Britney Spears Watches ‘Breaking Bad?’ Haha, No

Yesterday, Britney Spears reinforced the fact that she’s incapable of answering simple questions, so naturally her publicists had to spin into damage control by making it look like she watches Breaking Bad because that seems exactly like a show with a non-intricate plot and simple themes that someone like Britney Spears could easily digest. Then again, it is big on colors. Via Celebuzz and SPOILER ALERT:

“I didn’t like it at all. I didn’t think he [Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston] should have died,” Spears said. “Maybe they’ll do another episode where the ambulance like comes and revives him or something.”

Of course, had the interviewer asked a follow-up question in direct violation of the specific instructions left by Britney’s handlers along with an “emergency cookie,” I’m pretty sure this would’ve happened:

“How would you have liked it to end?”
“Well, first, y’all, Squidward would be like, ‘Patrick, I don’t know why-‘” *gets blackbagged, shoved in van*

Photo: Pacific Coast News