning who is considering setting her free in three months even though the same exact thing was said over a year ago. RadarOnline reports:

“Judge Goetz needed to meet with Britney and talk to her face-to-face, to see how she was doing,” said the source.
“It’s one thing to read medical reports about her, but the in-person meeting was very important.
“Britney’s court-appointed attorney, Sam Imgham was the only other person in chambers during the 35-minute meeting Judge Goetz also met with Britney’s father, Jamie separately, as well as with Brit’s therapist.”
It will be the judge’s decision if and when to end the conservatorship and while Judge Goetz is carefully considering all the facts, the source said the singer should expect the conservatorship to end in three months.

Granted, this is the same legal system that declared Lindsay Lohan is not a drug addict then set her free to run over children with her car, I want you guys to join me for a little experiment that might offend some people even though I’m 70% positive it almost makes a valid point:

Take a look at the person closest to you with Down syndrome – respectfully. Now try to convince yourself in three months this individual will suddenly be able to drive a car, have unsupervised custody of two children and not occasionally give into the urge to flash his/her genitals in public because their hormones are the equivalent of changing into the Incredible Hulk; You never who know what the fuck.

I rest my case.

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  1. Biscuit n Gravy

    yum yum britney. She looks so good Id slop her up with some biscuits and gravy!

  2. suck it


    I have always wondered what it felt like to be the first lame-o commenter.

  3. Taz

    WTF is on her neck?

  4. suck it

    oh well, I was second. FAIL..

  5. oh no

    Was this talentless idiot attacked on the neck by kissing crayon fairies???

  6. Sheena

    At least she’s wearing a bra.

  7. Melissa

    She got butterflies tattooed on her neck. It’s classy though because they’re butterflies.

    • Lmfao cos theres nothing that screams “im feeling much better now, thank ill go write my book yall”, than fuckin butterfly tats on ur neck :-) good job rihanus!

      Welp.. upside is lindsay n paris got more competition again. Could make for a splendid new year!

  8. Righty Whitey

    I’d fuck the shit outta her ass, then make her taste her shit off of my cock, then cum all over her face and tits and make some butterfly shapped pools of my jizz & her shit….

  9. Britney Spears With Neck Tattoos
    Commented on this photo:

    Shes not even 30 and has the skin of an old 40 year old woman (upper half,chest,arms) too much tanning is killer as you can see in this photo, her upper half looks like my mom who is 45.

  10. Ksurfiws

    She is using the markers to cover up the hickies she got from her dad and the judge.
    Why the hell do you think they are ending the conservatorship

  11. Britney Spears With Neck Tattoos
    Commented on this photo:

    Can someone please explain why it is so difficult for those with lots of money to dress appropriately?

  12. Laurénne

    hey man, i love this blog–and normally your off-color witticisms are nothing short of words to live by–but i feel the comments about individuals with down syndrome went too far. besides, why do the mentally challenged community the great disservice (and disrespect) of comparing it, even momentarily, to britney spears?

  13. Pfffft, like someone with Down’s Syndrome reads this blog??? Hey wait … let me re-think that …

    As for Britney, sometimes she looks like hot white trash, others she looks like plain old white trash. These pictures make her look like average Wal-Mart white trash. The Tattoo’s are … well … ick. She’s definately doable but she proves you can take the trash outta the trailer park but you can’t take the trailer park outta the trash.

  14. timmy the dying boy

    Those new tats nicely round out the classic trailer-trash look. Good for her.

  15. ilikesake

    Erm, she does have kids right? I’m assuming those aren’t tats…
    Does she have to look like a 10 24/7? I mean, paps have been following this girl around for like 10 years! Now she’s probably just used to it and doesn’t give a flying hell. I used to despise this girl so friggin much. Now, meh not so much…

  16. Apostate

    Britt-Britt and those puppies,as much as I hate to admit it,need to remain under lock and key(Wait a minute…What the f*ck am I saying?!)

  17. Britney Spears With Neck Tattoos
    Commented on this photo:

    I would totally spend an entire weekend with my tongue inside her turd cutter!

  18. captain america

    ……………herpes in the neck????

  19. Jen

    holy shit, she has a bra on.

  20. The Real TAB

    Her actions as of late have demonstrated she is ready for the real world and leave lolly pop land..Then again since she was what? 14, 15 or 16? Her whole life has been a ‘Circus?!’

  21. The Real TAB

    Apparently she is isn’t ready for the custody of her kids..based upon the marker stains on her neck, she can’t even control that…sorry Brit, we’ll up the prescribed meds for you..

  22. Janice Marie

    Please don’t insult people with Downs Syndrome by comparing them to this hot mess. Thank you.

  23. Kari

    Down Syndrome? Really? They don’t choose to be that way unlike Britney here!!! I’m going to look at the person with Downs next to me and tell her how much I love her! I love my sister! No longer reading this crap!

  24. Britney Spears With Neck Tattoos
    Commented on this photo:

    Money doesn’t buy class.

  25. ---

    really you are comparing her to someone with downsyndrom. how sad is this article. a downsyndrom sufferer puts up with that for life and lives with it, what britney has is temporary and not compareable with doensyndrom.
    it may be a metaphor but it is a fucking shit one

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