Bret Michaels Banged Miley Cyrus’ Mom

November 2nd, 2010 // 98 Comments

Presumably as payment for recording a duet with Miley on “Nothing to Lose,” Bret Michaels reportedly had an affair with Tish Cyrus which prompted Billy Ray to file for divorce once he eventually found out. (Why do I feel like I just described an episode of Dukes of Hazzard?) Us Weekly reports:

Michaels, 47, “became close to the entire family” this past February when he and Miley released the racy duet “Nothing to Lose,” an insider tells Us Weekly.
He and Tish, 43, soon began carrying on an on-the-sly romance, sources tell Us Weekly.
Tish was seen at Michaels’ Feb. 28 show at the Key Club in L.A., and he had once asked her production company’s help to adapt his book, Roses & Thorns, into a movie.
…. “It was a professional relationship that turned into something more.”

I’m going to assume this happened before Bret Michaels had 85 brain hemorrhages and a heart surgery, otherwise this guy has more game than we realized. One time I sniffled and a woman threw a drink in my face, but I digress. How random and confusing must this be for the poor Cyrus kids? If I were them, I’d already be wondering which county fair I was conceived at, and if my dad’s really Billy Ray Cyrus or Vince Neil.

Though how awesome would it be if it turned out to be David Coverdale? Fuckin’ tits, right?

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  1. wim

    she has a season ticket on *SS HOLES?

  2. spiderman

    she is hot – i would bang her too

  3. Bret Michaels Tish Cyrus Miley Affair
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    is it just me that finds it terribly comica that there is a trailer in the background… i mean with so many of these “stars” without some big break that gave them an “in” over others just as talented….. some you just can’t take the traier outta….. Britney for instance…… Miley so far, cool, rest of family and Bret Michaels… yeah… I could see ‘em all hangin together in the trailer park with some mosquito repellant and canned ‘whatever’s on sale’ beer…. sure she’s hot – as long as the money keeps up the salon treatments for her skin, she gets outrageously expensive hair procedures and maintenance – and yeah, don’t take off tha make up!

  4. Bret Michaels Tish Cyrus Miley Affair
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    Bet he banged ‘em both.

  5. CG

    Tish apparently decided to work for her MILF Money. She looks like a mid 40s skank who loves cock in her ass

  6. Kerri

    botox much?

  7. Bret Michaels Tish Cyrus Miley Affair
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    Her eyes are SO close together…. it looks really weird.

  8. Bret Michaels banged Tish Cyrus? Pshaw. But by the look of her, who hasn’t?

  9. Hello

    Is it any wonder where Miley gets her skanky?

    You can take Tish out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park out of Tish…

  10. atotalcad

    Can you imagine the Rodeo Fuck Brett is going to havewhen he whispers in Trish’s ear “I’m fucking your daughter!”

  11. She has a look in her eye that tells me she likes to get banged while making direct eye contact until peek. She enjoys this with no words except for the steady mashing sound of skin and juices clapping together. Brett (bless his aging heart) on the other hand will love any women on the wrong side of right that will except him for his dessert scalp and seductive make-up technique………i think its love *goes squishy*

  12. CC Croft

    Oh seriously. People are just throwing this out there. He’s been friends with the Cyrus family for a LONG time and there was no affair with Tish. Or Miley.

    Stop creating drama that doesn’t exist in other people’s lives. If you want to do that crap, keep it to yourself.

  13. Deacon Jones


    So if a star-fucker fucks another star, does that make her a Superstar-Fucker?

    (i got nothing)

  14. Kelley

    @ Peanutty … and that’s after 3 nosejobs, veneers and LOTS of Botox !! Yeecchhh. And please tell me Brett Michaels does not wear eyeliner ??? Yikes ..

  15. Burt

    Mmm, could this story be the product of a divorce lawyer’s dirty work?

  16. Bret Michaels Tish Cyrus Miley Affair
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    He should bang Miley when she turns 18

  17. Sardonic

    Randy Quaid predicted this.

  18. milton's taint

    Horse walks into a bar. Bartender says, “Tish, why the long face?”c

  19. He’s skanky, she’s Skanky, Miley is skanky, Billy Ray is Country Skany. You can have a whole series about Skank. Call it The Skanks. Sad thing is I would rather do Tish than Miley. Tish has less of a horse face than Miley does.

  20. burton

    Well at least we know he isnt a creepy old guy who creeps teen girls, he is into women around his age, which is good. But Tish is fucking ugly!

    • BennyfromThames

      LOL, he is into women around his age? Go watch Bret Michael’s Rock of Love and say that again without laughing I dare you! If its cute and legal I think he’d be up for it, regardless of age.

  21. Bret Michaels Tish Cyrus Miley Affair
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    Why does he pose every pic like it’s a vegas post-show fan pic ? And I bet she can’t name even 3 Bowie songs so the bitch needs to take the fuckin shirt off !

  22. Drew

    She looks like the type that would bang a washed up rock star.

    That said, let’s assume I was a rock star. I’d let her suck my dick too. She’s not terribly ugly and I like sluts. Everyone wins.

  23. I'm Obama and I approve

    I banged her too, and now “she’ll never go back!!”

  24. Terk

    Bret dd not sleep with Tish. He merely found out they wore the same eye liner so they were trading makeup secrets…….because Bret Michaels is gayer than Little Richard

  25. Willy Wonka

    But did he fuck her in the ass while Miley watched???

  26. Bret Michaels Tish Cyrus Miley Affair
    I'd rather fuck my pencil sharpener
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks like a bulimic oompa loompa.

  27. cooke101

    RE: rock of love/the superficial affair
    can you say male slut hooks up with hba whore ? ? where’s your loyalty to your daddy hba whore jr? also what a mommy the hbaw is, she must have hbaw jr in training for How to be a hoe 101.

  28. Billy R.

    But has he banged Miley?

  29. Bret Michaels Tish Cyrus Miley Affair
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    does anyone else realize the body language between bret and miley in their photo together. it screams mild tension 0_o

  30. Dave

    He’s only one finger short from the shocker! LOL…

  31. Dave

    Florida oranges – now with bleach blonde hair! Pick some up at your local Motel 6 today! (Los Angeles area only)

  32. Colico14

    What a HO!

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