Brett Favre Retires, As If That Means Something

Amidst an avalanche of controversy triggered by his penis, Brett Favre has officially filed retirement paperwork with the NFL again, according to

The 41-year-old quarterback stated 2010 was his final season after rejoining the Vikings in August and reiterated that intent throughout an injury-plagued campaign.
Favre’s NFL-record string of 297 consecutive regular-season starts ended last month when he was forced to miss a mid-December game against the New York Giants because of a shoulder injury. Favre returned the following week against Chicago but suffered a concussion that sidelined him for Minnesota’s final two contests.

Considering Brett Favre retires from the NFL the third Tuesday of every month, I’ll believe it when he doesn’t beg to come back next season after realizing he basically just ended his career with a whimper. Which, for the record, is not a reference to the masturbation video, although, I don’t see how anyone could react to pleasuring themselves in a pair of Crocs without looking down and sobbing their way into a tear coma. That’s a pretty dark place.

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