Britney Spears Conservatorship Will ‘Last A Lifetime’

“I wonder what kinda tree soda grows on.” *SLLLUURRRP*

Normally, this is the part where I write a Bertney Story, but for a change of pace, I’m just going to straight report why they almost definitely happen in real life. TMZ reports:

Fact is … the conservatorships have worked remarkably well. Britney — who at her worst was on the verge of losing permanent custody of her kids — is now by any standard a great parent. Jamie and Britney’s doctors have stabilized her to the point she can successfully work and maintain a personal life.
As for the financial conservatorship, it has been a huge success. Last year alone the conservatorship raked in $14 million, and that’s only a portion of Britney’s financial machine. As one source said, before the conservatorship her finances were an absolute mess, and the ship has been fully righted.
We’re told Britney — who has a team of lawyers and doctors, along with Jamie, managing the conservatorship — has “substantial day-to-day freedom” to make her own decisions.

In defense of the publicists hired to make Britney Spears not look a caged circus animal, above is a photo of her drinking a Big Gulp and below are pictures of her eating a hamburger on the beach which I’d feel comfortable calling “substantial day-to-day freedom.” These are almost the exact choices I’d expect her to make after she earns enough good girl tokens. Papa gives her two if she doesn’t tell anybody they had to buy a new Sean!

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Photos: AKM-GSI