Brett Favre Wanted Jenn Sterger to Have ‘Special Crocs Time,’ Too

December 23rd, 2010 // 108 Comments

As Rex Ryan’s love of his wife’s feet becomes a part of our rich national tapestry, the Brett Favre penis fiasco has increased in size. This time with accusations that that the former Jet asked Jenn Sterger to make a video of herself masturbating. TMZ reports:

We’re told Jenn Sterger received the sextual request back in late 2008 — months after Favre allegedly sexted over the pics of little Brett.
It’s unclear if Sterger has turned over the video request text message to the NFL — which is currently investigating Favre to see if he violated the league’s personal conduct policy.

Setting aside the fact Brett Favre is a married man – Which is my polite way of saying his wife lives in a fantasy world of her own delusion. – he did make a video and dressed all fancy for it, so let’s not pretend Jenn Sterger couldn’t at least return the favor. Are we not civilized? Have we not progressed beyond the caveman? “If ye wacketh thy stone, then shall not the other spelunk thy cave in turn?” the great philosopher Plato probably said.

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  1. icu

    i’d love to sack this chick over and over and over…

  2. Govt. Cheese

    I don’t get it! Women like this walk around in low cut shirts, with their tits hanging out in the workplace, then they cry sexual harassment when guys ask them for videos of them masturbating?

    Seriously, what is a gentleman to do???

    • Aw, shit… asking a chick to double-click her mouse and send me a video is taboo?

      I should go apologize to my mom.

    • dumbass

      really, she must be a complete idiot for not realizing that if releasing a story about Favre asking her to send him vid’s of her would get a few hundred people to pay attention to her, releasing the actual videos would get millions of people to pay attention to her. C’mon Jenn, you want to be a star, dontcha? Let’s have them videos already! I can’t sit here with my crocs on and my pants down all day waiting! well, I can, but hurry up already!

  3. Brett Favre Victim Jenn Sterger
    Commented on this photo:

    Dime a dozen skank.

  4. amy

    this whores just tryin to stretch her 15 minutes of fame by blabbing everything that went on.

    • Emmaleigh

      She sat on this for two years before her media friend found out and took it public. After it went public she never even made a publix statement and if she has it was only recently. The first thing I heard from her was when she recently said if he isnt punished, THEN she will talk publicly. Remember the new policy of think before speaking is Google before posting.

    • Toby Weymiller

      I agree, she is a talentless loser who lost her job on a stupid sports show. She should make masturbation videos and sell them because otherwise she is worthless as an employee and wastes everybody’s time.

    • Lady Blah Blah

      Apparently fame isn’t the only thing she’s trying to get stretched.

  5. Cock Dr

    That’s a great start.
    Who exactly is telling TMZ this stuff?
    Could it be Ms. Sterger?
    She must have played him like a trout.

    • Well Brett is dumb as a trout. He is just lucky his wife did not pull a Elin Woods on him. What a dumb fuck for sending her a pic of his dick…. But if she did do the video, I want to see it…

  6. “…spelunk thy cave…”

    Pure awesomeness!

  7. Burt

    Damn, she so…not as hot as my wife.

  8. Twizlah

    In the South we call that “Country Face.”

  9. Gestapo

    I thought use of the word ‘spelunking’ was reserved for coco’s ass only.

  10. Mortimer Duke

    She knew if she hung those boobies out long enough, someone was gonna bite. Turns out it was the Favre man. I suppose thats why his throwing arm is shot this season, hes whacking off with it too much.

  11. welldoneson

    What a fucking bitch.
    A clenched fist – “strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.”
    We spoil our bitches in this society. Maybe Moslems have
    the right idea after all.

    • Cock Dr

      Don’t judge an entire sex on one little hustler.

      • Chris Hansen's taint

        I do not advocate rape, but this bitch needs a couple of linemen holding her down while an Alpha male gives it to her hard from behind saying “you wanna dress like a ho? I’ll treat you like one”

        But I could not condone that kind of action. Just sayin’

    • just a fucking bitch....

      Funny how men in society nowadays act like pussy ass bitches and yet you have this comment. Also, apparently no matter how much any of you “spoil” us, your dicks can’t stop dropping evidence like shit all over the place for the whole world to see.

      If you need me to simplify all of this for you because it’s just too much for your pea brained mind, I’m just trying to say BITE ME :)

  12. Dan

    I really don’t understand all the excitement about this woman.

    Maybe she has a winning personality and the pics do not do her justice?

    It would seem if you were a quarterback, you would have women lined around the stadium with no relationship to the NFL to boink. Why her?!? Seems risky to me.

    A wise man once said: Don’t shit where you eat.

  13. Ksurfiws

    Jenn Sterger is Awesome
    Go Bulls!

  14. Being a chic myself I understand that maybe she’s a little “offended”, but it’s obvious that when she blinks her eyes she’s seeing “dollar signs”. If he was making sexual advances towards her she shoulda said something RIGHT AWAY…2008…and you’re just NOW getting “angry’ about it? Bitch’re trying to get into the man’s pockets and at the same time making HERSELF out to be the black listed blabbermouth she’s slowly becoming.

    • Dan

      A wise man once said: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

    • BobDobalina

      aren’t all you girls lik that??? and haha but i just looked at your facebook an you looks just like her. are your tits as big and if so can i play with them? :-)

    • Kerri

      totally agree. she wouldn’t have said anything if Tiger’s whores hadn’t came out of the sewers to make some money off being the rats they are.
      plus she is SO less than average in the looks department. gross – so not worth all this fuss.

  15. PoingFong Pee

    Very average fake titted whore.

  16. Brett Favre Victim Jenn Sterger
    Commented on this photo:

    Sparkles McShinyChest should have a dermatologist look at the mole farm she’s got scattered across her upper torso there.

  17. MarkM

    Thank God it’s not illegal to just THINK “Please send me videos of you masturbating!”

  18. Greenman

    That’s what she looks like? Well yea I’d send her pictures of my tiny cock too. I can’t blame the guy.

    • Greenman

      Eh, nevermind. I just looked up more pictures of her and I don’t really care for her nose. Her whole face is kind of weird. I mean, I would still cum on her, don’t get me wrong, but I wouldn’t ruin my reputation for her.

  19. GravyLeg

    Massive upgrade with this post only to bracket it by Gwyneth and the troll character from “That 70′s Show”.

    You are a cruel bastard Fish…

  20. Oldnslo

    Jets? With that face, she should be with the Cleveland Browns.

    You know, ugly helmet, but great uni.

    @Burt, cheers to you, sir! I had the same exact thought. She’s NOT as hot as your wife!

  21. Little miss FakeTitties McDressupWhore sure seems to have a high opinion of herself. If every chick I texted asking to send me a pic of her boobs sued me, I’d be…well, I’d be sued a lot.

  22. Yikes

    Gee, I wonder what it is about the way she dresses and carries herself that makes guys think she’s a sex object? Hmmmm, let’s brainstorm. It was the same with that Mexican reporter who dresses like this

    and then acts shocked and offended by “catcalls, whistles, and extended stares”. Don’t beg for male attention and then cry when you get it.

    • Kerri


      • Toby Weymiller

        She and that Mexican reporter should both masturbate during the Super Bowl halftime show – it would be much more interesting than watching a 70-year-old rock star.

    • stinkdaddy


      a) it’s ok to sexually harass a woman as long as you feel she’s met some minimum threshold of “deserving it”


      b) You’re a gigantic moron.


      • stinkdaddy is loser

        Look up and jenn sterger. She actually said the same thing Yikes said about Ines Sainz and Big bens accuser. Whatever stink daddy, im not defending someone who would throw other women under the bus.

    • What the hell

      What is wrong with how she’s dressed? She’s wearing a white blouse, belt, regular shoes and oh yeah tight jeans (but they only look like that on her cause she has a hot body). Maybe if American women stopped getting fatter, men wouldn’t freak out over seeing a waist and butt in jeans.

  23. Funeral Guy

    I would hereby like to make a formal request for my video copy of Jenn Sterger strumming her love button. And if she would also lick her tig ol’ bitties that would be nice too.

    Thank you.

  24. Snarky_Pup

    Don’t know about this chick but the foot fetish creepers are the most f*cked up of all. Seriously. A foot is not a sex organ.

    • I could not agree with you more. Why would I get excited about feet? Hell, I have feet.

      • Snarky_Pup

        Exactly! Not to mention contagious foot diseases like the very common athlete’s foot or toenail fungus. Why would a dude ever want some stinky sweaty foot on his penis? All sorts of wrong there.

    • stinkdaddy

      Yeah, a foot fetish is the most disgusting sexual proclivity ever. Much more disgusting than scat/urine fetishism, bestiality, furries, necrophilia, etc. If there’s anything more disgusting than the human body I don’t know what it is.

      • Snarky_Pup

        Okay, you win. Having sex w/ poop, urine, dead people (these could all include human bodies though), and animals (wth are “furries”?) is even grosser than having sex with feet.

  25. Rough, the true meaning of xmas

    I wish a lot of things this xmas. I wish we were not going through a recession. I wish we had a surplus, and with this surplus I wish our law makers would actually built a whore island for people who hold the entertainment public hostage, before or after they receive ten big smackaroos because they happen to possess a nice pair of tits and a tight tush. And their lawyers can be dispelled there too. One in particular I will call a regular William Cuntsler, advocate for woman’s civil right… (So she claimed)

  26. Well, that IS illegal…IN NAZI GERMANY!!

  27. Richard McBeef

    I would feed an NFL regulation football up her pussy

  28. Pangulin

    Once again we see the words,” the NFL is investigating” which in the case of Brett Favre will end up meaning, Joe, the janitor at NFL Headquarters has the tapes in his little closet!
    Get Real! The league isn’t going to find that the “great” Brett Farve is gulty of anything. This story will end up with the league finding evidence that, while never publicly produced by them, shows Jenn Sterger instituted a scheme to blackmail the league, the Jets and Brett Favre.
    Favre’s hero status is just too financially important to the league’s well-being for this to end any other way.

  29. Brett Favre Victim Jenn Sterger
    Commented on this photo:

    Holy Moley look at the size of dem moles!

  30. stephiphany

    Average skank with big jugs. Meh. Plus, it appears she’s a member of the “has too many moles” club. I’m also a member. =(

  31. stinkdaddy

    Increased in size? So it’s what, 3.5, maybe 4 whole inches now? OH… penis fiasco. I read it as that the other way around.

  32. ohlawd

    Ugh. Blahblahblah. Don’t care who she is, don’t care about the story.

    But as a chick, I’d totally motorboat her.

  33. jojo

    Rex Ryan must have this bitches sandals down his pants right now.

  34. Lissa

    Tsk, tsk. Why don’t people understand that anything done on any kind of electronic device will be seen by someone else? Even if it’s just your phone rep, and yes, when they take your phone in the back to “check it out” they are looking for your sex chat vids. And when are famous men going to realize that apparently 80% of the women today are going to screw your brains out, save your texts, deny or admit screwing you depending on what kind of reputation they want, all to make a quick million? It’s as common as Lindsay Lohan falling off the wagon.

  35. Brett Favre Victim Jenn Sterger
    Commented on this photo:

    Her eyes her eyes make the stars look like their not shinnnning, im not saying anymore! :P

  36. uncle bill

    this will tell you the true reason about their divorce!!

  37. Brett Favre Victim Jenn Sterger
    Commented on this photo:

    Here’s what I don’t understand; this supposedly happened back in 2008. Why is this an issue at close-to 2011? If she was so “hurt” or upset about his supposed texts, why didn’t she make a big deal about it when it happened? Why does she wait until 2010 to say anything and demand that the league “suspend” him? Something smells, and it ain’t this nasty skank’s coochie…

  38. Nubbinsworth

    “the former Jet asked Jenn Sterger to make a video of herself masturbating.”

    I don’t really anything strange about this.

  39. Galtacticus

    I’m not talking about a specific target group, nation or individuals when i’m talking about the ‘Cro-Magnon’. It’s meant just as the ‘N’ word to refer to someone’s soul and mind in ‘our’ language.

  40. dingdong

    Lots of snow and Paris airport is closed,true story. Lucky enough there’re other airports. Like Amsterdam/ Frankfurt/ London airport with many direct flights. A 12-year old kid could do this simple search.

  41. Galtacticus

    Red piercing, flaming eyes are only looking deep into other eyes. Everything else around is just a show.

  42. Darth

    Hmm, i guess elves do exist … And they’re probably even longer on the earth’s surface than we can imagine …

    • Rhialto

      Your deep knowledge of the Germanic mythology was one of the good reasons on your promotion to general some time ago…

  43. Galtacticus

    I’m wondering why certain people are allowing enslaving while others don’t … And the study goes on.

  44. Rhialto

    While i got my ‘X-Mas’ wishes from them as a thank you after 9 months of hard, honest and free work. The whole world was watching… The world might not going to appreciate this and you can only point your finger at yourself.

    • Dr. Nero

      It’s clear that they were just trying to con you. You wouldn’t know how much research they did on you. They couldn’t find anything what’s really bad or illegal.They’re just a bunch of untalented jealous cons together …

      • Rhialto

        I’ve always found it weird that they’re avoiding direct contact. And when they do, using weird pseudos and so on, talking crap. They told me they’re afraid for extortion, what’s really weird to me. Because who were they before they met me? Nobody knew who they’re or would have really cared for even a second. On the other hand this kind of behavior is the kind of people who have really something to hide. We could do some really serious research on them to find out…

      • Rhialto

        But… After all, truth to be said, i got my best X-Mas present ever…

      • Gando

        How ironic, this flower was all the time, standing straight, in your back garden. Ready to be picked.

  45. Rhialto

    I had this weird dream just about a week aqo. I was kissing one of them (not the one you would think she is). The taste of that kiss was horrible, horrible enough to awaken me with a rare headache. I even did lose my appetite for half a day. True story. But after all now i know what the taste of a Judas kiss is…

    • Galtacticus

      And why are they employing a lot of ‘foreign’ people? Because they’re ‘political’ correct? No, the right answer is because ‘foreign’ people are more likely to obey and to behave like a puppet.

      • Rhialto

        All these sad and political correct stories they’re from a developed country… Puulease stay with us…

  46. datroof

    Giant fake bewbs? Check.
    Skin tight clothes? Check.
    Hangs around pro atheletes? Check.
    Expects to not get lewd requests? Check.
    Is an attention whore and/or dumb as a box of rocks? Check.

  47. Gando

    He’s only following one. Obviously he doesn’t even look at those other pages anymore. Advisable to do the same.

    • Gando

      He’s a lot of stalkers. Don’t give them any chance.

      • Rhialto

        That’s right, stalkers simply don’t exist for us. I’m talking now to two of them with active pages and my good advice for them is to order a thick fairy tale book and start reading. Hopefully that will keep them busy for some time. Or with other words: BACK OFF and start bothering someone else.

      • Gando

        We’re only interested in flowers who are standing straight, not broken.

  48. Gando

    People’s motivation behind smear campaigns is that they want desperately something done what they can’t get together.

    • Rhialto

      Couldn’t they figure that out themselves? A little more common sense and a way of thinking ‘across the border’ could have helped them out.

      • Gando

        Maybe that’s logic to you but my conclusion after all is that Nature works in mysterious, selective, ways.

      • Dr. Nero

        Turns out that most of them are wigged shot putters anyway. Not really your type. Referring to the good ol’ fruits, leafs and true trees story, just let them continue alone to read fairy tales in front of the world. Just for the good laughs …

      • Dr. Nero

        Just a grab out of several other options:

        Plenty of other media options.

      • Dr. Nero

        Truth to be said, they’re dumb enough to mess around with the wrong one. He’s the media.

      • Rhialto

        *Takes a deep bow* I’m flattered, maybe it’s because of the cotton toga and Wal-Mart sandals i’m dressed in. Admitted, that’s probably quite unique and people appreciate that. Oh wait, who else is dressed in the same outfit?

  49. What the hell

    It’s funny how it’s always women who are 1st to put down another woman and accuse her of making stuff up. Does it matter? He clearly was unprofessional here and he is at fault, it doesn’t matter that she’s “sexy.” Guys aren’t like that, men defend other men in these kinds of situations.

    • Dr. Nero

      I’m a different person than you’re. And so what?

      • Rhialto

        Just a lucky guess, in total we’ve about more than a dozen of steady commenters during this holiday season. A funny fact is that the most comments come from people at working time.

  50. Gando

    I guess there’ll be a lot of shaking accompanied with the noise of hissing to behold the coming time. Probably ending up, for both of them, in 69-position. *Cold chills running all over the back* The past has shown that it’s very, very difficult to fight ‘transcendental’ beings. It’s even advisable to cooperate rather than fighting them. It was curiosity this time what was keeping him going on. After all i can only conclude that another Child of Light’s life is saved.

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