Britney Spears Is Getting $15 Million To Be An ‘X-Factor’ Judge. Britney Spears.

“But daddy, those furnch fries were down there for me.”

Britney Spears can’t even get married without her husband being named her co-conservator because according to the state of California, she technically shouldn’t even brush her own teeth without a helmet and two spotters. So of course it makes sense that Simon Cowell wants to pay her $15 million to be an X-Factor judge on live national television. She’s practically bursting with insight if insight means the McDouble. I’m not a dictionary. E! News reports:

A rep for the X Factor would neither confirm nor deny whether Spears was even being considered. A Fox rep had no comment. However a production insider tells E! News that “this is an exciting time for [Britney]. It’ll be a fun project and she is welcoming the chance to mentor up-and-coming artists. She loves the idea of helping emerging talent get the recognition they deserve and is really looking forward to being on the show.”
“She gets on very well with Simon. He has worked hard at persuading her to start this new chapter in her career. She is an icon, and the perfect example of what having the X Factor means.”

“Y’all done sang so good. So really, really good. So let me tell y’all a lil somethin’ my always daddy tells me ‘fore each show. He says to me, ‘Bertney, you see this here puppy? I’ll throw in it a river if you don’t get out there in your sea-kin berkini and let them homersexuals touch your baby parts. And we won’t stop at Dairy Queen.’ And, ya know, that’s something that really stuck with me, so I just thought I’d share that with y’all. Simon?”

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