Britney Spears: Annette Funicello Dying Is ‘Great!’

April 9th, 2013 // 17 Comments
Britney Spears
WATCH: Britney Spears Has No Idea

TMZ tracked down Britney Spears yesterday to get her reaction to the death of fellow Mouseketeer Annette Funicello, and just in case anyone thinks I over-exaggerate Britney’s mental illness to the point where we should really be asking serious questions about her father letting dudes just show up and bang her, here’s Britney’s exact response: “I think that’s great!” I know teaching her fancy words is liable to make her stampede, but considering she’s around children, it might not be a bad idea to at least explain death to her before this happens:

“Britney, we found Jaden drowned in the pool. You weren’t using him for a raft again, were you?”
“Ferteen times! Let’s have cake.”


  1. Randal

    Britney not only knows how to stay in the spotlight while singing and dancing on stage, but also off the stage. She smiles that playful grin, knowing all too well where she’s going with this. Her perky voice and comment brings the spotlight right back to her.


  2. I’m going to cut her some slack and suggest that she didn’t really hear the question.

    “Hey, Britney, what did you think about the mumble mumble of Annette funny-name…”
    (In Britney’s Head: “Who?”)
    “…Fellow Mouseketeer.”
    (In Britney’s Head: “Something about another Mouseketeer? Oh, better say something nice.”) “I think that’s great.” (“Nailed it!”)

    • Looks like you’re spot-on, Tommy. She tweeted that she misheard the question. She may be a nimrod, but I don’t think she’s evil.

      • Emma Watson's Vaina

        I know years ago SNL made a parody of the mouseketeers at the least the ones from Annette’s group. but this was waaaay before she even contacted MS. Well it looks like Britney better start to listen to the questions for now on.

      • Iveski, I’m more than a little disturbed that you’re following Britney on the Twitter.

      • Oh hells, no. I read it on TMZ. Not sure if that’s better or worse.

  3. grobpilot

    Randal, you need to hunt down your trolls and give them a stern talking to. They cause a ruckus when they post here.

  4. itsbritneybitch

    fuck you, you jealous prick.. haha u wish guys even WANTED to bang you.

  5. Tard

    Even if she didnt hear the question, it’s still obvious that this is a very broken woman, and who could blame her. Her family uses and abuses her, she has no one, they set her up with men they pay money to and then arrange the break ups. I’m shocked she hasn’t killed herself, but all the drugs theyre pumping into her are probably keeping her from doing that. Sometimes I watch some of her old interviews and concerts and just want to cry at how different she was. There’s nothing behind her eyes anymore. It’s truly a bit scary that even her fans are sticking their heads in the sand when it comes to this.

    • Beer for thought

      I totally agree, making fun of her just isn’t right, it’s not like shes a bad person and I don’t believe it’s her fault she ended up this way (ala Lohan who totally deserves every bit of it). You just know some really fucked up shit has happened to her in her life (not to mention being as famous as she is is enough to drive someone mad) She has some sort of mental illness (bi-polar?) or shes being given/taking drugs that loop her right out (or both) I sure wouldn’t want that to happen to me, nobody would, could you imagine having her life? how about living with a mental illness ( if that’s what it is)? She very publicly had a mental breakdown not that long ago in front of the whole world, has no control over her own life, all of a sudden is on a TV show, and now she has to try to appear happy and normal, how do you think that feels?
      Because she’s a celebrity we can viciously make fun of her when she seems a little out of it or feels like some fucking KFC? Fuck, I would usually never give a shit, but it just doesn’t seem right.

      • Dear Tard and Beer for thought:
        A. Not everyone here makes fun of Britney. Some of us kinda like her and compliment her on her sexiness and how she has managed to turn her life around.
        B. You gotta admit, she’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, now, is she?
        C. This is The Superficial, you fucking morons. It’s not People Magazine or the Journal of Psychiatry!

  6. Bretney is a fucking retarded bitch who only knows about chetos n krespycream lastest donuts so asking her about anything else is useless I bail anyone out that an squirrel could show more respect and respond with more eloquence than that fat bitch

  7. mondo270

    this can be a new meme with people asking bertny various questions on horrible things that happened. i’m too lazy to do it, but someone should.

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